My Ten Favorite Book Subjects (The Data Speaks!)

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Hi all!

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about the longest books you’ve ever read.  While this is a great topic, it’s very similar to The Mountain Book Tag which I did earlier this year, so rather than repeat content, I thought I’d bring you a different top ten… one of my very own.

This week, I want to talk about my top 10 book tags!  This isn’t in regard to Book Tags in the traditional sense… these are subject tags I use on my LibraryThing account.  For all the books I’ve read, I go through and tag them with the Goodreads genres and OCLC subjects.  Yeah, I like metadata.  It also helps me easily define my tastes and find, say, a good steampunk book fast.

For the purposes of this list, I am skipping past tags that are too similar (i.e. england and great britain… I only used one) and genres (fiction, fantasy).  Minor genres (slasher thriller) could still be considered.

So here goes!

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I love books with magic, which likely stems from my early love of series like Harry Potter and anything by Tamora Pierce.  Magic is easy to come by when you read a lot of fantasy, which I do!


Good & Evil

This is one of my favorite plot points.  So many famous books revolve around the battle between good and evil – The Lord of the Rings series… even the Bible itself.  It’s a timeless topic and one I still love, despite the fact it is used so often.



Overwhelmingly my favorite setting is England.  Most my historical fiction is based in England, and most my fantasy has a western European edge, so the traditional settings of things like Robin Hood or Tudor England are a constant in my library.



With the huge vampire explosion in YA lit after the success of Twilight, it’s little surprise that there are so many vampire books in my collection.  Some are better than others, but I have read a lot of vampire books….



Anyone topic that likely comes from my young love of Harry Potter, wizards are an inevitable addition to my personal library.  This ties in a bit with magic and a bit with witches… anyone who can defy the laws of nature is interesting to me. 🙂



You know, if I’m being completely honest, the orphans trope is more of a pet peeve than a love, and for this very reason… I own or have read something like 40 different books with orphans.  Why don’t kids have parents in books?  The writing world is getting a bit better about this, but for a while, it was all orphans all the time.


Time Travel

Yesss, time travel books are a real weakness for me.  I’m a historian and I love glimpses of the past and the speculation about life there – but I like it better in a science fiction setting than a historical fiction one.  I like historical fiction as well, but a lot of it is more serious than my personal tastes.



I suppose mythology could have been included as a genre all its own, but I wanted to throw it in as a subject I really enjoy… especially when it’s been done well to the mythos (as opposed to just name-dropping).  We have a beautiful cultural history and I love to see it woven into modern books!



This is a little different than wizards… most the witch stories I seek out are the creepy, spooky Halloween books.  I like the Salem vibes, I guess.  It’s good to get wrapped up in a story that pleasantly makes your skin prickle sometimes.


Brothers and Sisters

The last subject on my list is: brothers and sisters.  To be honest, I like any sibling story, but I guess I can see why “brothers and sisters” comes up more often than siblings in general.  I have a little brother of my own, after all….



What types of subjects do you find yourself reading over and over?

What tropes to you read a lot but hate?

Are there subjects you wish you read more of?

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17 responses to “My Ten Favorite Book Subjects (The Data Speaks!)

  1. I enjoy Philippa Gregory’s works. Hoping to complete my collection of series!

    Oh dear, I haven’t read a vampire book in so long! Paranormal isn’t my genre, I think. But if it’s religious mythology based I want to pick up the book immediately! Oh, this is the same with fairytale retellings as well!

    • Amber

      I pick away at Philippa Gregory’s books – it was so much easier before they were all lumped into one mega-series! Now I don’t know if I should continue with the Tudors or go back to the Plantagenets orrr…?

    • Amber

      When I decided to import my personal library into LibraryThing, I decided to go all the way! If I’m being honest, there are still a LOT of untagged books (I’ve taken to adding tags now as I read them… it’s the organizer in me) but I think that the stats on them are really interesting.

    • Amber

      Warning ahead of time – it’s a lot of work to tag books like this! XD I’m a sucker for metadata, so I got myself stuck into it, and now my type A brain needs them all tagged for consistency, haha.

  2. Oh my gosh orphans, right? There are so many orphans in fantasy and YA in general. And mythology, vampires, love those. I actually need more good vampire books, I think. Love good vs evil too, that never gets old.

    Time travel is a favorite. 🙂

    • Amber

      Yessss orphans. I don’t mind them, per se, but goodness gracious more kids have parents than I think writers realize sometimes. I agree with the emphasis on *good* vampire books. I have read a lot of bad ones…. :/

    • Amber

      I don’t think I could have done it on Goodreads – too many shelves! 🙂 I like to keep my Goodreads shelves a bit more tidy, to my personal tastes. I like LibraryThing for what it offers in stats and metadata that Goodreads doesn’t have, but I don’t particularly recommend managing two databases of your books, either. 🙂

  3. Gotta love Tudor England! I’ve made it my mission to read all of Philippa Gregory’s works (and Alison Weir). The Other Boleyn Girl was ridiculously good, I hear Constant Princess is good too (the preview was an amazing read).

    • Amber

      I haven’t read any of Alison Weir, but I have her on my list! The Constant Princess is my favorite of Philippa Gregory’s books, so I really hope you like it when you get there. 🙂