Camp NaNo 2018 Week Three: Travel

Camp NaNo Check In – Travel & Journeying (Week 3)

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I really enjoy reading and writing western European-style fantasy, and because my characters tend to go adventuring, there’s a lot of walking involved.  This is one of the most common complaints I hear in fantasy – modern readers don’t want to read about the journey, they want to read about what happens when they get there.  This week, my writing has been all about writing my way down the road.

It’s challenging, because unless there are mini bosses and adventures along the way, this gets a bit tedious.  Not just for the reader, but for the writer (me!) as well.  As part of my process, I have to get through these parts and when I go back for the second draft, I edit as needed.  But I’m a linear writer, so in order to keep my train of thought, I need to get my characters from Point A to Point B.

Some books, like The Invasion of the Tearling, do this traveling thing really well.  The Fellowship of the Ring kicks butt at it – there are so many mini adventures because Frodo and friends even get out of the Shire!  My favorite parts of the series are in those early chapters.

So, my lovely friends and fantasy writers, what do you do to pass the time while your characters are on the road?  Is it mad centaur attacks?  Campfire songs?  Share your favorites – whether you’ve read them or written them!


Day 13 – 2652 (total: 28163)
Day 14 – 1770 (total: 29933)
Day 15 – 2770 (total: 32703)
Day 16 – 2043 (total: 34746)
Day 17 – 1157 (total: 35903)
Day 18 – 1565 (total: 37468)
Day 19 – 2161 (total: 39629)
Day 20 – 1071 (total: 40700)


How’s everyone’s writing going?

If you read fantasy, what kind do you read?

What’s your favorite part of The Lord of the Rings?

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2 responses to “Camp NaNo Check In – Travel & Journeying (Week 3)

  1. Ahh congratulations on your writing progress, you’re doing so great, I’m so glad!
    I have to admit that I haven’t written long journeys like that and I understand how it can get a bit tedious and/or boring. I wish I had some advice though, but I think all of the books I have read somehow skipped over that travelling part? I feel like long travels are a good opportunity though to have all the endearing conversations, campfire stories and things like that – after all, it’s while travelling with people that you find out a lot about them, at least that happens to me in real life 🙂
    Happy writing! 😀

    • Amber

      I feel like most books do as well, even though it is a prime opportunity for character development. Still, there’s really no way to get around how SLOW this part of the journey is. I feel like it’s something I have to write through for me, then I’ll cut and/or condense later. Right now my characters are eating breakfast at an inn on day 1/5 (pretty sure the other four are going to get super condensed) and I’m just waiting for them to finish eating so Xin can go and be all bossy at them again. Or idk. Having a tough time this morning lol.