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Have you ever found yourself faced with explaining your love of books to a non-reader?

I feel like sometimes being a reader is like having this weird, underground hobby.  Most people don’t walk around talking about “OMG I just read this amazing book”.  It’s not like movies where people talk about what they saw last weekend, or people shouting out the current Sox score throughout the work day.  Reading is a private thing.

So… how do you turn the conversation to your passion?  Do you even try?

For myself, there are two ways to all about books (short of being in a place populated with them, like a library).

  1. Tell people you “read the book” when they start talking about the movie/television show.
  2. Ask someone who has a book or eReader in hand “What are you reading?”

There are slippery methods at best.

I cannot tell you how many times people have been discussing Game of Thrones and I get a massive unimpressed eyeroll when I try to join the conversation with “Oh yeah, in the book blahblahblah also! *smile*”.  Y’all, I don’t have the time to binge GoT.  But I guess saying “I read the book” comes off as pretentious?  Pfft.

Sorry y’all, this GIFs needed to go together.  🙂 This is one of my favorite scenes in Supernatural.  Raise your hand if you miss Charlie….

Anyways, in regards to the second method… my experiencing in asking people what they are reading often ends with people reading inspirational self-help books or dramatic non-fiction which is Definitely Not What I Read.  So when I say back, “Oh, that sounds great!” I feel like now I have to add this totally uninteresting book to my TBR when #donotwant.

Plus, see me slinking into shadows like, “Oh, you’re reading something Useful and Grown-Up.  I’m definitely not reading a YA fantasy about building imaginary worlds.”

Fortunately for me, there is the internet.

The wonderful thing about the online book community is that it’s very simple to find a group of people who enjoy the same types of books as you and are anxious to talk about them.

love Book Twitter.  And Bookstagram.  And the Blogosphere.


This week’s Book Blogger Hop asks:

You are suddenly transported into a future time in which (horrors!) books are unknown. How would explain books, and how wonderful they are, to the people of that time?


Short answer:  I refuse to believe a world like that will ever come to be.  Brb, going to cry in a corner.


Who do you talk about books with?

Do you prefer in-person discussions or online ones?

Have you ever received the “of course you read the book” eye roll?

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8 responses to “Hello, I Read Books

    • Amber


      People ask me for recs too, and it’s always the look over and “so probably not Simon Vs. because you look like a non-Fiction or Stephen King person”. 😛

  1. I’ve never received the “of-COURSE-you-read-the-book” eye roll, nor have I ever gotten defensive when talking about books to my non-book-loving friends. They don’t force their TV/movie/football/whatever talk on me, so I don’t really gab about books to them. I think it’s a mutual understanding.

    Sometimes I talk to family about recent reads, but the books are ones they suggested to me. They stick to their favorite genres, while I’m an eclectic reader, who is open to new things. And then of course, there is the internet…!

    • Amber

      Haha, you have good friends.

      I sit in a group of major sports fans at work, but sometimes one of them humors me and asks if I’ve read any good books or seen any good movies and we can chat about that for a bit. It’s just SO WEIRD being passionate about something that so few others seem interested in, and trying to be polite and not gush.

      The internet tho. <3

  2. I usually don’t have book conversations in person because of the eye roll. My sister used to get so mad at me when I would say ‘Yea that’s based off a book’ to a trailer or video for a movie/TV show. But I usually try to talk about books anytime I can online. Whether on my blog, Twitter, or Instagram. I just want to always talk about them.

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    • Amber

      Same! The eye roll problem is REAL… but the internet is such a good home to find your niche and people who are passionate about the same things as you. <3