What is Your “Blogging Zone”?

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As a blogger, I think it’s very important to find yourself in the right atmosphere.  I mean, sure.  We can jump right in and write words anywhere, but realistically?  It’s a lot easy to snap into that familiar flow if you’re in your working zone.  As someone who works from home once a week, I’ve read a few different articles about the necessity of maintaining a workspace separate from your living space, and I think that’s vital when you blog as well.  There’s certain sights, smells, and sounds that we associate with certain activities, and as such it’s important to create a dedicated workspace.

Now, I don’t think this necessarily means that you need an office or loft or converted garage for these activities.  My husband works from home four days a week, so we actually do have an office space… but I don’t blog there.  I do work in there on my day at home, but let me tell you, I cannot blog in that seat.  I get restless and distracted.  It’s as though sitting in that old office chair that my cats have destroyed is sapping all the fun out of blogging.

When I blog, I do it mostly on my laptop, on my couch.

You may be thinking to yourself: “Girl.  How is blogging on your couch separating your blogging space from your living space?”

That would be a very astute observation.

For me, blogging is a recreational activity.  While the office space makes me anxious, the bedroom is for sleeping, the kitchen is poorly lit and a perpetual mess… the couch is just the way to go.  It’s not so much my blogging space as it is my “Place Where I Sit When I Am Doing Recreational Things With Words”.  I read there.  I write there.  I blog there.  There’s natural light pouring into the living room from the sliding glass doors.  Natural light is hugely important for my productivity – I get both antsy and I get headaches from a lot of artificial light.

These are really the two things I require atmospherically – my comfy spot, and natural light.  Other things fall into the mix that can be nice, including:

  • Tea.
  • Lady Elizabeth curled up on the couch beside me.
  • Background noise of my choosing (I cannot get anything done while Matt’s playing video games).
  • A lit candle.

The only other thing I absolutely require is morning.  As the day goes on, my energy seeps out of me like a melting popsicle and I become steadily more useless until my whole existence is playing round after round of Bejeweled Blitz.  By 5:00pm, I am the least energetic, least glamorous person I know.  If we’re at someone’s house, I want to go home by 5:00pm.  I do my best work in the morning.

Give me all of these things and especially take my phone away, and I will bust through three posts before I break for lunch.  I will be a creative machine.

I think that the atmosphere for not just blogging, but generally Getting Stuff Done, differs from person to person – so I want to hear from you!  What is your perfect productivity atmosphere?


Today’s Book Blogger Hop asks:

Do you listen to music while you are writing your blog posts? If so, what genre of music do you listen to?


Short Answer:  Yes, sometimes.  It depends on what type of post I’m writing, but there’s generally background noise of some sort, whether that’s my music library on shuffle, my latest audiobook, or a movie playing in the background.  This is not always conducive to productivity, especially the movies.


Do you work better with or without music?

Bloggers – how do you prefer to blog?

Do you like to have food or a beverage while working?

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2 responses to “What is Your “Blogging Zone”?

  1. I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot lately! I work from home quite a bit too but unfortunately do not have a separate office, so I have to work at my desk in my bedroom which can be stressful associating my personal space with work. Therefore I like to blog on my couch because if I sit at my desk to blog it feels much more like “work” (even if I’m much more productive at my desk with my dual monitors!)

    • Amber

      Same – the dual monitors make it easier, but being in my workspace while tryingto do something fun just saps all the fun out of it! At our first shared apartment, my husband and I wold WFH on different days at a desk in the bedroom until we just couldn’t do it anymore – at the next apartment we moved the workspace to the living room, then finally to the second bedroom. I actually don’t mind having my workspace in the living room, but my husband is such a slob, I can’t deal with his messy desk. XD At least in the bedroom it’s out of sight, out of mind!