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A Dream of Adventure and Avolea

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My loves, I open today with a quote:

“Once and again, I stray down and listen to the duet of the brook and wind, and watch the sunbeams creeping through the dark boughs, the gossamers glimmering here and there, and the ferns growing up in the shadowy nooks.”


Lucy Maud Montgomery was in love with her island home.  The sighs in the orchard and the gloriousness of summer peeking over green hills blossoms to life in her books.  The above excerpt from her journal is enough to take your breath away with only a hint of imagination required.

I would dearly love to visit Prince Edward Island.  It’s funny to think that I have traveled to Paris and the Azores, but never stepped foot in Canada, which is only a few short hours from my doorstep.  If I were to get in the car right now, I could be in Prince Edward Island in 11 hours.  Okay, that’s a long drive.  But it’s manageable.  It’s closer than Florida, and I’ve been there several times.

Why Prince Edward Island?  It’s certainly a peculiar place to be on a travel bucket list, at least by most people’s standards.  First of all, there is the inevitable connection to Anne of Green Gables.

Anne Shirley, fictional or not, is very dear to my heart.  Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novels bring the world to life, so I can smell the lilacs blossoming in spring, even if it is the very heart of winter outside.  Even in The Story Girl (which I liked less than Anne), the setting is vibrant and beautiful.

It seems very much the sort of place that would be timeless, with its lighthouses standing watch like quiet soldiers on the coast, and bright yellow canola blossoms spreading like butter over the bread of the fields.

I am trying to be poetic.  I’m not nearly as good at it as Lucy Maud Montgomery.  If I had an iota of her talent, I’d be stealing all your hearts and you’d be breathless with desire to visit New Hampshire’s mighty forests.

Still, Prince Edward Island feels like the sort of place where you could sit on the ground in the shade of an apple tree and feel alive and appreciate the beautiful world around you.

Still, Anne of Green Gables is not the only reason I’d like to visit the island.

My family is actually French Canadian on my mother’s side, and from the little I’ve been able to glean from my ancestor’s lack of desire to preserve their history, my great-grandfather and several generations before him were raised on Prince Edward Island.  I wish I knew more.  I did an in-depth search on a free genealogy website when I was in high school and was able to trace my mother’s side back to 17th century England, but I have never been able to duplicate the results (without paying, and I’m cheap).

So with that, there is a part of me that feels connected to the island, and every time I read a new Anne book, the magical setting pulls at my heartstrings.

This week’s Book Blogger Hop asks:

Have you ever visited the location of a book you have read?


Short Answer:  Technically yes.  Loads of books take place in NYC, and I’ve been to Manhattan (close enough?)!  Plus The Cruicible in Salem.  Stephen King’s books take place around Maine, so I’m sure I”ve passed through somewhere – I know he mentions “walk-ins” in the White Mountain region, where I used to spend weeks in the summer as a kid. Jodi Picoult also takes place around New Hampshire and Vermont, and I’ve been all over both states.  Artemis Fowl is in Ireland (been there!) and A Darker Shade of Magic in London… I guess I’ve been a lot of places and haven’t really thought about it. ?


Have you been to Prince Edward Island?

Do you also love Anne of Green Gables?

Where is your family from?

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