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Good morning everyone!

I just felt like doing a live, unplanned post this morning.  My catching up on blogging has been going really well since I mentioned in the July Wrap Up that I had nothing scheduled. I’m into the beginning of October now, so I’m well ahead.  I had one week when I was able to schedule a post a day, which is great!  Anyways, I just felt like saying hello live for a change.

So – hi, hello, how are you?  Is anyone else in New England?  Is anyone else sick of all this heat and humidity?  If I’m not in an air conditioned room lately, I feel like I can’t breathe.

Lately, I haven’t been reading very much.  I just finished Feed by Mira Grant, which I really liked.  I didn’t go into it expecting a whole lot of zombie action – one perk of having things on my TBR for so long is that I often forget why they’re there.  I may have helped that I thought the audiobook was really good, and that I’m interested in the blogging world.  I liked Georgia a lot, and was super mad for a couple days about the ending!  Has anyone else read Feed?  What did you think?

In the audiobook world, I’ve moved on to The Witching Hour by Anne Rice.  I was a huge Anne Rice fan in high school and read The Witching Hour back then.  I remember it took me well over a year!  It was one of those books that put me into a reading slump and I was hoping that now I am older, I’d have a little more patience for it.  I do, I guess, but only a little.  It definitely easier to listen to than to read, but Anne Rice is a lot like Stephen King in that she liked to tell the stories of everyone before getting to the point.  I’ve been listening during work to pass the time and keep me sane (work has been very stressful lately).  It makes me want to read her other books again to see if this is just a thing with the Mayfair Witches, or with everyone.  Has anyone else read Anne Rice?

In hardcopy, I’m reading Vicious by V.E. Schwab.  I really like what I’m reading – it’s incredibly interesting – but for some reason, I just can’t get myself to sit down and read.  The audiobooks have been working better for me these last couple weeks.  I blame the heat.


Bookishly, I guess that’s all of real importance that’s going on! I haven’t been writing – I’m still really focused on getting ahead on the blog because vacation is just around the corner and I don’t want to get behind again in autumn.  I can’t wait until autumn, loves.  Cannot.  Wait.

The other thing just around the corner is our Disney vacation.  I am beyond words excited for this.  I can’t remember if I’ve written about this already, but the last time we went to Orlando was an impromptu trip in 2013 and the day before I got stuck late at work cleaning a piece of equipment that someone else had mucked up, and when I finally got out of there, I got in a car accident.  It sort of put a damper on the whole vacation. I remember sitting in the lobby of the Hall of Presidents on the phone with the insurance company trying to explain to them I was out of state and couldn’t come meet with them.  The accident wasn’t my fault, but it was my first, and it was… rough.


Not going to happen like that this time.

I love Disney, and this time I’ve got my dining reservations, my FastPass+, five different Minnie Ears, and a whole lot of “dear gods I need a vacation”.  It’s going to be an awesome vacation.

I’m really excited.  Like, countdown every day excited. 27, by the way.

Mattie’s been going through the menus of the restaurants we picked and watching YouTube reviews.  He’s been on top of YouTube, actually!  Going through all the Disney tip videos, getting all the input possible.  I’ve been completely enraptured since Friday, when Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party started.  I’ve never been, and it looks like fun.  We even have costumes!

If any of you have been to Disney, especially in the last five years, I need your tips and advice!  If you’ve been to either Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival – tips, hints, and advice please!  I want to get there and have a childish, delicious, stress-free experience.  Goodness knows I need it. 🙂

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I’m linking up to the Sunday Post, hosted by the Caffeinated Reviewer.  It’s a great place to plug in with your weekly updates and check-ins.


What are you reading this week?

How’s the weather where you live?

Are you a Disney person?

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16 responses to “Welcome to Another Muggy Sunday

  1. Danielle

    I haven’t been to Disney in SOO long, I need to go back!!! I am going to see a Disney cover rock band next week with my best friend and her friends so that’ll be my taste of Disney for the year. I’ve heard of Feed the movie with Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars (aka PLL) but I haven’t seen it.

    • Amber

      I haven’t heard of the movie so I just looked it up – totally different! 🙂 The book by Mira Grant is more… journalism in a zombie apocalypse world. 😛

      A Disney cover rock back – that sounds like fun! Do they do rock versions of Disney songs? I’ve never heard of something like that! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, yes Disney! I’m actually going in two weeks! I’m super excited for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (I’m wearing my Moana cosplay to it) and I’ve been to Disney a lot – so I’m happy to give any advice or answer questions! Where will you be staying?

    • Amber

      We’re at Port Orleans Riverside for the week! I’m so excited – a Moana cosplay sounds so smart because it’ll be so warm! I’m going as the Scarlet Witch. Any tips about MNSSHP and the Food and Wine festival would be great – I have no idea the best places to go or be for those events! ?

  3. I absolutely adored The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, although it’s been some years since I have read it. It was a gigantic book and it did take me quite a while to finish it, but The Mayfair Witches is one of my favorite series by her. I just can’t listen to audiobooks, I’ve really tried but for some reason they’re just not my jam. It’s so much easier for me to just pick up my Kindle or an actual book and sit down and read, than it is for me to listen to someone reading to me for hours and hours. But, I can see the appeal and the ease of it, that other’s who enjoy them feel. 🙂

    Oh Disney, I love Disney. Sadly, I have never been and I would love the chance to actually go and enjoy it. I really hope that you have a wonderful time! 🙂

    • Amber

      I wanted to try the audiobooks of these ones because I remember struggling with the hard copy. I also remember really liking the latter half of the book, but I don’t remember what it was about? Making myself trudge through the beginning bits and get into them. I love Lestat and the Vampire Chronicles… I’ll get there. I hope!

      Thank you so much! I’m really looking forward to it!!!

  4. I’ve been reading The Oremere Chronicles by Helen Scheurer recently! I absolutely adore the books. You should give it a read!

    I’ve never been to Disney..?? So do share your trip with us! 😀

    • Amber

      I do have The Heart of Mist in my TBR! It’s great to hear you’re enjoying them – honestly, I haven’t heard much about them?

      I’ll definitely share my trip! ? I love writing travel posts, so I’ve already got placeholders. ?

    • Amber

      Hi AJ – thanks! I have to wake up very early on weekdays to make sure I can safely drive to work, so writing my blog posts is a good mental exercise to wake up my brain. ?

      I’m really enjoying Vicious so far! The characters are great and the philosophical conversation driving the plot is really interesting. Have a great week yourself!

  5. Congrats on being ahead! That’s always nice. And yeah I’m kinda over the humidity too- although it’s been a little better here lately (and not bad for mid- August, considering…)

    I haven’t read Feed but have heard good things, and the Mira Grant/ Seanan McGure stuff I’ve read has been pretty good!

    Yay for Disney! Hope you have a great vacation!! I love Epcot but haven’t been there in a while.

    • Amber

      August usually is the worst month of the summer for humidity. We’ve had one rainstorm after another and I’m waiting for one to be the magic storm that breaks it. ?

      I definitely just exploded my TBR with Grant/McGuire stuff. I really enjoy her writing style!

      Have a fantastic week!!!

  6. As a new follower, I first wanted to say hi! I really love the layout of your blog. 🙂 I’m getting really excited for fall, too! I feel bad for wishing away the rest of the summer lol but I’m ready for sweaters and hot coffee and big blankets. I wish I was going to Disney! It’s such a fun place, and I was there for the first time in 2013. I haven’t been since. I don’t really remember much, it was all such a whirlwind of awesomeness. Have fun!

    • Amber

      Hi Madeline, and welcome!!! Thank you about the layout, you are the sweetest. ?

      I am entirely unapologetic about wishing away summer! Haha. Bring on sweaters and cider donuts and chilly fall nights. ??

      Thanks, I’ll be sure to regale everyone with my adventures! ❤️ And thanks for following my blog!!!