Camp NaNo 2018 Week 2: Synopsis

Camp NaNo – Check In!

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Oh boy.  The month is half over and my novel is not.

I run into this every time I do NaNoWriMo.  Normally, I rush the ending to get it in there.  It’s easy for me to write quantity, but I struggle with quality and direction, especially in a first draft.  Lately, I’ve been finding myself thinking about my elevator pitch and how enjoyable or unique this story would be and I am trying not to think about those things.  Those are the voices that keep me from moving past a first draft.

Seriously, though.  My book is about four mismatched characters who are thrown together for their skills, position, and because of a little misfortune.  They are tasked with bringing back one of the lost treasures of the Lower Kingdoms, shrouded in secrecy lest someone sabotage their quest.  Each step of their journey brings forth new monsters and betrayals and when it feels like they have nothing left to lose, they lose a little more.

I don’t even know what to call it.  Arthurian Legend meets ??? .


Would you like to meet my characters?  I gave a snippet of Myra last week, just a single line I thought would be juicy.  This story will ultimately be told in six different voices (one is only the epilogue), and I am actively writing four of them.  Are you ready?

Myra – The Warrior

Silas – The Thief

Xin – The Mage

Arin – The Healer


This week’s writing stats are as follows:

Day 7 – 0 (total: 14485)
Day 8 – 3347 (total: 17832)
Day 9 – 2351 (total: 20183)
Day 10 – 1921 (total: 22104)
Day 11 – 911 (total: 23015)
Day 12 – 2496 (total: 25511)


What character do you like best?

How do you figure out your elevator pitch?

Are you writing a novel currently?

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6 responses to “Camp NaNo – Check In!

    • Amber

      <3 Everybody loves Myra! I'm stuck in another of her chapters right now. I swear, Myra spends all her time either pointing a weapon at someone or injured and trying to escape her sickbed.

  1. I like the sound of Arin and Silas 😀 And congratulations on getting so far through (I made the mistake of trying to edit my novel and work on another project for NaNo and my NaNo project is suffering badly. 🙁

    • Amber

      Aaah, I learned my lesson in editing during NaNo last year when when my goal was to log editing hours, then I completely scrapped and started rewriting one of my manuscripts. Is your editing going well, at least?

      I love Arin, but Silas is such a jerk lol. I’m trying really hard to write him as the sort of character people love to hate, a la Draco Malfoy.

    • Amber

      Thank you! This is all so great to hear because I’m on my Week 3 slump right now and struggling with one of my characters (Xin) who is feeling super forced. Keeping accountable with these weekly check-ins is keeping me motivated! <3