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Such a quick update this month, loves.  Next month I aim to do better, but for now, I’m afraid I’m unpacking my whole life and as it turns out, I have way more STUFF than I need!  Moving isn’t usually such a haul for me – I haven’t lived in the same place for more than three years for… thirteen years now?  But because my work schedule/commute has me ragged and exhausted at the best of times, it’s been a real struggle to put everything together.  I know I’ve been talking about The Move for months now it seems, but this should be the end of it!

Well, almost the end.  I actually have a library before-and-after in May, but that’s a consequence of the move, not the move itself. 😉

On to April!


I would like to say – I was very good this month!  Everything you see here is either from a book box, a preorder from ages ago, or an ARC.

I received three ARCs this month – The Affair of the Mysterious Letter, Six Goodbyes We Never Said, and Shadow Frost.  The last one, Shadow Frost, is my usual retelling/fantasy fare, but the other two are more mystery and contemporary and I’m looking forward to a bit of a change.  I’m actually getting burnt out on fantasy because I’ve had a lot of epic fantasy this month and … I need a change.


I’m totally shocked by my reading haul this month.  Even with the Off-The-Grid readathon, I was expecting a light month in April.  The difference has been that I’ve been listening to audiobooks at work.  This is so against the rules (music only!) but I actually find music more distracting and audiobooks make me focus.  Because I’ve been stressed, my head has been all over the place and this has been the only thing helping me focus on work.

Being totally honest?  I still feel like I’m not having productive work days?  I can’t wait until everything is settled.


Quite a few ARCs dropped this month!  The much anticipated King of Fools, as well as an epic fantasy calling itself a middle eastern Game of Thrones… fair warning, Upon a Burning Throne didn’t hold up for me.  We also have Middlegame and Romanov which were both really good.  Middlegame is a bit off my normal genre, but Romanov was just… so good.  So was Starworld!  I’ll talk about both these in the highlights, though.


Starworld / ★★★★★ – This book made me feel heard as a teenager… even though I’m almost 30.  Sam and Zoe meet by chance, and end up texting and building their own little alt reality to help temper social and familial pressures.  NOBODY (and I really mean NOBODY) is talking about this one, and they need to be, because the rep in this book is PHENOMENAL.  We have ableism, OCD, LGBTQ+, adoptees, pregnancy loss… probably more that I’m just not thinking of… and all of it has been very tastefully done.  If I can encourage you to try one book this month, please add Starworld to your TBR.

Romanov / ★★★★★ I’m always looking for stories about the Romanovs, and it seems like Anastasia retellings are a dime a dozen lately.  While I’m here for sci-fi retellings like Heart of Iron and LIFEL1K3, I’ve been waiting for historical fiction. And this is it!  It’s a gloriously written historical fiction slash magical realism book with round characters and tension and a GREAT ending and THANK YOU NADINE BRANDES.

These Broken Stars/ ★★★ 1/2 – While 3 1/2 star reviews wouldn’t normally make the highlights reel, I gotta holler out to These Broken Stars because it was NOT the book I expected.  While the love story was cheesy and the characters weren’t anything to write home about, the world building was SO VAST and SO FASCINATING and SO GOOD that this book needs a bit of spotlight.  If you’re a fan of either Amie Kaufman or Meagan Spooner and you haven’t read this one, you must.


Favorite Post: Reviews on Your Blog: Worth It?

This was a fun discussion to write, and one I almost skipped, because I’ve written a few posts about reviewing in the past.  I’m glad I wrote it because not only did y’all seem to enjoy it, but there’s been some really interesting comments n this one.  It’s fun to see who does and doesn’t read reviews, and who likes writing them.  A lot of you also talked about the types of reviews you write, and I personally found that really interesting.  Perhaps a future post about different types of reviews….  We’ll see!

Favorite Review:  Romanov by Nadine Brandes

This beat out Descendant of the Crane by one view!  Since this review only dropped last Wednesday, I’m so surprised to see how quickly it blew up.  Since I listed this one as one of my highlights above, y’all already know how much I liked this one.  Romanov is out a week from tomorrow and it is still one of my favorite reads this year – if you’re on the fence, check out the review!  I’m so glad this one inspired a few of you to add the book to your TBR!


I mean, basically it’s just been all about moving?

We put things in boxes, picked up said boxes, put them down again in another state.  You know.  Exciting moving stuff. 🙂

We DID take some time out to see Endgame this last weekend, but I’m not going to talk about it because there are a lot of people out there who haven’t seen it yet… 🙂  If you’re a Marvel fan… … … !!! !!!

Okay, that’s it, I can’t.

I have to leave now.


I’d be lying if I told you I have a good plan for next month.  May is actually… pretty bare.  I’ve been plucking away at scheduled posts when I can.  I’m hoping to finish one about my new library set up?  And I’ve been working on a discussion piece for late in the month about integrity in reviews that I feel really passionate about.  Otherwise, there’s not a lot going on. YET.

Thanks to everyone who has been so patient with me commenting back this month.  <3 You guys are seriously the greatest?


Did you do anything exciting in April?  Also, did anyone see Dumbo? I really wanted to see it but my husband wasn’t interested. 🙁 Tell me about your month in the comments!

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