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Last August, I highlighted five of my favorite book bloggers.  At the time, I picked five because I wanted to keep the post at a reasonable length.  But honestly?  There’s no WAY I could only pick five!  I’ve had this follow up post sitting in the trenches for a while, and I think it’s time to pull it out.

Here’s another five of my favorite book bloggers who, yes, you absolutely must follow.



Perspective of a Writer

Dani is one of those people I follow on multiple platforms, and she absolutely does NOT disappoint.  First of all, aesthetically this blog is gorgeous.  Dani embraced bright colors in her design, which basically makes her taste infallible in my eyes.  Outside of reading, she also talks about K-drama… which is not my thing, but I know a lot of other people love it, so +10pts. for variety.

Some recent-ish posts to check out:

Why 3-Star Reviews are the MOST Agonizing to Write! // Dani laments about the awkwardness of three star reviews – the books you can’t be salty about because you didn’t hate them THAT much… but also… not a lot of squee-worthy stuff going on.  Definitely something all we book bloggers can relate to.

Why are Most Books with Dragons… Middle Grade?! // Dragons aside, I COMPLETELY understand the perspective of only getting Cool Mythical Beasts in a certain reading level.  And she’s right – with the exception of fluttery romances like Talon and Firelight… and the Inheritance Cycle… there’s a lot of MG going on.

Does Your Book Collection Spark Joy? // Dani weighs in on the Marie Kondo book controversy that swept the book community and brought at lot of attacks her way.  She also shares her own experience of cleaning out books.



The Writing Hufflepuff

Michelle seems like a book blogger first, but I’m always interested when I pop by her blog to see all the other things she’s talking about.  She doesn’t post as frequently as she used to, so every update is a treat.  Michelle is so insightful and the quality of her posts are always fantastic.  And I’m so impressed that she’s running this blog through college because !!! college is a lot of work.

Some recent-ish posts to check out:

Five Webtoons To Read This Valentine’s Day // I love that Michelle branches out and talks about all different mediums.  Webtoons are fantastic, and easy for people to access no matter where they live.  If you’re looking to while away an afternoon with some romance-centric webtoons, this post is for you.

Has Contemporary Beaten Fantasy as My Favorite Genre? // Here, Michelle lays down her reasons for her changing tastes in books and some difficulties she’s faced in the last few years trying to read new books in her (old) favorite genre.

Sadie – Heartbreaking, Intense, But So So Important // There were a lot of reviews for Sadie last year, but Michelle’s is one of my favorites.  She’s concise, addresses every aspect of the book, and sorta jus makes me want to jump up and grab it off my shelf?  If you’ve been on the fence about this one, check out her review.



Dusting the Soul

Anstice, or Tizzy for short, blogs over at Dusting the Soul.  I’m not even entirely sure how she and I ran across one another, as we seem to inhabit very different niches in this corner of the blogging world.  She’s writing an Alice in Wonderland retelling, which mean I obviously already love her, and she’s just the nicest lady.  I definitely recommend her blog.

Some recent-ish posts to check out:

Masquerade:  Oddly Suited Cover Reveal & Tour Sign-Up // Well, I mean, first of all it’s pretty excellent that Tizzy’s contributing to a YA Romance anthology.  Her particular story is about a shape-shifting siren, and while I don’t typically read anthologies… I think I’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

Creativity in Life // As part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group challenge, Tizzy talks about how being a writer has influenced her creativity in the rest of her life.

#ThursdayAesthetic (4):  Author Life // She hasn’t done one of these in a little while, but the old ones are really worth checking out.  In this Thursday Aesthetic, she talks about the different things that inspire her, and it’s super fun.



Avalinah’s Books

Evelina is probably the best organized, most informative person I’ve seen in a book blogging role.  She reads very different books from me (she prefers not to read YA, so our overlap is small) but she posts on general fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi… and has created three different blogged groups.  She also runs a New Bloggers 101 which is good not JUST for the newbies, but also for everyone else out there needing a refresher on some topics.

Some recent-ish posts to check out:

Have You Ever Wondered Why You Read Books? // Evelina talks about how people’s reasons for reading evolve and change and how she doesn’t even remember a time when she wasn’t reading.

Are We Being A Little Too Organized As Bloggers? //  For me, this one hits pretty close to home.  This is actually a guest post (Evelina has the best gust posts) but she’s interviewing Little Red Reviewer, who is NOT an organized blogger at ALL… and it still works for her!

Bloggers Who Made My 2018 Awesome // This is the most genuine, sweetest thank you note I’ve ever read. It gives you an amazing view of who Evelina’s is and all the work and people that go into her blog and projects.




Okay, well, first… Austine is such a lovely person.  I love her genuine voice and her responsibility to her readers and fans.  I do miss her dragon-questy old layout BUT the new one is PURPLE and gorgeous.  A lot of what you’ll find on this blog are reviews, but when she puts out a post, it’s fantastic.  She’s actually the one who inspired my audiobook post at the beginning of the month, because she made a complete 360.  Love this lady.  OH.  And she does the Beat the Backlist challenge, which is awesome if you’re not familiar.

Some recent-ish posts to check out:

Author Interview with Sarah Glenn Marsh // I loved Reign of the Fallen so this was an insta-click for me and I have NO regrets.  Not only is this a great interview, but Austine drums up some unique questions.  Also I love that Sarah plugs greyhounds at the end. 🙂 If you follow her Instagram, it’s 90% fur babies.

Re-Read Review | The Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer //  Honestly, I’m just really happy that someone else out there in the Book Verse has read Artemis Fowl and is blogging about it.  Even if she has a completely different opinion of The Opal Deception than I do.

7 Favorite Re-Tellings Through the Years //  YES.  I am always down for retellings, so posts like this are great.  But here’s something about Austine that I don’t always find in other bloggers in the YA niche – these books are not all SUPER POPULAR.  Cinder made the list, but so did books like Wicked who I’m pretty sure most people just think is a musical these days, and Abandon which is a surprisingly GOOD Persephone retelling I’ve never ever heard other bloggers talk about before this moment.


Who are your favorite bloggers?  Do you follow any of these lovely people?  Tell me your favorites in the comments!

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11 responses to “Another Five of My Favorite Book Bloggers

  1. Aww, thanks for featuring me and for your kind words, Amber! I feel honoured. I highly recommend the other bloggers you listed as well. The Writing Hufflepuff was new to me but I’ve just started following.

    Coincidentally, I have given you a little shout out in an interview I did for Operation Awesome ( It should go live on 27th March.

    • Amber

      I love Tizzy! I hope you enjoy her blog! 🙂

      I want to try and make an effort to do more spotlight posts, tbh. There are a lot of lovely blogs out there of all shapes and sizes and I feel shout out posts – from weekly wrap ups to full out shoutout posts – bring us all together! 🙂

  2. Oh goodness, thank you so much for the feature! ❤❤❤ You’re so sweet! This post is fantastic because I’m finding more new bloggers to check out so thank you as well for putting it together!

    (And if it makes you feel any better, my thoughts on the Artemis Fowl books are a tad different than they used to be my first read through so good chance we once agreed on The Opal Deception 😉)

    Happy Reading!

    • Amber

      You’re welcome! 🙂

      I just went and flipped through all your reviews, and I’m seeing a steady 3-star average. I had to see what you thought of the last of them. I *do* think they’re better suited for middle grade readers than adults diving in for the first time, but I’m definitely guilty of the nostalgia factor! 😀

      • I totally agree! I originally read them back in like 4th grade and the few years after, and I absolutely adored them then. Re-reading them for the movie campaign now, after years of reviewing and becoming increasingly more critical of WHAT I’m reading, it’s definitely made it a less enjoyable experience than before. So despite a more middling average rating now, I can’t help but recommend them to the readers they were intended for!

    • Amber

      You’re so very welcome! <3 I hope you had a lovely hiatus! I have been enjoying your content for a couple years now - about time I showed a little love. 🙂 <3. Thanks for everything you do for the community, Evelina!