The Hiatus Bug

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I am the queen of hiatuses.  I eat hiatuses for breakfast.  I invented the hiatus.  All bow before me!

(Don’t worry, I’m not taking one.  This is just a post about taking hiatuses.)

I have taken so many hiatuses that this blog actually has posts dating back to 2009, if you’re diligent enough to go digging.  There’s a reason why I’m The Literary PhoenixThis blog has been reborn again, and again, and again.

Fun fact – 2018 was the first year I didn’t take a hiatus.  Not a proper one, anyway.  I don’t think vacations really count, do you?  Vacation is vacation.  Hiatus is “I have to focus on things in my life which are NOT this blog”.  I’ve been working really diligently for the last year and a half to commit to this blog and take good care of it, and I think I’ve been doing an okay job?

But the thing is… for me… I love blogging?  I can talk about books forever. FOREVER.  Books and writing and things related to books and things related to writing.  This is my escape.  It always has been the place where I go to talk about the things I love, when I wasn’t surrounded by folks with similar passions.

That’s not the case for everyone though.  And not every operates like me.  For me, writing is a release.  For others, it’s a chore.  That’s why it’s so important to know yourself.

Daily blogging isn’t for everyone.  I started this blog back in college, and there was way I could commit to it the way I do now.  Back in college, I had not only a full course load, but I was working in retail 30-40 hours a week, plus an internship two nights a week, a needy boyfriend and I was a commuter. OH.  And I did community theatre on the side for fun.  It’s a wonder there are any posts at all from that time.  Hiatus was my best friend, because a blog was too much.

And sometimes, that’s just it.  A blog is too much.  It’s the cherry on top of the responsibility disaster.  Working moms and dads?  I have no idea how you manage to blog.  Just the idea of raising a child ON TOP of working a full day exhausts me.  You guys are superstars.

In fact, everyone’s life is different.  Blogging hiatuses are a super necessary part of that equation.  Unless your blog is your primary source of income, it’s just a thing we do on the side.  The work-to-perks ratio is pretty small, so when the community gets you down or when life is crazy… there may be no reward in blogging.  That’s when it’s time for a hiatus.  When it stops being rewarding.

Then you need to reevaluate why you started in the first place, and whether it’s worth continuing.  A lot of blogs disappear because the enjoyment is gone, and the blogger’s need for that platform is gone.  And that’s okay.  I’d even say it’s good.  Why waste energy on something you don’t have to do and don’t love?  There are so many other things of interest in this world!

If you need a hiatus – go.  Go and be guilt free. <3 Run into the misty mountains and disappear along the path chosen for you.  I won’t stop you.  I’ll even cheer you on!


This week’s Book Blogger Hop asks:

Have you ever thought about taking a break from blogging/Booktubing (if you’re a Booktuber)? If you have, how long was the break and what did you learn from it?


Short answer:  Basically my hiatuses have been me withdrawing like a turtle in its shell from EVERYTHING and playing a lot of Diablo or sleeping a lot or generally Not Doing Anything.  So they haven’t been about the blog – they’ve been about life.  And all I’ve learned is that I don’t tend to commit to things unless I have to so I make myself?  Deep, right?


Have you ever taken a hiatus?

Do you stop following blogs when they take long hiatuses?

How often do you step back and re-evaluate your reason for blogging?

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