My Not-So-Famous Vlogging Life

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How many of y’all can lose hours and hours on YouTube?

I think that YouTube is an amazing platform for creators to reach out to their fans and followers for a more face-to-face experience.  When I was in college, I really wanted to fit into the YouTube scene.  At that time, Vlogbrothers was really blowing up and YouTube was The Place To Be.  By the way – despite their success in other areas, Hank and John Green still upload regular, amazing content.

My favorite channel (at the time) was Five Awesome Girls – and if you weren’t familiar with them, basically there were five hardcore Harry Potter fans who each took a day of the week and uploaded a vlog talking about this or that.  Kristina and Hayley were my favorites, and I liked them because they loved the things I loved, and they were part of this extensive community and I wanted in.

It never worked, by the way! 🙂  My YouTube blogging game is just as fantastic as my real life social skillz, so I managed to be this awkward shy girl on the sidelines, but those girls were awesome while my social life fell apart.  I was in colleged and watched all these other people make amazing life memories while I worked 40 hours a week on top of school and an internship and was in a bad, time-consuming relationship.

Yeah my college memories aren’t awesome.

A group of my friends from my first year of college tried it – we wanted a roundtable to keep up with one another and we called it “How I Met Your Roommate”.  It lasted almost a month.  That, and that one time I subbed in for the Generation of Awesome channel (which no longer exists).  So me + YouTube has unfortunately been an epic fail.  But a lot of people have done really well with it!  The book vlogging world is alive and well!

My scene these days is more in the written blogs, but I’d love to hear from you guys – what vlogs do you like to watch?

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While I was hopping on YouTube for (honestly) the first time in forever, the most recent Vlogbrothers video (at the time) was this one below.  It’s only four minutes long but as always Hank Green is super insightful and I wanted to share it with you because it’s a question that plagues me a lot, and while Hank doesn’t have an answer he offers a really interesting perspective.


This week’s Book Blogger Hop asks:

Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, do you post book review vlogs?


Short Answer: Yeees?  I have a channel, but I don’t remember the login because it’s pre-Google merger and all the videos are from almost ten years ago and they’re all terrible, haha.  Don’t go searching, because you won’t find them!


Have you ever had a vlog?

What are your favorite YouTube channels?

Do you prefer written blogs, video blogs, or a mix of both?

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6 responses to “My Not-So-Famous Vlogging Life

    • Amber

      Many people prefer the written word to video – thank goodness for us bloggers who have no interested or success with video reviews! 🙂

  1. I have never really gotten into the YouTube or vlogging scene, I’m afraid. I might watch something if a friend posts on on FB and I happen to be in a place I can watch and listen at the same time, but for the most part, it’s not a part of the internet that calls to me.

    • Amber

      I agree – I’ll find myself on YouTube on rare occasions, but it’s not the type of thing that I seek out, generally speaking. There’s too much in this world to do beyond falling down the YouTube rabbit hole! 🙂

  2. Your Google login should get you in to YouTube now if you decide to give it another go.
    I started vlogging just under two years ago, and though I don’t have a huge following, I do enjoy it.

    • Amber

      I never linked my old account to Google! ? But I do use my Google login now in a different account to check out videos here and there. ?

      I’m glad you enjoy it! I always remember the video editing to be a lot of work after the fact – do you find that’s still true?