10 Warm and Cozy Winter Reading Recommendations

10 Warm & Cozy Winter Reading Tips

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Here in New England, the chills of winter are already upon us.  We enjoyed Thanksgiving at a crisp 17-degrees Fahrenheit, and I am hoping that isn’t an omen of an even colder winter to come.  On frozen days like these, it is an easy choice to curl up with a book and disappear somewhere more exotic than the white snowy wasteland outside my window.

For me, reading comfortably is all about atmosphere and the quality of the book I’m reading.  I can’t read if my husband is watching TV right next to me, for example.  For the coziest, comfiest, happiest reading time possible, there are a few different things I like to do when I want to cuddle up with a book.

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Grab a hot beverage!

Whether you are a tea drinker or a coffee drinker, grab something that warms you all the way through and tastes delicious.  For myself, I really like a rich hot cocoa, with floating marshmallows or a bit of whipped cream on top.  Topping it with a bit of cinnamon or nutmeg makes it even a little bit better.

Light a mood-setting candle.

This is a personal choice, but I just loved candles?  I like to have one lit whether I’m reading, cooking, watching television, whatever.  Cinnamon candles are my favorite, but there are all sorts of other aromas that are good.  Now since I’ve discovered the world of bookish candles, I have SO SO many – someday I’ll make a post all about the different candle makers I’ve tried.  But in the meanwhile, don’t you agree that a lit candle just makes the whole room feel more cozy?

Reading in Bed

It’s a special sort of treat to get into your pajamas and curl up with cozy pillows and snuggle under the covers and disappear into a whole different world far away.  Whether it’s first thing in the morning or the last thing before going to sleep at night… or even sneaking in for a nap mid-day on a Saturday… isn’t it nice to read in bed?

Cuddle with a pet

Now, I know that not everyone has a pet, so this may not apply, but I have two cats and they’re both soft and sweet and cuddling with them is the most precious thing.  They’re cozy and sweet and purr forever.  I 10/10 recommend pet cuddles while reading, especially in the cold of winter.  All that besides, it’s good for the soul.

Find a Cozy Blanket

Do you have a favorite blanket?  Curling up under a cozy blanket is one of the best things in the world on a chilly winter afternoon.  They’re good to have even when you’re not ready.  I personally recommend a nice fleece blanket.

Read Summery Books

When it’s cold outside, sometimes I like to read a book about somewhere warm, or something set in the summer time.  Reading about deserts or beaches lets your imagination do the work of making you feel like you’re somewhere warm and comfortable and lovely.

Read Heartwarming Books

Even if the setting in the book is a chilly winter afternoon, light, fluffy books that warm the heart are always  good for a cozy read.  I think that’s why Hallmark Christmas movies are so popular.  They’re sweet and heartwarming and genuinely lovely.  While I’m not a huge fan of a lot of these fluffy reads myself, I can definitely understand the appeal.

Revisit Old Favorites

This is a good steady piece of advice for just about any list of reading tips.  Stuck in a slump?  Revisit an old favorite.  Looking to beat away the wintertime blues? Go reread an old favorite book.  I am perpetually guilty of this.  I love to dive in a familiar world with character who are old friends.  Nothing feels so comfortable as journeying back to  favorite place.

Fingerless Gloves

This one is a bit more literal.  I have a pair of writing gloves from Storiarts that I ADORE for days when I’m in an environment that’s a little bit chillier than I prefer.  This is huge for me at work – on colder days, my department is so chilly, so whether I’m typing or reading on my lunch break, fingerless gloves are awesome.  They’re warm, but they also leave your fingers free for important things like turning pages.

Fuzzy Socks

Okay, so on one hand there are socks.  Then there are fun socks.  But then?  There are fuzzy warm winter socks.  I LOVE fuzzy socks.  I’m not a slipper person, so fuzzy socks are the literal best.  They also keep your feet soooo warm and keeping your feet warm will help keep your entire body warm.  Talk about cozy.

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At any given time throughout the winter, you’ll find me reading and using at least one of these tips of tricks.  While I like looking at a fresh snowfall, I’ve never been a fan of winter and especially not when I have to go outside for extended periods.  Brrr!  Isn’t it nice to have a book to come back to after days like that?

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday asks for a list on:

Cozy/Wintry Reads


I decided to skirt around the topic a little.  I think that this week will be filled with heartwarming Christmas books and holiday reads.  Since I don’t read many of those types of books (just not my cup of tea), I thought I’d go a different direction with this week’s prompt.


What do you like to do when you curl up to read?

What is your favorite wintertime read?

Do you have a favorite place to read?

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20 responses to “10 Warm & Cozy Winter Reading Tips

  1. A soft blanket and fuzzy socks are definitely on my list for comfortable reading! I like to read in bed as well and luckily, I can still read while my husband watches t.v./movies next to me. I can read through anything 🙂

    Happy TTT!

    • Amber

      I’m so jealous! If I’m reading and my husband is watching something, I get totally distracted by the TV! ? Happy TTT to you as well!

  2. Great spin on this week’s topic! I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t like tea or coffee and I have to be in the mood for hot chocolate but YES to so many of these. I love curling up with a hot chocolate and a blanket and fuzzy socks (my feet are ALWAYS cold) and escaping somewhere else. I haven’t been reading in bed a lot this year but I did it for the first time in ages last night and it was so nice, I need to do it more!

    • Amber

      Reading in bed is one of those things I always forget about until I decide to do it one night to wind down – and it’s awesome! It’s definitely something I need to do more of as well!

    • Amber

      Candles have a way of making everything feel homier – I’m a bit of a candle addict! ? What are you favorite snells that make everything extra cozy?

  3. This is full of so many yeses. I love it. I feel like, in the winter especially, I am cuddling with my dogs 98% of the time I’m home and/or reading. So I’m totally here for this. And warm beverages are an absolute must. And old favourites! (I literally do mean YES to every list/step you posted because, uh, ah, er, YES.)

  4. These are all great tips! I especially like a hot beverage and bookish candles- something about a good scent just enhances the experience. And of course pets too, they’re good at warming one up when they lay on you haha! Great list.

    • Amber

      Bookish candles are really great. Every time I take a break from reading to rest my eyes for a sec, I inhale deeply and suddenly I’m in Cabeswater or Hobbiton. ? Amazing for atmosphere!!!

  5. Great list <3 I have two different pairs of fingerless gloves that I got in book boxes and I love them! I like reading heartwarming books, but not summer books when trying to get cozy. Summer isn't cozy to me haha. I also love reading with the fireplace on! Which I guess is kind of like a giant candle without the scent and with more warmth!

    Brittany recently posted: Friday Face Off: Hero
    • Amber

      Ooooh a fireplace is a great choice for keeping cozy! I don’t have one since I’m in an apartment, but I agree that it would be super comfy and cozy!

  6. Nice blog post! I like all the suggestions/tips you have given for reading at winter time, however I have to have light. Lighting candles alone will affect your eyesight if that’s the only means by which you would read.

    • Amber

      Oh yes, I 100% agree with you on that. For myself, the candles are largely aesthetic, and the aromas are lovely, but it would be a strain on your eyes to read like that all the time.