Off The Grid Readathon 1.0 – How It Went

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Bonjour my loves!

I wanted to check in with you about the readathon I did this weekend!  I mentioned it in passing in last week’s Weekly Tea Time for the Soul, but in short:

Shanah (Bionic Book Worm) and Justine (I Should Read That) announced they’d be co-hosting a weekend readathon in October, January, April, and July.  The goal?  Stay off social media and read.  I was a huge fan of this idea, especially because I’ve been struggling with my new bookstagram.  One day last week, I spent an accumulative three hours on Instagram trying to post, promote, and insert myself into the community… and 5% of my followers still dropped in the last two days…?

Ughhhhhhhhhhh I needed a break.

While I won’t say I was amazing at this, I was off my phone a lot.  I’m one of those people who goes for her phone when she’s bored, so joining with others who were trying to disconnect was a good kick for me.  I set my Forest app for between 30 and 120 minutes (depending on my mood) and just… read.

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The Goals

  1. Limited social media use: Success-ish.  I logged about 10 hours in my Forest app, and that doesn’t include the time where I just kept reading even though my timer was up.  Could I have been offline more.  Absolutely.
  2. Read books:  Success.  I finished 3 books and DNF’d 2… and also started another one because SURPRISE thanks NetGalley.

I definitely could have spent even less time on social media and on blog posts and on errands, but adulting is what it is, and I worked Friday.  If I had Friday off I think I may have been able to read another book, which is sweet.  I rarely read a book in a day, so reading three books cover-to-cover three days in a row is big for me.

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The Books

Unlike most people, I didn’t have a TBR for this readathon.  I love that it didn’t require one – right up my alley.  I’m very strict about using my TBR Jars to pull hardcopy books at random, because I’m a mood reader and left to my own devices, I’ll keep hoarding new books but only reread old favorites.  When I finished a book, I pulled a new one.

That said, now that I know three books is achievable for me, I think I’ll pull those ahead of time in the future.


The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan / ★★★★ – This one was a really slow start for me.  The chapters are wicked short and it sort of played with my head.  It took almost until halfway through the book until I felt I was connecting to Leigh at all… but as soon as I got into it, I was taken aback by the beauty of the world and precisely how heartwrenching it was.

The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson / DNF – I got about 20 pages into this one and decided I didn’t really care for it.  Then I talked myself down and said I wasn’t being fair, that I barely started it.  At 60 pages, I wasn’t enjoying the aggressive characters or the attempted shock value any more, so I DNF’d it.

The Megarothke by Robert Ashcroft / DNF – Very similar to The Wolves of Winter; I started this one and it immediately rubbed me the wrong way.  This was a PageHabit box, and I took a chance on the horror box thinking Stephen King.  I’m not surprised that this wasn’t a good fit for me.

To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Cristoff / ★★ 1/2 – While there seems to be a lot of great reviews on Goodreads for this one, my experience across the blogs has been that the hype may have been a little blown out of proportion.  I didn’t care for this one, but it had a lot to do with my inability to connect with the characters and the shallowness of the worldbuilding.  There are a lot of people who love this as a retelling and a romance, so don’t discount it because I didn’t like it. 🙂

The Deepest Roots by Miranda Asebedo / ★★★★★ – I’d only intended to participate in the readathon through Saturday night, but I got so wrapped up in The Deepest Roots that I couldn’t put it down.  I had no expectations for this book (I don’t think any of my Goodreads friends have it on their TBR) but it was such a good magical realism story and there was a really strong female friendship… I loved it.

All these (non-DNF’d) books will be getting a more detailed review in the coming weeks.  They’re also all books out of my 2016 Debut TBR jar!

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Overall, I’d say that the readathon was a whopping success for me.  Not only did I read three books, but I identified two other to donate, meaning I made progress on five different books for my Great Bookcase Crusade and the 2018 Debut Authors Challenge.

In other words, because of the readathon… I did in a weekend what usually takes me 2-3 months.

I really liked this readathon, and since Justine and Shanah said they’d be hosting it again in a couple month… I’m all in.  And January is the perfect time to sit back in read where I live.  Maybe I’ll even plan ahead and make some cookies. 😉


How much time do you spend on social media?

What was the last book you read in a day?

Are you interested in joining in the next Off the Grid Readathon?

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5 responses to “Off The Grid Readathon 1.0 – How It Went

  1. So glad you gave it a shot! Adulting still gets in the way! The whole purpose was just to read a little more than normal and pay attention to how often you pick up your phone. So I would say mission accomplished!

  2. Oh what a great idea for a challenge – I do realize how much time I spend on social media that could easily be turned into reading time. It’s just… it’s so quick to get sucked into the whole thing and forget about the world then realize that it’s been a hour I’m scrolling. It’s terrible, really, haha.
    I am SO happy you ended up enjoying The Astonishing Color! I found it a bit slow at first, too, but I ended up really loving it. And The Deepest Roots! That one is on my TBR, it sounds SO good, I’m so, so happy to hear you enjoyed it so much – makes me even more impatient to get to it, hopefully soon! 😀

    • Amber

      The Deepest Roots is utterly wonderful, especially if you like magical realism. I haven’t seen any reviews on it in my corner of the blogosphere, so I am shamelessly promoting it. SOOOO GOOD. 🙂 🙂 🙂