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Camp NaNoWrimo 2018 – Week 1 (Titles)

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Hello my beautiful monsters!

I hope all of you are delighted and chipper on this lovely Saturday!

I am being accountable, and checking in with my NaNoWriMo progress!  I wanted to tell you a bit about my novel in segments.  As I mentioned in Sunday’s post, it’s being hashtagged on Twitter as #BountyHunterWIP and is under the working title of Lady of Shadows (which I really don’t like).  Today, I want to talk a bit about titles.

A title is so important to a novel, because it’s just as big of a grabber as the beautiful covers we all drool over.  My favorite recent example of a really excellent title is Just One Damned Thing After Another.  I picked that book up on Audible as a daily deal because the title made me laugh… and when I finally read it (three years later) – I loved it!  So titles make a difference.  I’ve always enjoyed naming my books, but they don’t all come easily.

The first story I wrote operated under the title of The Color of Magic (creatively snagged from Tamora Pierce…) for the first year of its life.  After that, it was christened Quest and lived under that guise for another five years.  Except, unfortunately, the story had turned and it really wasn’t about a quest anymore.  The current title is Fate, which serves it better.  It’s also had periods where it was titled The Wind Princess and Magick and … well, you get the picture.  Coming to my final title took about ten years.

But you know what else?  Should I ever get an agent to look at that manuscript, and she’s able to sell it… Fate is not the title you’ll most likely see on the cover.  The marketing geniuses at the publishing houses are amazing at pulling the perfect title from the text even while we, as the writers, get too attached  to how the stories play out in our heads.

So, in the back of my mind, I know all this.  But I still agonize over the title.  My NaNo WIP has gone under both the guise of Blood Reign (which sounds cool, but may have been an anime, and also doesn’t fit the book) and Lady of Shadows (which worked as I was writing the first chapter, but now that is has switched to multiple POVs, doesn’t work as well).  Why do I obsess about the title?  Because, to me, the title gives the book some small amount of validation.  You have a name.  You are real.


This week’s writing stats are as follows:

Day 1 – 3299 (total: 3299)
Day 2 – 1848 (total: 4928)
Day 3 – 1654 (total: 6752)
Day 4 – 2759 (total: 9511)
Day 5 – 2881 (total: 12392)
Day 6 – 2093 (total: 14485)

I’m not throwing Day 7 out there yet, because the day is still young!  Who knows what inspiration may pop up.

Getting the word count has never been an issue for me in NaNo.  Plot progress is.  Many times, I can fly through the beginning of a story, get dragged down in the middle, then finish in a whirlwind.  My pacing is off, but that’s an editing problem.  The first two days were spent entirely on a single chapter where I really struggled to make two characters click, so I’m already feeling a bit unenthusiastic.

But I’m stubborn and will prevail!

For fun… this is the last line I wrote before finalizing this post…. 🙂

Myra is not amused.


How much importance do you put on a title?

Do you consider yourself to be a prolific writer?

What book did you pick up because of the title?

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10 responses to “Camp NaNoWrimo 2018 – Week 1 (Titles)

  1. Back when I used to write more, I OBSESSED over story titles. This is actually probably one of the reasons why I never finished any of the stories I wrote? Because I spent too much time on the title, and eventually would lose interest when I can’t come up with anything good. D: I’m not good with fancy, attention-drawing words. 🙁

    I LOVE MYRA’S VOICE. Tell me more about this snarky character. xD Good luck with NaNo! ♥

    Aimee (Aimee, Always) recently posted: June: AKA the Travel-Crazy Month + Books! Of Course!
    • Amber

      I’m gad you love Myra’s voice, because se is killllinggggggg me. XD I’m stuck in the middle of her chapter and have effectively updated all my vacation plans for September, finished reading a book, and made a meal plan for next week while procrastinating on the rest of this chapter. Oyyyyy.

  2. I always struggle with titles, too. There are so many cool book titles out there, right now I’m thinking about a next year release, We Set The Dark on Fire, I mean, how incredible does that sound? I love it so, very much. I would love to find catchy, incredible titles like that, too. Oh well, maybe someday once I’ll manage to actually edit my WIP haha.
    You’ve been doing so great with your writing so far, YAY that’s fantastic! 😀 I already love Myra 😛

    • Amber

      Aaah, that book just popped up on my Goodreads feed and I added it based on title alone… then felt guilty and went back and read the description. 😛

      Myra is fiesty! She’s a good fighter and protector, and I look forward to getting her with the other three. Right now, she’s so far away, her chapters feel a little… lost. :/

  3. Hahaha, I put NO importance on titles whatsoever, but I completely see why they would feel important… It just doesn’t matter much to me… My current title for my WIP is Rebel & Queen (It’s about *gasp* a rebelled a queen! :D), and for wayyy too long before that I just referred to it as “F/F hate to love romance.” which was… a terrible name. Although fairly descriptive, at least for the part I had worked out then… (I actually have a PLOT now, so it’s not jut romance thank goodness)

    And ooh, I love that snippet!

    • Amber

      Rebel & Queen is a pretty good title, actually. It’s to the point, and it’s catchy! Hold on to it, at least for now. 😉

      • Not this time. I’ve done many, many before. I was even the regional ML for a November one once! It was really fun, plus I felt extra pressure to hit 50K since I was the leader.

        • Amber

          Oh, that must have been fun! I live in a rural area so we don’t have any get togethers, but I’ve always looked greedily at all the regional events 50mi away! <3 That must have been loads of fun!