Bookish Listopia: 10 Ways Readers Can Be a Little Prentitious

Braggable Books (And Other Times When Readers Can Be A Bit Pretentious).

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Instead of focusing on books for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by the fabulous Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl), I want to focus on us readers.

I have been told by non-readers that sometimes, when I talk about my reading… I come off as a bit pretentious.  Has anyone else ever had this problem?  When we genuinely love what we do and the books we read, but sometimes blur the line between excited sharing and being a bit of a snob?

Here are a few times where people have called me out:

In discussing Game of Thrones, I throw in my two cents starting with “I haven’t seen much of the show, but I know in the books….”

Intention being “dude I don’t have that much time to watch TV, but I feel like I can contribute, because I hear the books and the show are/were similar!” comes off as “Your show is inferior to my books, harrumph” (which is true, buuuut… okay just kidding, please don’t kill me, GoT fans!)

When asked what I did last weekend, I respond with, “I had a couple ARCs to read, so I didn’t get much done.”

Ooomph.  Okay, in afterthought that one comes off badly to me, too.  Not everyone is blessed with ARCs.  The people who know what they are may be unamused, and all the rest look at me like I’m speaking Martian.

When everyone is discussing a new movie, groaning from the sidelines, “Ughhhh the book was so much better.”

While this is almost always 100% true, nobody is amused by this because they aren’t going to run out and read the book.  Just let them enjoy their movie in ignorance.

Somehow, I manage to bring up the number of time I’ve read Gone With the Wind in conversation often.

Really, it’s not that big of a deal.  Reminds me of all the people who talk about how many times they’ve given blood, or how many 5Ks they’ve run this year.  You’re passionate about books – got it!

More than half of the conversations I have end in book recommendations (even if the person isn’t a reader).

You know that feeling when everyone is taking about a new TV show and it’s awesome and they love it so much and YOU should watch it?  We readers do that about books too.  I have recommended Children of Blood and Bone to about 10 people this week, and 6 of them were perfect strangers.

Talking to my friend who doesn’t have a lot of time to read anymore about all sorts of awesome books that are coming out (and not stopping when he subtly hints about his lack of reading time).

Not everybody is against reading, but it’s a little bit like rubbing your Louis Vuitton shopping bags in the face of Walmart shoppers.  It’s just mean.

And apparently my husband doesn’t appreciate it when I bemoan a friend is further on her Goodreads challenge because she’s reading graphic novels.

And yes, I know, graphic novels are books two and I’ve read one this year as well, but I’ve read more pages so *grump* *grump* *grump*.

Not to mention the whole, “Sorry, honey, I can’t do anything this weekend, I have a readathon.”

I haven’t done a lot of these – but all y’all that do sixteen million readathons and reading challenges and are in like 20 books clubs?  I don’t get where you have the time!  And I’m a little mad about how much you read. So jealous.

Sometimes, I have a book I don’t want to lend a friend because it’s signed.  And so many books are signed these days it shouldn’t matter… but… mff.

Really, just in general, there’s so many *twitch* moments in lending someone a book.  What if they break the spine? Dogear the pages? Spill coffee! Be still my terrified heart.

Not to mention the way our hearts break into a million little pieces when someone tells us they don’t read.


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20 responses to “Braggable Books (And Other Times When Readers Can Be A Bit Pretentious).

  1. I relate to this so much! xD I usually avoid talking about books with non-readers just because I don’t want to come off as… pushy or a know-it-all or something. My boyfriend tolerates my crazy when it comes to books though, which I appreciate to no end. He usually just games while I read so it works out for both of us. xD

    Bee (Quite The Novel Idea / Novel Ink) recently posted: ARC Review: A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews
    • Amber

      You have basically just described my ideal weekend! Hanging out on the couch with my hubby, him gaming and me reading. 🙂

    • Amber

      I think at one point or another in their life, people fall into “the book was better” – even a lot of non-readers! 🙂 We can’t help it really… it’s always true.

  2. Hahaha, great spin on this week’s topic! I know what you mean, though, I get so passionate and I’m constantly recommending stuff, even to my friends/complete strangers who don’t read much, and it’s not until I think back on the conversation that I realise my enthusiasm may have been mistaken for snobbery. Oops. Then again I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to listen to friends tell me about how much they love Marvel movies, and I don’t mind listening because they’re passionate about it and I want to be supportive, and if I can do that when Marvel’s not my thing then they can sit down for five minutes and let me cry about the book I’m reading.

    Jess @ Jessticulates recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday | It's not you, it's me (but also you)
    • Amber

      Aaaaaaah I’m a Marvel girl! But I get it. I’d rather people say “I’m not into it” then suddenly be a rabid fan. I’m not hardcore, but I’ve been into X-Men and Star Wars and what is now the current geek culture since I was about 6 (22 years), so rabid fans who are on the bandwagon now that it’s more mainstream annoy me. XD Keep doing you!

  3. Hahaha, most of the people I talk to like (or at least tolerate) books, so these are less of an issue for me… Most of my friends appreciate (and often end up reading) my recommendations, and are far more likely to have read the book than watched the movie. They’re pretty great!

    The thing I do most (it isn’t exactly pretentious, but I feel like it comes across as rude) is when I read while I could be socializing. But the thing is, it’s usually in a group where I don’t know anybody very well, and I’m really just feeling shy and socially awkward, but I think it comes across as me being rude and a loner, and… oops, NOT the message I’m trying to send, but…

    Although I believe I did once sort of scoff at someone saying they’d only watched the Hunger Games movies… Despite not having actually read the books myself yet at that point.

    • Amber

      Most of my recommendations fall to the wayside. I’ve had the most success recommending Ready Player One – I’ve gotten 4 people to read that, including 2 non-readers, and one friend who doesn’t read fiction (actually, the specific friend I am alluding to in this post who no longer has time XD).

      I read when socializing too… especially at family functions? I’m not a great conversationalist, and most conversations end up being about politics (must not engage) or people I don’t know. I agree that it’s rude (and I do it anyway) but less so than social media. Usually if someone looks over and asks what you’re doing, you can say, “I’m reading this book….” and suddenly the conversation gets interesting!

      But that’s a really great one to add to the list!

  4. Jo

    Haha, I love this list! Most of my friends are big readers, so I’ve not encountered too many of these, but I do have one friend who doesn’t love books as much as me and I’ve probably irritated her to no end over the years (my proudest moment was getting her into a Waterstones). I haven’t read the GOT books, but I have seen the show. I’ve never really done the second one, but I’ve definitely done the movie one. I’ve also done the book rec one, but like I said most of my friends are readers so they don’t mind, I’ve probably annoyed my family more with that one. And again, most of my friends are big readers so they don’t mind me talking about upcoming releases. I have definitely had the signed books one though, I have lent them to my friends but only on pain of death if they don’t return them safely.

    • Amber

      Lucky duck! When I was younger, a lot of my friends read. These days, there’s only a handful, and very few of them are reading the same books as me. One is very into adult thrillers (I can take or leave them) while others are strictly the NYT bestseller sort. I love the internet because I can connect with like minded folks and talk about all my new favorites! 🙂

  5. This is awesome 😀 you made so many valid points! People make fun of Vegans and Crossfitters all the time making jokes like “How do you know if someone is a Vegan? They will tell you within the first 5 minutes of meeting you!” Lately I have felt the same way with having read the Game of Thrones books. You want to tell everyone whenever you talk GOT but they don’t really want to hear it haha And it is so hard not to go into detail and tell everyone why the book is better than the movie!! Its just soooo tempting!

    • Amber

      OMG, the Vegan thing, I didn’t think about that… but it’s so true!!! Readers are exactly the same! So are Walking Dead fans, and cyclists, and people-who-run-their-own-small-business… omg, so many obnoxious (lovable) people out there.

  6. This is an amazing spin on this week’s topic! And also perfect gifs. I feel so many of these, and I’m definitely guilty of a few of them. Though getting ARCs can be a double-edged sword – I finished my ARC of Children of Blood and Bone and realized I wanted the second book RIGHT. NOW. And the first one hadn’t even actually released yet!! That was rough.

    • Amber

      Oh my gosh, I feel that. I finished a few days after release and that wasn’t even soon enough! Definitely a double-edged sword!!! I’ve definitely already pre-ordered book two. 🙂

  7. Saxmei

    Okay, somehow I missed this the first time around but fo real, these gifs are utter brilliance and need to be acknowledged. That is all.