Three Bookstagram Accounts I Love

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For those of you who have popped over to my Instagram account, you know that my aesthetic is “look what I’m reading!” book pictures, my cats, randomness, and my cats.  I am by no means a bookstagrammer.  Sometimes I’ll build a layout for lols but mostly I am lazy and don’t feel like having to clean it all up afterwards and live in an apartment with poor lighting and no dedicated space.  So there’s that.

If I’m quite honest, I don’t follow a lot of bookstagram account either.  In fact, I only follow three.  I follow these three because I love them.  And because I love them, I’m going to share them with you.

For the purposes of this discussion, I am only including Instagrammers who bookstagram.  I actually follow a handful of y’all whose feeds look more like mine, and a couple authors.

All photos in this post are 100% property of the accounts linked.  I just took screencaps of their feeds so you could see their awesomeness.  Please check them all out and follow! <3


3. @nutfreenerd

If you don’t already follow Holly’s blog – do.  It’s great.  Holly goes to Oxford and loves her classic literature and her posts are always low-key and natural and really lovely.  She’s a bit of a break from your classic instagrammers with their complex layouts.

She also does these cuppa tea Tuesdays that for whatever reason, I really love?  Her feed has such a different aesthetic than most bookstagrammers and I can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking for a bookstagrammer with a little less clutter and some really neat framing.

If you’re very lucky, she may even give you a little tour of some of Europe’s hidden gems – it’s bookstores!

She’s also one of the few bookstagrammers I’ve seen who isn’t too shy to be in her photos!  There are plenty of pictures of Holly in her feed, looking so happy to be reading and to be alive.  I love how down-to-earth and genuine she is.


2. @grumplstiltskin

I discovered Lee-Ann while I was on Amanda Foody’s Shadow Gang for Ace of Shades.  Unfortunately for team Irons, this fantastic bookstagrammer was not on our team, but I’m glad the publicity journey lead me to discover her Instagram!

Her bookstagram has a very definite old and woody theme, but different than a lot of the other ones you see out there.  Lee-Ann doesn’t feel so much rustic as she does Creepy Cabin In The Woods, and that’s exactly the way I like it.  It works really well for her personality and for the types of books she showcases.

For aspiring bookstagrammers who think that you need rainbows or new releases for great photos, Lee-Ann will prove you wrong.  Almost all of her photos feature beautiful used books.  Sure, she has some new releases, but she really shines when she’s photographing worn-edged paperbacks.

She’s also a huge fan of Stephen King, and seems to be on a mission to collect all possible copies of The Lord of the Rings.  It’s gotten to the point that I know her posts before checking the username.  A copy of IT?  Oh – it’s @grumplestiltskin!


1. @the_bandar_blog

Last month, I posted my Unique Blogger Award and mentioned how much I am loving Ali’s blog and Instagram this year.  Still true!  Her blog is funny and passionate and honestly it’s totally gorgeous… but check out her bookstagram.

Ali seriously has the most beautiful collection of classics I’ve ever seen.  I appreciate a leatherbound classic, I really do, but Ali has them all.  And she photographs them perfectly.  From her rainbow bookshelves to her layouts, everything is the right balance of colorful and poised.

She’s also the queen of Instagram stories – and she does a really good job of keeping them separate from her feed.  For example, the same day she posted that top center picture of the Ariel Mystery Mini in the book, she dyed her hair Ariel red and went on about her current mermaid obsession.  I 100% love that sort of energy, but I also love that she kept her feed clean.  I do not have that discipline.

Ali also has adorable fluffy cats, so I appreciate them as well.  I love her posts.  Everything about that girl is win.  She is just my favorite person this year, okay?  … … #noregrets


This week’s Book Blogger Hop asks:

Do you have an Instagram account? If so, do you only follow book folks?


Short answer:  I do have an Instagram, and I mostly just follow People I Know In Real Life.  Instagram is my Facebook, y’all.


Do you have an Instagram?

Do you have a themed Instagram, or just post whatever?

What types of accounts do you follow?

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10 responses to “Three Bookstagram Accounts I Love

  1. Ali

    I can’t even deal. I feel so lucky to have you as a bookish friend. THANK YOU for the kind words!

  2. I tried to bookstagram but I got bored. I didn’t like limiting myself to just books and trying to have a theme. Now I post random stuff like pets and quilts and other colorful stuff.
    I don’t look at other people’s instagrams much. I follow a lot of people from different categories – books, quilts, fitnesss, etc.. The algorithm is so messed up that if I like some book posts one day, it will hide everyone but the bookstagrammers for a while. It is annoying to not see everyone I follow.

    • Amber

      The algorithms are really weird now! Since I follow mostly people I know, my tags don’t get tooooo messed up, but this stupid filtering is one of the reasons I started to hate Facebook! I want to see everybody’s everything without having to dig too hard for it! 😛

  3. I have an Instagram but I don’t use it much. I’m trying to post more arty book photos as I do enjoy creating the spreads. I like to take pictures of other things besides books though, such as wildlife and food. Thanks for sharing those accounts, their pictures are so creative and gorgeous.

    • Amber

      Haha, I actually follow your instagram! I like that you have a variety, but I do think that makes you and instagram user, and not a bookstagram. Which is fine, because mine is just like that as well!

      You can find so many wonderful accounts! Another one I really like is @bookloverinblue but I stopped following her because she would post SOOOO MANY stories, I felt like every time I logged on there were 20 new ones. I still look her up sometimes, because her photos are really lovely.

  4. I have two Instagrams, by blog one and my regular one! I try to make my blog one a bookstagram with a theme but I am not very good at it haha. I tend to do every other black background and then whatever else. I follow only bookstagram, blog, and author accounts!

    • Amber

      I’ve never had the patience skill to have a beautiful bookstagram! Back in January, I put in some effort to take a few really pretty pictures… and to be honest, the picture I took of a half-finished pie the other day got more likes SO I am clearly not destined for bookstagram glory. 😛 I do love drooling over other peoples’! And I don’t think you need to do anything overly complicated or original. A lot of bookstagrams are very similar – it’s all about finding what appeals most to you. 🙂

  5. I’m recently started posting more “bookstagram”y photos because I’m having fun actually putting them together. I totally lack the creativity and time to devote my whole feed to that though. Too many other travel pics and random baking projects to include! I like following a wide variety of bookstagrammers and found it’s actually helpful for discovering new books!

    • Amber

      I’m so glad to hear you’re having fun! Bookstagram always frustrated me whenever I try to set up a photo but I adore looking at the ones other people post!!!