Transatlantic Cruise: Iceland (8/8)

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Hello my loves.

Today is the final – the very last – entry about my Transatlantic Cruise from April.  It was the adventure of a lifetime.  It was exhausting.  It was spectacular.  If you ever have the opportunity to tour Europe – even just a small piece of it – I urge you to go.  It’s a stunning place, filled with levels of history that you have to see to truly understand.  The people are lovely, the buildings are lovelier, and British food is the best. Go.

All that said, I feel wholeheartedly that Iceland is the most beautiful place on Earth.

It’s probably a bold statement.  I haven’t been everywhere on Earth.  Still, I can’t imagine anything more stunning.

If you need to see more, take a look at the view outside our hotel window.

This was totally unexpected.  Iceland is expensive.  We didn’t pick the hotel for a view or anything so minor – it was the least expensive one that had a private bathroom.  I don’t consider myself a picky person, but I don’t want to do a pee dance outside a shared bathroom, thanks so much.

I did not expect this.  We arrived in Iceland at 11:10pm.  I was tired.  I was so tired that I was ready to fall asleep in the airport.  It’s the type of tired where you are either going to turn into a meteor of angry death or fall asleep.  Fortunately, I got to sleep first.  Barely.  Then at 7:00am the next morning, I threw open the window to that view and it took my breath away.

In that moment, I knew that I would regret not spending more time in Iceland.  And that I desperately want to go back.

Iceland is a natural wonder.  We went only as a stopover – it’s about halfway between London and Boston and the flight was the best value with a stopover.  And why not?  Matt’s wanted to go for ages, and I didn’t mind.  I didn’t take enough pictures – our luggage went ahead of us to Boston and my camera ended up buried between as-much-as-I-could-fit-in-my-backpack.

How can I describe Iceland?  Everywhere you look, something beautiful is staring back at you.  The land is flat as the midwest prairies here in the States until you hit the mountains and volcanoes.  And those look like titans in their fearsome beauty and breathtaking presence.  I mean, just LOOK at them.

Then there was Blue Lagoon.

If you ever have a stopover in Iceland for four or more hours, go to Blue Lagoon.  There are transfers to and from the airport, and it’s a remarkable place.  Imagine swimming and soaking in a hot tub the size of a small mansion, in water blue as clear skies and revitalizing as fresh rain.  That’s the best way I can think of describing the lagoon.

Matt and I found a secluded place on the far side of the lagoon, where we could slid up on the bank and let the water lap around us.  It was a small slice of heaven.

If I could go back to Iceland, I would go to Blue Lagoon again.  I would climb into a volcano, explore the glaciers.  I would rent a jeep and drive through the wilderness until I lost myself.  Iceland is the sort of place that tempts you to find the deepest spark in your soul.

I’m trying to be poetic here, but honestly?  It was just really beautiful and that made my heart soar.

I was feeling ground down and broken by the time we landed in Iceland, but when our plane took off for Boston – I felt revitalized.  Iceland, somehow, rejuvenated me.

I apologize for the quality on this one – it’s way zoomed in from the plane. But you can see the flatlands area of Iceland around the Keflavik airport, the beautiful ocean, and the glaciers beyond.  Stunning.

When we arrived back in Boston, it was evening again and the world was ready to swallow us up.  Once again, we didn’t find a bed until midnight, and I felt like the walking dead.  But I wouldn’t trade this trip for anything in the world, I really wouldn’t.  I want to go back to all these places – some more than others – and I want to reach out and take the rest of the world in my grasp.  I have never felt so small, and so grateful for the beauty around us.

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That is the end of my adventures!  I’m afraid life is relatively quiet right now, with no more travels or fun planned at the moment.  If something else interesting pops up, you know I’ll leave you some pictures! Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed following our trek around the edge of western Europe!

In September, we’re heading to Disney… so many we’ll talk more then? 😉


Have you ever traveled outside your home country?

What was your favorite vacation?

What type of sights take your breath away?

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2 responses to “Transatlantic Cruise: Iceland (8/8)

    • Amber

      It really is! We were so exhausted by the time we got to Iceland, and the lagoon was rejuvenating and beautiful.