I Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to Spend More Time in These Books

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As a reader, it’s easy to be left wanting MORE.  There are some worlds that are so broad and exciting, it’s easy to dive in and lose ourselves in companion novels and sequels and prequels.  I’m thinking of Tamora Pierce’s Tortall universe, or of Tolkien’s Middle Earth in particular, but you can even go beyond books and talk about Star Wars or Marvel.  These worlds are vast and delicious and have enough content that if you need more of their creator’s imagination, it’s easy to find.

Then, there are standalones.

I actually have no problem with standalone novels, but every once in a while, I come across some that I’m not ready to finish.  Whether I’ve fallen in love with the characters, or the world building is fascinating… or I just feel like there’s more story to be had, it’s difficult to say goodbye to some books.

For today’s Top Ten Tuesday, I’m highlighting a few books that I really liked, and I wish had more material.


Books with Incredible Worlds and I Feel Like There’s More Story to be Told



Books With Great Characters I’m Down to Spend More Time With


Books I Actually Wish had Prequels



Today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt was:

Standalone Books That Need a Sequel


There’s a lot of books that aren’t standalone where I’d like to know what happens to the characters and where they go next!  I guess that’s what fan fiction is for? 🙂


Which stories would you like to see continued?  Sometimes, it’s so hard to say goodbye!  Let me know in the comments!

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14 responses to “I Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to Spend More Time in These Books

    • Amber

      Standalones can be nice because with series, it’s like you’re ALWAYS in the middle and it’s easy to lose focus or forget everything between books… which means folks are constantly rereading the first 1, 2, 3, etc. books. Did you have any characters in mind for a sequel/prequel/companion novel for A Princess Bride? I’m curious to hear what other people were thinking with that one!

    • Amber

      I don’t think Amanda’s planning to write anything else there, which is sad for us, but I get it – I’m sure she has a lot of other ideas. I just felt like that one had a really cool world and ended with so much potential!

    • Amber

      I’d love to see a sequel with Watney taking on a protege or something… Especially if there was a similar voice. It was truly an awesome book.

    • Amber

      Oh, I hope you like the ones you have sitting on your TBR. This was a bit of an assortment from my usual collection of TTT books this week – I realized, I don’t seem to read very many standalones!

    • Amber

      !!! That’s a really good idea. I was thinking about Inigo, myself, but now that you mention it, I’d be down for a prequel about ANY of those characters, except Buttercup (and maybe Humperdinck. Undecided).

    • Amber

      It feels so rare that there’s a refreshing, well-written, not cheesy dystopia that Station Eleven was just… awesome. And there’s so many different things that could be a sequel. Or prequel, or companion novel! I hope you enjoy it when you get there – it was one of my favorites last fall.

  1. As someone who’s building my own world for a novel that I’m writing, I bet that most of these authors have such vibrant universes in their heads that it’s a shame we don’t get to read more about them. Although I haven’t read any of these books, I did read Ace of Shades and got approved for an ARC of King of Fools, so at least we get to see more of that world.

    Brooke Lorren recently posted: Books I Have to Read More of NOW!
    • Amber

      I think you hit the nail on the head – a lot of these novels ESPECIALLY in fantasy – you know there’s more going on behind the scenes. You’ve got the rare person, like Tolkien, who writs appendices and companion novels galore, but for the most part, the reader is left wanting. I hope you enjoy King of Fools – I just finished it last week and I think fans of Ace are going to enjoy it. 🙂