NaNo Announcement: A Star Danced

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Hello everyone!

Just a quick little afternoon post here to announce I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo this November!

I’ve been nagging a girl at work who has been struggling to work on her novel to try it out, and she decided she would.  Also, she’s jumped on the Dabble bandwagon and loves it, so YAY.  When I asked her if any writerly friends are also doing with her, she said she didn’t really have any 🙁 so I decided join in and I’m excited.  Her novel sounds amazing, by the way.  I’d definitely read it.  I have low key begged her to let me beta.  Maybe not so low key.

Smol plug: if you’re looking for a cloud based writing software, Dabble is excellent.  I’ve never lost any words with them, and there are already built in feature for your world building notes, plot cards, and character sheets.  PLUS they have a goal track which you can hook up right to the NaNo site and it’ll auto update your word count for you.  Um, so cool.  Offline support also exists, and it’s cross-platform.  All it needs is mobile support (in the pipeline) and there’s a FREE TRIAL for November.  Which you can take advantage of even if you’ve done the free trial before.

So, yeah, smol plug, like I said.  I love this software.  I don’t get paid to advertise it.

NaNoWriMo though!

This session’s novel is not a fantasy.  I haven’t finished my NaNo Novel for my last three sessions, and this drives me bonkers.  So I’m taking it down a smidge and I’ll be writing a contemporary.


This is the same girl who at the beginning of the year complained and groaned with the first TBR Jar book was Foolish Hearts because ughhhh contemporary.  But I’ve grown to enjoy the genre, with the right author.  And I like it when it’s not strictly YA Contemporary Romance.  Whittling down to he subgenre is important, as it turns out!

A Star Danced is about anxiety, about Shakespeare and theatre, and about toxic friendship.  I get my stories in a yet of pictures and ideas, and writing a summary that isn’t a play-by-play is difficult for me.  I’ll try, though:

Lora Kinney is afraid of being alone.  She’s also afraid of the future, of upsetting people, of getting a B, vampires, oblivion, and about seventeen thousand other things.  She tries not to think about it, because her mind is a black hole of endless possibility and worst-case scenarios.  To add to the turmoil in her own head, her merry band of misfits seems to be falling apart, and if she loses the few friends she has, she doesn’t know what she’ll do.  The future is white and impossible.

In a last ditch effort to renew their friendship, Lora follows her childhood best friend to auditions for the fall play.  She loves Shakespeare, and maybe Much Ado About Nothing will gives them some laughs and stories that will glue together the pieces of their broken friendship.  Lora must navigate a strange new world she’s only imagined to wriggle her way into Brittney’s life again.  But if she really thinks about it… is that where she wants to be?  Or should she sculpt herself an identity without Brittney?


Ugh I hate it.  I like the story in my head, though, so that’s exciting.

I also made a cover for it, because NaNoWriMo is way more fun with covers.  I’m utterly pleased with it, too.  This is the easiest cover I’ve ever made, because I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, and I’d seen the picture before.

The photograph in the background is by Lissy Elle, one of my favorite photographers.  I’ve been following her for almost ten years and OMG LOVE.  Everything she does is beautiful and meaningful.  I’m a huge fan of her Play Pretend series, which speaks right to my heart and creative bones.  You can see more of her photos on Flickr than on her website.

This particular image is “The Galaxy You Create When You Hate Your Own”.  And isn’t that just too appropriate?  Obviously, this image belongs to her.  My cover art work is for personal use and inspiration.  I 100% should not be using this photo in any way because it is copyright all rights reserved so I am going to scream at y’all to PLEASE go check out her work because I love it so much and maybe you will too.

The font on this is Stars From Our Eyes by Kimberly Geswein.

And Rachelle Moon has been my pen name since forever, just let me have this one, guys. XD  This cover plays on the story in so many levels – from the feeling of being one speck in a million, to the high school bulletin board aesthetic, to the fake cheeriness of the yellow to the fact there are actual stars.  I am so in love with it.

Well loves, that’s that then!  If you’re doing NaNo this session, let me know in the comments!  My username is morteana – feel free to buddy me!


Have you ever done NaNoWriMo?

What’s your favorite Shakespeare play?

Were you ever a theatre kid?

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4 responses to “NaNo Announcement: A Star Danced

  1. so this Lora Linney is still in school if she is worry about getting a B, right? I do like the focus on friendship.

    Rachelle Moon – good pen name. I like it.

    good luck with nano.

    have a lovely day.

    • Amber

      Hi Lissa! Yes, she’s a high schooler. It’s a YA novel so it felt appropriate to be set in high school. ? Thank you!