Book Talk: Adults Should Have More Silly Fun

Observation: Adults Should Have More Silly Fun

Posted October 19, 2018 by Amber in Memes / 8 Comments


I miss the subtle nuances of Halloween that we got to enjoy as children.

This is not going to be a bookish post, even though it comes from a bookish prompt.  It’s also probably a therapist’s textbook example of a fixation on childhood and rebellion against established society and some crap like that… but I don’t care.  Yay!  Are you ready for a salty rant?

So, I understand that as an adult, I can go out and buy an entire bag of Kit-Kats and call it Halloween, but wasn’t trick-or-treating fun?  I miss dressing up and being silly.  It was fun, indulging in this for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party last month, as you’ll see soon when that post comes up.

Why is it that, as adults, we no longer condone things like Halloween?  At most, we decorate our lawns and have elaborate, drunken Halloween parties.  Yeah, forget that.  Give me a silly haunted house any day.  I think that as we try to take the things around us very seriously – our careers, relationships, and goals – we forget that it’s okay to have stupid fun.  How often do you see adults gong to amusement parks?

Almost never.  I think that in part, it’s because we get sick more (okay, I get sick more) than we did as kids, but why is a roller coaster considered a waste of our time?  Why is dressing up for Halloween wrong?

Give me one reason, one reason other than “that’s childish”.

Who decides these things?  I love putting together elaborate costumes and having fun and that would make me a pariah in most adult social circles.  Why?  Because “it’s childish”.  I’m not into that.  I’m not into drinking and sex and sports being “adult fun” and everything else being undignified.

We’re too afraid as adults to be portrayed as immature or distracted or silly.

Only recently have things like Comic Book Conventions and Renaissance Faires become slightly more acceptable.  But even now,it’s more encouraged to go if you have a child.  Because it’s “appropriate” for children to like these things.  And not adults.  Apparently.

I call nonsense.

It has been such a freeing experience to be able to go to Disney as an adult, and enjoy a multitude of things, and to have friends who have supported my choice to go to Disney as an adult. Isn’t that… sort of sad?

Then I suppose, at the other end of things, there are definitely those who would say that I wanted to go to what is portrayed as a children’s paradise is sad.  To those people, I would like to say that children hate Epcot?  Or at least I did as a child.  It’s very easy to seek acceptance from those who we respect and love, to seek approval.  And that often means conforming to things you don’t necessarily agree with – like the visage of a “dignified adult”.

Yep, I’m so over that.

If you want to dress up for Halloween, you have my full support.

This week’s Book Blogger Hop asked:

If you were to dress up as a literary figure {author or character} for Halloween, who would it be?


Short answer: I’ve dressed up as Luna Lovegood before, and Narcissa Malfoy.  I’d consider doing Lila Bard, but for Ren Faires, not Halloween.  And of course, there’s always Katniss.  I am nowhere near slim enough to be the half-starved Katniss, but she’s my favorite.  I’ve been meaning to be Katniss for years.


Do you do anything special for Halloween?

Do you ever feel judged for doing things you enjoy because others consider them “immature”?

What do you say to people who tell you you’re too old for things (i.e. reading YA)?

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8 responses to “Observation: Adults Should Have More Silly Fun

  1. I’m totally dressing up for Halloween at my office. You’re allowed to dress up but only a few people do it. It so happens that I’m dressing up as a book character (although she was more popularized by the Ghibli film, “Howl’s Moving Castle”), Sophie Hatter. It’s also the day of the chili cook-off here. I bought my dress nearly two months ago and have been excited over the days of Halloween parties to come ever since.

    • Amber

      It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen Howl’s Moving Castle – I had to looks up Sophie. XD What a great idea! I really hope people get it, it’s always more fun that way. 😉

      We can dress up in my office too, but NOBODY does. My previous management sorta found upon it, so I’d always do something period to subtly participate and not get in trouble. XD I have Halloween off this year, so I can dress like a pirate and chill in my living room if I want. XD

    • Amber

      Belle is such a good choice – I thought I’d see a bunch of her when we were down there, but there weren’t too many. 🙂 Alice, Jack and Sally, and Haunted Mansion getups seemed to be the favorite. 😀 Did you see any really good ones?

      The Luna costume was good in theory. XD I learned that I can’t really pull off a blonde wig! But my heart was in it, so I think Luna would approve. 😉

  2. You’re so right, Amber! Why should kids have all the fun on Halloween? I don’t even celebrate Halloween, and somehow I missed that opportunitiy to rebel against my Christian-Bible-thumping father to go out trick-or-treating with my friends when I was little. I think I’ve only done it when I was 17, maybe 18, and I was Alice Cullen from Twilight (don’t ask! lmao) But yeah, I think it’s easier for kids to get away with getting dressed up for things like this and adults not look at you funny. But when youre an adult or close to it, the innocence goes away. It’s sad… 🙁

    • Amber

      It is sad! I don’t begrudge the kids any of their fun XD but I do think our societal expectations for adults to be Serious all the time is a bit ridiculous, especially if you live in a place where you survival doesn’t rely on keeping your eye on he target constantly? Idk. It’s a constant frustration for me that I can’t have harmless, innocent fun without getting a dirty look. 😛