Turkey Coma: My November Wrap Up

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Here in New England, fall danced a little in October, teasing us with early smells of woodsmoke and pumpkin pie – then BAM!  We went straight into wintery cold.  As I’m typing this wrap up, it is a horrifying 0F outside, which is dastardly cold in my personal opinion.  Really, I will never be happy with the extremely in my neck of the woods.

But some positives wit cold weather come holidays, time spent with friends and family, and of course, the ideal climate to curl up with a good book and a mug of cocoa.


I went absolutely book mad in November.

Back in April, I purchased a handful of Barnes and Noble paperback classics and (as horrifying as that may be) I never opened the box.  My reasoning for this was simple:  I was replacing tattered copies for some of my classics and had no need to take them out.  Well I got tired of looking at the box.  I opened it, and remembered how my I adore this collection, and went on a little be of a spending spree.  And I apologize for nothing.

Also there was a smol sale at Book Depository, so The Dream Thieves needed to happen.



The Raven Boys / ★★★★★ – I mean, this book only took me a small eternity to get to?  I was expecting a cheesy teen romance that I would DNF based on the advertising, and I got a novel rich in mythology and treasure hunting with GHOSTS and MURDER.  This TORE my expectations away, which is saying something considering how hyped it is.

Crimson Bound / ★★★★ I didn’t really have any expectations for this book, but I really enjoyed the world building in it – in many ways, it felt akin to The Hazel Wood, which I really enjoyed.  Crimson Bound is another one with weird marketing?  It’s called a Red Riding Hood retelling, but it pulls aspects from so many fairytales and mythologies.

The Opal Deception / ★★★★ – This is really just shameless plugging.  I deeply enjoy The Opal Deception and the Artemis Fowl series as a whole and am failing trying to get people to read the series… especially before the film next year.  I’m a little worried that the film may be terrible and ruin it all.


Well, NaNoWriMo has gone extraordinarily well for me this session?  I’ve been writing regularly and A Star Danced has been going strong, with at least 1000 words every day.  As I type this up, I’m actually over 60k words.  I’ve had some difficulty with the direction of the story, but not nearly as much as during Camp NaNoWriMo in July.

Writing contemporary has been an interesting experience, and I find myself pulling people and locations a lot from my own childhood experience.  I’m going to have to severely edit these things in post, and already there are two characters I know I want to cut out.  But the story is taking shape.  It has a long way to go, but really, it’s doing better than I expected.  I don’t plan to validate the novel until the 30th, or when I write THE END.  Gonna squish every iota of motivation out of this beast.


Loves, I have NO posts queued up after this one.  Well, I have one – a book review for The Bear and the Nightingale which I finished too late to comfortably include in November.  This means December will likely be a light posting month.  I have some ideas in drafts to drop, but otherwise, my calendar is empty.  Yikes!

This month’s favorites were Marking Up Your Books:  Do, Or Do Not? and my review for The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater.  Like last month, I’m not really surprised to see that y’all were excited about The Raven Boys since it is a well-loved book in the YA community. 🙂  And I loved it, so double the reward!  When I wrote the Book Blogger Hop post, I had no idea it would be so popular!  Every week I participate in a Book Blogger Hop, I try to make a little discussion of the question.  While people talk a lot about dog-earing books, I actually haven’t read much about writing and post-its in books.  Head on over to that post and let me know what you do!

I also want to thank everyone for their patience when it comes to replying to comments.  I’ll utilizing the WordPress app more in the future to keep on comments on a daily basis.  <3 You guys are the best!  I know that looking at my stats, my views have halved in November.  I haven’t been putting out a lot of fresh content because I’ve been so focused on NaNoWriMo and #Bookstagram, so I appreciate y’all sticking with me!


November is Thanksgiving here in the US, which mean the latter half of my month has been FOOD FOOD FOOD.  We have Thanksgiving with my husband’s family day-of, and with my parents on a different Saturday in November.  I am so stuffed full of turkey and mashed potatoes and pie it’s not even funny.

Outside of Thanksgiving, my husband and I went to a Bruins game at the beginning of the month!  It always surprises people when I tell them I love hockey, like it’s the one part of my personality that doesn’t fit.  I don’t know player stats or a lot of the terminology, but I LOVE watching it.  It’s fast paced and intense.  I live close to Boston, but spending that much money on tickets when I’m a casual fan and my husband isn’t a fan was never a sensible idea.  My husband was offered inexpensive tickets by a co-worker, so he informed me it is my Christmas present, and it was a blast!

The Bruins won (YAY) and it was a really close game.  Also, my husband admitted that it’s probably the most fun sport to watch, so he’d go again… but not every year.  Considering the fact I waited about eighteen years to go the first one, I can be patient.



When I’m writing these wrap up posts, THIS SECTION always worries me.  Because I don’t always have fantastic, inspirational, exciting things to spout about!  For months like these, I sorta feel like…



So what’s coming is… um… a surprise?  We’ll both be surprised.  YAY SURPRISES.

But seriously, I have nothing planned.  End of the year wrap ups.  Maybe my SantaThing unboxing if it comes in time.  Other stuff I will write like mad once NaNoWriMo is over and I start working like crazy to catch up on my blog stuff.

You guys are the best.  You put up with so much from me.


How was your November?

What are your favorite and least favorite parts about family dinners?

Is there a childhood book you love and try to get everyone to read, no matter their age?

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9 responses to “Turkey Coma: My November Wrap Up

  1. Ohhhh Girls of Paper and Fire! I’ve been hearing SO MUCH about this book, I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. I hope you’ll love it 🙂
    I’m so happy to hear NaNo is going so well and writing contemporary, yay! I can’t wait to hear more about your WIP and wish you all the best of luck for your writing 🙂
    I hope you’ll have a lovely December! xx

  2. I’m completely in love with that edition of Girls of Paper and Fire! The normal version is really pretty too, but the rainbow just works SO WELL. And ooh, I really love The Song of Achilles, and I think you’re really going to like it!

    And I’m glad NaNo is going well for you, and that you finally got to go to a hockey game 🙂

    • Amber

      The Fairyloot cover is soooo pretty right? And I know it’s a little vain, but I sort of love how it doesn’t have the “James Patterson presents” at the top ruining the aesthetics. 😂

  3. I STIL LNEED TO READ THE RAVEN BOYS -_-‘ Congrats on doing so well with NaNoWriMo! Being able to finish is a feat in itself! I wanted to (finally) attempt it this year, but I just had too much on my plate. Hockey always sounds like such a fun sport to go watch in person. I really need to go watch a Blue Jackets game.

    I don’t really think I have a least favorite part about family dinners? Except maybe having to wear pants? I guess that sucks. I never have to host, or cook anything too elaborate, so YAY! Just yummy food in my tummy. 😀

    • Amber

      Ooooh yay it’s so good family dinners are lovely and drama-free for you!!! Booooo to pants lol.

      I know it’s already soooooo hyped but I hope you love The Raven Boys when you get there!!! 💜💕💜

  4. I kinda cried a little bit when I saw the Artemis Fowl trailer… I really hope they don’t RUIN IT!!!!!! But your AF posts really make me wanna reread the whole series as well! <3