A Love Letter to Overdrive

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Dear Overdrive,

I’ve been meaning to write you this letter for a while.  Surely your magnificence deserves more than my paltry words, for my tongue grows fat and useless when I must sing of your charm-

Okay.  So I’m not Shakespeare.  I surrender!

Seriously, though, lets talk about Overdrive!

Overdrive is an online resource that allows you to access digital content – ebooks and audiobooks – using your library card.  Yes, mes chers, now you TOO can go to the library without ever leaving your house!  Not all libraries participate in Overdrive, so it’s good to check out your library’s website, or just ask your favorite librarian.

I should note – as far as I can tell, Overdrive only connects to US libraries... which is a major bummer for international folks.  If this is of any interest to anyone, I actually found a site that talks about how to get a US library card if you’re a non-resident.  It’s not free… but if you find yourself buying a lot of books a year and would like borrowing access instead, this could be interesting (international stuff is all the way at the bottom).

Overdrive has been a huge game changer for me for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I’m really trying to whittle down the number of hardcopy books I own, because they take up a lot of space that I don’t have.  Being able to borrow books instead of buy them has been HUGE for me.

But you may be thinking – Amber, why not just go to the library.  Loves, two reasons.

Not all libraries are created equal.  The library in my town is actually decent as far as libraries go, but there’s a definite focus on non-fiction and adult literature.  The public school library has a fantastic fiction room – goodness knows, that’s where I spent a lot of time in high school – but those books simply aren’t available to me as an adult.  One of the problems of reading YA.  Don’t get me wrong – I like adult lit and non-fiction just fine, but it’s not YA.

Second reason!  My library has fairly generous hours, but with my commute, I am in town for none of them. Well, except for June through September, when the library is open for four hours on Saturday.  Still, with as much as I have to do on the weekends, it’s tough getting out there.  Being able to borrow books on my own time is incredible.

Once you get to Overdrive, it’s pretty simple.  You have a couple options – the Overdrive app or the Libby app.  I recently switched over to Libby, and I find it a bit more streamlined.  If you’re borrowing eBooks, you do have the option to transfer them over to your eReader, which is nice.  For audiobooks, I just listen to them in the app.  Both apps have sleep timers (YAY!) and Libby actually tells you what percent you’re at (handy for Goodreads updates).  Your borrowing time and the number of books you can have out at once varies depending on your library.  My library offers 3 books and up to 14 days borrowing time, which is plenty enough for me.  You can also listen to audiobooks through the website, I believe?  My husband does this, but I’ve never tried it.

As I said above, Overdrive has completely changed my reading game.  For as much as I love books, I struggle to find time to sit down and read a hardcopy books – in the last five years, hardcopy has been delegated to weekends (if I have time), before bed (if I’m not too exhausted), and on my lunch break (when I remember to take it).  Overdrive has allowed me to read stories in all the moments where I need my hands and eyes somewhere else, but my mind can wander.


Today’s Book Blogger Hop asks:

Do you buy all your books? If yes, do you keep it all? If no, where do you source them?


Short answer: No.  There was a time where I was buying everything I wanted to read, but even then it was second hand.  Since I’ve discovered Overdrive, though, it’s been amazing.  Now I only buy the ones I love… or the ones I can’t see to find anywhere else.  Even then, though, most things are second-hand.


How do you acquire your books?

Do you prefer a hardcopy collection or a digital collection?

Do you ever purge your books?

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2 responses to “A Love Letter to Overdrive

    • Amber

      Awesome! I hope it works out for you – it’s really nice to be able to borrow that way. I’m not a huge eBook person (as I said in the post I think, I use it mostly for audiobooks) but I really appreciate the option to borrow digital in anyway. Also I finally just saw the Crazy Rich Asians movie – I’d be curious to hear how it stands up to the book!