My Subscription Addiction: To All The Book Boxes I’ve Loved Before

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I’m an old fashioned girl, and I love getting mail.  Like – real mail, with an envelope and a stamp.  A normal day at my mailbox consists of the following:

  • An advertisement from our internet provider trying to get us to add a cable package.
  • The local newspaper.
  • Some sort of notification from our insurance company.
  • An ad or catalogue from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or Ulta.

None of these things are exciting.  You know what is exciting. Book Depository mail! :O Especially because their shipping takes soooooooo long, I usually forget that I ordered anything at all! XD

Even more exciting than that are subscription boxes.  Why?  There’s always a surprise inside!

I’m not one of those people that tries to guess what book I’m getting – I used to try, but I am usually wrong and it doesn’t work out for me.  Unless I’ve already read the book (totally called Ace of Shades as OwlCrate’s featured book earlier this year) . So I go with the flow and enjoy it!

My first ever subscription box wasn’t a book box, though.  It was Ipsy.

For those of you unfamiliar, Ipsy is a makeup subscription box.  If you knew me in person, this would confuse the heck out of you, because I almost never wear makeup.  And when I do, it’s dark red lipstick and mascara.  Nothing time consuming – I like to channel my inner Kat Dennings.

Thing is – this was the first I’d heard of subscription boxes, and I wanted in.  The idea of getting fun, interesting stuff every month by mail was awesome.  But I definitely had a few false starts.  After Ipsy, there was Escape Monthly.  I found Escape Monthly to be hugely underwhelming for its price, and they have since gone out of business.  That broke me on subscription boxes for a couple years.

When I started back up again, it was early 2017.

At the time, I was trying to refocus my life, diving into things like yoga and reiki.  I tried Awakening in a Box which I kept for a couple months.  It’s perfectly fine for what it is – I just lost interest.  I also tried a book box… which I subscribed to without really reading the description well.  It was Bookworm Box.

Here’s what I liked about Bookworm Box:

  • The books are curated and signed.
  • Profits go to charity.
  • The box is purple.

Here’s what I didn’t like:

  • They’re all romance novels.

So that was an instant mistake, and I passed the box forward to a friend who does like romance novels and she enjoyed it.  Still, that inspired me, so I tried four different book boxes in February, March, and April.

To make a long story short, I really liked OwlCrate and have gotten probably 19 of the last 24 boxes.  That month’s theme was “A Night at the Circus” and I was ALL about it.  It was also my first ever unboxing post.  It is not very impressive, but it exists!  Uppercase Box was a little too contemporary for me (that month was By Your Side by Katie West).  I wasn’t at all impressed with LitCube – there was damage to several items in the box (none of which interested me anyway), and I still haven’t read that month’s book Bellamy and the Brute.  I also wasn’t super excited about Fairyloot at the time (that month’s book was Hunted).  I think I was probably getting some Beauty and the Beast burnout, though.

Please note that while I have no inclinations to try Uppercase Box or LitCube again, I’ve gotten Fairyloot several more times and it has proven itself equal to OwlCrate.  I would advise these two first, if you’re looking for a book box – get whichever one is on your continent (or closest).

Since then, I picked up Shelflove, which was fine, but I was getting a lot of duplicates with OwlCrate.

I tried out Illumicrate, which is also very good – they have the best special edition stuff, in my opinion, so if they’re doing a special release box, get it.  I have gorgeous copies of Strange the Dreamer and Muse of Nightmares from Illumicrate, and their Language of Thorns box was killer.

I jumped on the bandwagon with Scribbler’s premier box and I love it.  They send very different books and a lot of tools for writers.  I love that it’s run by actual authors.

Finally, there’s PageHabit, which has been super hit or miss for me, so I’ve pretty much given up.  On one hand, you get annotated books (which is so cool).  On the other hand, I’ve only been interested in two books so far: Reign of the Fallen and Sky in the Deep.  I guess it depends on your taste:  they do boxes by genre so I’ve tried horror, science fiction, fantasy, and YA.  … And I just went to link to their website and it looks like they’ve gone out of business as well, so never mind that!

I used to do regular unboxings of all these things, but typing up the posts took a lot of time for very low engagement, so I stopped.  If you’re interested in some of the specifics for OwlCrate, Fairyloot, Scribbler, Illumicrate, or Shelflove, please check out my unboxing archives.


Today’s Book Blogger Hop question is:

Do you subscribe to any book subscription boxes?


In short:  I currently subscribe to OwlCrate and Scribbler for bookish boxes, and the Disney Parks Pin Pack. I love enamel pins! <3  And StitchFix.  Sometimes, I’ll snag a Fairyloot, which is an excellent box, just a little more expensive since I’m in the US.


What subscription boxes do you subscribe to?

What is your favorite item in a subscription box?

What book boxes do you love that I haven’t tried yet?

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15 responses to “My Subscription Addiction: To All The Book Boxes I’ve Loved Before

  1. I loved getting my Ipsy bag in the mail once a month! I usually loved the little bags almost more than anything I would find inside… XD And lord, do I wish I had Kat Dennings’ wit and sass. I love her.

    I tried Uppercase Box once and got the “Hunted” book, but that was at least a year and a half ago and I still haven’t read the book! I do love the idea of unboxing though. I may try it again soon, except I think I would try OwlCrate or Illumicrate!

    Thanks for sharing all these cool subscription options, and I love the look of you blog!

    • Amber

      I haven’t read my copy of Hunted from FairyLoot yet either! I still have it though… so someday!

      Thanks, I’m glad you like it! 😀 I would definitely recommend OwlCrate, and while I’ve only gotten one Illumicrate regular box, I was very impressed!

    • Amber

      Haha, yes, I’ve tried a lot of them! There are SO MANY more out there, too! I’m trying Fantastical Reads and Enchanted Book Box for the first time in November, so I still have a lot to go. And I keep thinking about Unicorn Crate….

    • Amber

      I would definitely shop around before buying and find one that is of interest to you. There are a lot of Romance and YA book boxes, but other genres are a bit more difficult to find.

  2. I used to do Lit Cube and it started out really well but then they started focusing on their other subscription service and I felt the quality of the book box dropped significantly! I am currently subscribed to OwlCrate and I absolutely love it!! I am so glad I switched!! (I don’t try to guess the book because I want to be surprised haha) Before LitCube and OwlCrate I got Marvel Collector Corps subscription which is run by funko and it was really cool, I liked it a lot, but I wanted a book box!

    Brittany recently posted: Friday Face Off: Spiders
    • Amber

      I still get emails from LitCube, and you’re right – they’re really all about the Stars Hollow box now. Since I never watched Gilmore Girls, that’s a hard pass for me. I think Stars Hollow was just starting when I tried LitCube, so that may have affected it!

      I completely forgot about the Funko boxes! I actually got Disney Treasures for a year, and my hubby gets Collectors Corp on and off. I like the Funko boxes, but I have soooo many Pops now, lol.

  3. I don’t subscribe to any book boxes, and I don’t think I ever would. Not that I’m particular about what I read; I would just rather spend my money on books I know I want and borrow the rest from the library. Plus, while all the extra goodies in the box are enticing…I don’t handle clutter very well.

    The only box I subscribe to is Sips by, which is a tea subscription box. Everything in the box is consumable, so I don’t have to worry about clutter! Plus, I just love tea. I don’t really need anymore of it though because I have a tea collection like book bloggers have book collections, but I think I’ll stay subscribed just a while longer.

    • Amber

      I think that’s perfectly fair. Looking at the swag and whether or not I even like it is a big piece of my steering off boxes. I’m always willing to try the books, but if the other stuff feels like an especial waste of money, I just want to cancel.

      One can never have too much tea! 😉

    • Amber

      Yeah, I kept trying it because I love the idea of annotated books… and reading the annotated version of Sky in the Deep was great! But I’m over it now, and I don’t think I’d resubscribe to PageHabit if they were still around.

    • Amber

      The really can be, which is why the “extras” need to be good to me, or I’m cancelling the box. After all, I can buy the book by itself for much less….