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Time for a break from books. 🙂

I love to read, I really do, but I do other things in my life sometimes!  I travel, I cook, I play with my cats… and like most people these days, I love me some TV.  The fall TV lineup is coming up!  I’m kicking myself because I still have episodes of shows I love kicking around from last season.  I’m not a binge watcher, but I think TV is the place to be these days.  I love the arching storylines and fun twenty minute sit-coms.

I’m currently watching things on an off the air, but here are some of my favorites that are currently running!



Season 4 Returns 10/4

I feel like to truly enjoy this show, you need to have worked in retail.  I worked at Staples from 2008-2014, and there are so many things in Superstore I can relate to.  Their scene cuts are stupid customers doing WTF things and #relate so much.

But I also like this show for its real characters.  Pretentious Jonah (Ben Feldman) and sarcastic Garrett (Colton Dunn) are my personal favorites, but it’s really fun to watch Amy (America Ferrera) and Glen (Mark McKinney) get themselves into trouble, and the “can you trust her?” dilemma with Dina (Lauren Ash).  And Bo (Johnny Pemberton)?  He’s terrible and will make you laugh/facepalm every time he’s on screen.



Season 5 Returns 10/16

I needed this show in my life four years ago; I love it so much.  Black-ish centers around the daily troubles of Andre Johnson, a successful black man with roots in the ‘hood, and his struggles to just live.  This show isn’t (exclusively) about race issues… there are conversations about parenting, work/home balance, marriage – the works.  It’s a genuinely good show because you sit there and chuckle and enjoy it while it’s on, then find yourself thinking about the issues afterward.

There are a lot of great characters here, but little Diane (Marsai Martin) takes the cake.  She’s so funny, and her relationship with Charlie (Deon Cole) is amazing.  I’m only in Season 2 so far, so no spoilers please!



Season 14 Returns 10/11

I started watching this show in 2011, so by the time I started, I was already six seasons behind.  I’m not a binge watcher (I can only do 2 or 3 in a row) so catching up with Supernatural has been a long time coming, but so worth it!  We’re into S13 right now… intentionally because this show has notoriously heartbreaking finales and I don’t want to wait a year for resolution, lol.

I love, love, love Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) but the best parts of this show are the relationships and the folklore. I miss those great old filler episodes with monsters like “The Lady in White” and characters like Jo!  Despite the more dramatic turn this show has take, I still love the Winchester boys.


Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Season 14 (6v2) Aired 6/4

You can’t kill this show.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? is an improv comedy show that first aired in the UK in 1988.  It came to the US in 1998, got cancelled, and revived in 2013.  I’ve been watching this since I was a kid and Ryan Styles and Colin Mochrie are still funny y’all.  I do think that overall the episodes from the 90s/00s are better, but this show still makes me laugh out loud every single episode.


Young Sheldon

Season 2 Returns 9/24

A lot of people have really mixed feelings about Young Sheldon.  I think it’s funny and wholesome, and it’s one of three shows I can watch with my parents and it doesn’t get too weird (unsurprisingly, one of the other is Big Bang Theory).  And it’s different?  It reminds me of old times shows like The Brady Bunch, but modernized.  I think Sheldon (Iain Armitage), Missy (Raegan Revord), and Georgie (Montana Jordan) are a hoot, but the real winner in this one is Meemaw (Annie Potts).

I try to tell people – if you like Big Bang Theory and didn’t really get into Young Sheldon, give yourself at least until Meemaw pops up before quitting on it.  Also George (Lance Barber), Sheldon’s dad, is a great character too, and even more bittersweet because if you watch Big Bang Theory, you know how that one ends.


Saturday Night Live

Season 44 Returns September/October-ish

Folks either love SNL or hate it.  The last few seasons have been very political, so if the shows themes don’t align with your beliefs, it can be a very grating watch.  If you get past all that, you sorta have to take it a sketch at a time.  Depending on your host and musician, the episode may be gold… or really disappointing.  Either way, I often find myself discussing various sketches with my coworkers on Monday.

Of the current cast, my favorites are the eternal Keenan Thompson, hilarious Kate McKinnon, talented and underused Melissa Villasenor, random and funny Pete Davidson, and witty Michael Che.  I love hearing the weekend update’s take on the news, and hoping one of the actors break and start laughing.  After all – that’s half the fun of a live show!


Rick and Morty

Season 4 Returns … Someday?

My loves, this show just got renewed for another 71 episodes back in May, and at the rate they’re airing, we should have Rick and Morty until I’m a grandmother.  To those unfamiliar, this show is a really clever Adult Swim take on everything between Back to the Future, The Purge, and Family Guy… and then about 16 other things.  It’s funny, and it’s downright offensive at times, but it’s deep and thoughtful in ways your wouldn’t expect.

Especially because – and lets be honest here – you don’t really expect anything meaningful from a perpetually burping mad scientist grandfather and his squeamish grandson?  But in its clever paradise, Rick and Morty touches on everything from the nature of divorce to the gravity of choosing who deserves to live or die.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 13 Returns 9/5

You will be offended by this show.  It makes me cringe.  Kaitlin Olson’s other show, The Mick, was like that for me as well.  It’s very entertaining, but just about everyone is a terrible person.  And whenever someone tries to be a better person, the rest of the gang shuts them down.

From ditching a veteran because he’s in a wheelchair to becoming a crack addict, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a guide to how-not-to-live-your-life.  Danny Devito is at his very grossest, and while Charlie Day is hilarious, the rest of a gang is a burning mess.  At all times.  Think garbage on fire in July, stank.  Also one of the characters is probably a sociopath.


The Orville

Season 2 Returns 12/30

This is yet another Seth McFarland show on a channel littered with Seth McFarland shows.  And, surprisingly, it’s really wholesome and good.  Not going to lie, going into The Orville I expected a Family Guy-esque hot mess slash parody of Star Trek.  But… it’s not?  Sure, they’re out “going where no man has gone before”, but we talk sexism and racism and fidelity and just… it’s not what I expected.  It’s really good.

Because it’s not McFarland’s usual comedy and it’s not quite serious enough for modern Star Trek fans, I sincerely doubted The Orville was going to get picked up for S2.  But it did – and even more episodes than S1.  If you like his movies, or even if you like them but wish they were a little less ridiculous – The Orville is fantastic.


Stranger Things

Season 3 Returns in 2019 (I’m Dying)

I think just about everyone watches Stranger Things.  If you’re a fan, I did a Stranger Things Book Tag this year that y’all can check out (and steal).  Whether you like science-fiction or not, the creepy monsters and 80s vibes of Stranger Things are absolutely addicting.

Beyond the mood and the story, I can get over how much I love all the characters (except Billy).  Steve (Joe Keery) really shone in S2, and I’m still floored by Joyce (Winona Ryder).  Honestly, I could quote the entire cast here.  Everyone is really impressive, the show is really good, and I’m dying for S3.

(I may have just done some Googling because 2019 are you kidding me?! Anyone interested in what we know so far about S3, check this out.)


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic was:

Bingeworthy TV Shows/Movies (The new fall TV season is starting up this month, so let’s talk about what shows everyone should watch when they’re not reading!)


It’s been super fun talking about something other than books this week!  There are so many runners up on this list, but when I built it, I wanted to keep to stuff (I thought?) aired in the fall.  I was a little off by a few, but these are all really great shows!  And there are SO MANY runners up!  WestworldThe Grand Tour, The Handmaid’s TaleA Series of Unfortunate Events!

And those are just the ones that are on the air.  I watch a lot of TV (I use it for background… like right now I’ve got on old reruns of Will & Grace) and love geeking out about my favorite shows.  Who loves Futurama30 RockScrubsM*A*S*H?


What shows are you looking forward to this fall?

Does anyone watch any of these?

Who else is dying because we have to wait another year for S3 of Stranger Things?

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39 responses to “Ten Television Shows I Am Obsessed With

  1. Danielle

    I watch Who’s Line is it Anyway? (Still funny!), Stranger Things (SOO good!!) and Rick & Morty (SOO weird and random but still funny!). I’ve never seen Superstore but since I’ve worked retail for the past 4 years (I’ve currently worked in the same store for the past 2 years) I feel like I can get into it. Is it like The Office?

    • Amber

      No, it doesn’t have the interview-style of the office, more like a basic sitcom. But the characters are good and it felt soooo relatable to my job at Staples. Lots of comedic personalities, so it’s super fun. 😊

    • Amber

      Season two was soooooo good! There’s a lot less focus on Eleven and more on the other characters, which ended up being great. I hope you like it when you get there!

    • Amber

      It’s very much hit-or-miss for BBT fans… I really do recommend giving it a try, but whether or not you’ll like it really depends in your taste in shows and what you like about BBT. 🙂

    • Amber

      Outlander is definitely a favourite for folks! I haven’t tried it but I feel like it’s something I’d really enjoy – I just want to read the book first! 😊

    • Amber

      Supernatural has a pretty big following – a lot of people really like it! I think it’s getting more dark and dramatic in these later seasons, but I still recommend it to folks. Not a lot of romance, but there’s a good sibling partnership, usually decent story arcs, and fun filler eps. 🙂

    • Amber

      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it! Most the people I talk to in real life aren’t big on it, but I think it’s a hoot. 🙂

    • Amber

      Black-ish is the show I come closest to bingeing. It’s also the only show where I yell at the TV, haha. Dre makes some weird choices. 😛 My husband and I watched the Disney World episode yesterday, and we’re heading to WDW in a couple weeks, so it was perfectly on point. I loved that they went to the Frozen ride just because it had a really long line. XD

    • Amber

      I hope you really like Young Sheldon – a lot of people have mixed feelings about it and most the people I know who like BBT don’t like Young Sheldon. I hope you like it, though! I think it’s funny and sweet. 🙂

  2. Love your selections and they way you formatted this post with return dates/gifs/etc. I’m also very happy to see SNL included on a list this week. I was debating about it because I watch every week, but my favorite part is Weekend Update and I wanted to include that show they did over the summer that was just extended Weekend Update segments, but with only one season I felt it didn’t make sense! Feel free to see what DID make my list here: http://bit.ly/2PE9nUo

    • Amber

      Thanks! You know, I half-did the return dates because I really thought there were all coming back in the fall. A bit of a sad surprise on some of them – especially Stranger Things! Ouch!

  3. I used to watch the original UK Whose Line is it Anyway with my cousins so much when I was a kid that we used to play it ourselves in our grandparents’ house 😂 And I’ve only seen a few sketches from SNL since it’s not aired in the UK and I really wish it was.

    Louise recently posted: 10 Shows I Plan to Binge 📺
    • Amber

      Hah! I actually used to teach improv theatre to students when I was working my way through college (best job ever) and Whose Line taught me! 🙂 Love that show! SNL is suuuuuuper political lately, but they upload a lot of their good stuff on YouTube. I’m not sure about the YouTube UK page, but you may be able to see some of it! 🙂

  4. I love, love, love Superstore! And Black-ish, I just finished watching all the current seasons and am so excited for it to come back on air. Diane is definitely a favorite and I love watching out for Tracee’s amazing improv. Another show I can’t wait to come back this fall is This is Us! I love me some comedies but that’s just one good drama I can’t get enough of!

    • Amber

      OMG – THANK YOU. I keep telling people about Superstore (I have loads of friends who had jobs in retail) and nobody has heard of it, or is interested in watching it???? I’m just like…. guys, you don’t know what you’re missing. And Black-ish. <3 I don't watch many dramas because a.) they tend to be 1hr shows and I usually don't have that much time in a single sitting 🙁 ; and b.) I got enough drama in my life lol. But I have heard NOTHING but AMAZING things about This is Us and I hope the new season is amazing!

    • Amber

      Rick and Morty is a definitely love=it-or-hate-it thing. I appreciate the intelligence and references a lot, and definitely recommend giving it a try! 🙂

    • Amber

      Supernatural IS dragging (I haven’t really enjoyed anything since before Leviathan) BUT I do still like the boys. 🙂 They keep killing off characters I like, though, so…. we’ll see how long I keep watching haha. Fortunately with that show, people are liable to pop back up any time after their death.

    • Amber

      I REALLY enjoy Black-ish, though I don’t see people really talking about it. It’s a great family comedy with real issues if that’s your thing! 😊

  5. I Love Supernatural!!! Tho I totally agree I tend to like the “filler” episodes where they go back to monster hunting. I have been trying to catch up for a while. I think I am no season 12, and the drama in the last few seasons hasn’t been as appealing but I am in love with Dean so I want to get through them still!

    Brittany recently posted: Grace and Fury
    • Amber

      I actually think the first episode of IASIP aired yesterday! We haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve heard mixed things. 😖