Off-The-Grid Readathon III Review

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Good morning everyone!

As some of you may know, a couple weeks ago I participated in the Off-The-Grid Readathon!  This is my favorite readathon.  It happens every three months and it all about shutting off social media and really focusing on reading.  On a normal weekend, I am 100% into this readathon, because it’s like self-care to shut off the world and jump into a book.

My goal for this season’s readathon was to make progress in these four books:


For starters…

I ended up finishing These Broken Stars before the readathon?  I had started it earlier in the week and really enjoyed it, so that one didn’t even end up as part of the readathon!  … Oops.

Here’s the progress I actually made:


Friday 4/12

Friday was easily my most productive day.  I finished reading Solving for M and The Reluctant Assassin, which was the audiobook I started right after These Broken Stars.

The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer / ★★★
Solving for M by Jennifer Swender / ★★★★

So while it was fun at times, The Reluctant Assassin is no Artemis Fowl.  I’ve actually read a few of Eoin Colfer’s other books – The Wish ListThe SupernaturalistAnd Another Thing – so it’s not just that it’s not Artemis Fowl… it’s the historical fiction aspect, I think?  I had the same issue with Dodger, and Terry Pratchett is usually wonderful, so maybe comedic historical fiction from my favorite humorous fantasy or sci-fi authors is just a hard pass for me?

On the other hand Solving for M was FANTASTIC.  This middle grade book isn’t out until June, but it’s something middle grade librarians should be keeping an eye out for.  It deals with the change of getting into middle school, but also creates a dialogue for children whose immediate family are diagnosed with cancer.  It was very well-written – a good story without being preachy or a downer.



Saturday 4/13

I’m not going to sugarcoat this – I go absolutely nothing read on Saturday.  Saturdays are the days were were going back and forth to the new apartments.  So, things that got done on Saturday?  I unpack 6 paper boxes of books, my husband hung rails for our mugs and built a grill.  I unpacked some of our kitchen, and together we rebuilt my desk and set up my computer workstation.

Oh, and I unpacked all my bookish candles.  I have SO MANY bookish candles.  Eek.

Book wise, I was able to read a little of Magic for Liars and I listened to Cruel Beauty for a while.  We also listened to The Fellowship of the Ring on the way home, but we didn’t finish.  Only two hour left!  But mostly Saturday was about unpacking and building and we had delicious Thai food on the way home so I’d say that Saturday was a good day, despite bookish productivity.


Sunday 4/14

So where Saturday was about unpacking, Sunday was about packing new things!  We used up all our present boxes, so I’d say we did pretty good.  It was about 4:00pm when we finished, so the whole day was gone, but all in all a good, productive day.  When oh when will this all be done? (Answer: May 12th… May 4th if we’re REALLY lucky).

But thanks to the magic of audiobooks, I got some reading done!

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge / ★★★★

I listened to the rest of Cruel Beauty!  I absolutely loved Crimson Bound, and a lot of the elements I liked in that novel were also present in Cruel Beauty… but this one was a lot more about the romance.  The love triangle and slow pacing were what kept this book from being as successful for me as the other one… but I really enjoy Rosamund Hodge’s writing style… so I’m here for whatever she writes!


So overall this time, I only read three books.  I usually read a lot more over these readathon weekends, so a part of me is a little disappointed… but I have to admit that it was a lot more than I realistically expected to accomplish.

In addition to actually getting some books read through, I made a bit of progress in Magic for Liars, which I said in my announcement that I wanted to get done.  So it was still a productive weekend in so many ways.  After all, I can’t always read six books in a weekend.  Maybe in July!

If you’d like to join in on the Off the Grid Readathon in the future, the next readathon dates are:

July 12th – 14th

I’ll be joining in for sure, so I hope you do too!


Have you ever participated in this readathon?  While you’re here, make sure to check out Shanah and Justine’s TBRs!  Meanwhile, let me know your favorite radathons in the comments.

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