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One of the things I’ve been wanting to do here for an ETERNITY is talk about my bookish space.  With my recent move, this finally feels possible, because my bookshelves finally have a dedicated space.  I am so, so excited about this… it’s such a goals moment in a bookish person’s life to FINALLY have something you can bashfully call a “library”.

Seriously, I dunno about you, but this has been major #lifegoals for me FOREVER.  I am beyond excited that this space exists.

So since I finally have a proper library, I’d like to give you a tour!  🙂  Please be warned that the space is still only about 83% moved into, so there’s a little clutter here and there as I sort out where I want some things to live.  You’d think I’d be clever and hold this post until everything was bright and shiny, but life is messy, loves.

First off on our little tour today is my reading space.  This horrible old chair is hands down THE most comfortable thing in the universe.  My parents received it as a wedding present (it was part of a set… and it was the 80s, excuse the upholstery lol).  While the couch and loveseat are long gone, this chair is eternal.  It is absolutely perfect for curling up in, and I refuse to get rid of it.

Do note the Deathless blanket from Alchemy & Ink‘s quarterly box this January.  I love this blanket, but my cats really love it.  This chair may or may not be a cat trap.

Also here is my gallery of happiness.  In the middle, I’m working on filling up my Disney pin banner.  It’s half empty not for a lack of pins (I’ve been collecting on-and-off for the last ten years) but for lack of time and motivation.  The ones on here, especially at the top, are some of my favorites.  I collect specifically Alice in Wonderland, Figaro from Pinocchio, and Megara from Hercules… but I have a tendency of grabbing anything that catches my fancy.

Oh, and there’s the prints too.

Choosing which prints to put up was difficult.  Between book boxes and art that catches my eye, I have a lot of prints.  The original plan for our stairwell was actually to do a nerdy gallery wall, but they we realized hanging things on a stairwell is a pain, and we’ve shelved the idea.  Instead, I’ve decorated around my personal space.  Some artists included here are:

That is not by any means an exhaustive list.  I have quite a lot more in a box without homes as well.  I’m thinking about doing another space… but I don’t want my library to be too chaotic.  And it is very chaotic.

The bookselves!

I went for six Billy bookshelves from IKEA because I like how clean they look.  My old shelves were all mismatched and the shelves themselves were starting to sag.  You can always tell which shelves housed my Harry Potter books, because there’s a definite curve.

I know a lot of people have books facing outward, or rainbow shelves… my bookshelves are very practical to my needs.  I house all my books in alphabetical order by author > series / series # > title.  There are a couple exceptions here, like the Star Wars expanded universe books (of which I currently only have two… but there used to be a dozen) are filed under “Star Wars”, and And Another Thing by Eoin Colfer is the 6th book of the Hitchhiker’s trilogy, so it’s up with “Addams, Douglas”.

Since we’ve moved, I’m trying to minimize clutter on my shelves, but a few of my Funko Pops that bring me joy have migrated down from their perches to decorate the shelves.  I think my favorites of these interlopers are the Flintstones and the Ghostbusters crew… but a bunch of the individual ones are fun.  Like Treebeard.  Or Luna.  And the Movie Moments.

You’re going to see a lot of Pops around this space.  I have far too many and actually intend to weed through them at some point.  We’re not at the complete chaos point yet, so I’m going to warn you now that the Pop problem gets worse.

These are the (mostly) empty bookshelves.  They are filled with hope, possibility, and a little bit of overflow.  I went from four-ish bookselves to six, because I wanted to make room for all the books on my “To Buy” shelf…. 🙂

In the meanwhile, there’s some art on them, some unboxed Pops, and a few books that need to be properly shelved… I’m waiting for the monthly haul to do them all at once!  Also in this corner is my only piece of original artwork.  Remember I mentioned Katy Lipscomb earlier?  I love her gorgeous rainbow artwork, and this phoenix print spoke to my soul… so I bought the original to support the artist.  I think everyone should own one piece of original artwork in their life, and it doesn’t need to be a Van Gogh.  There are so many small artists on Instagram who need the support and create beautiful, unique artwork.

Sooooo we took the sliding doors off this closet to create a cubby hole and hopefully we will not regret that later.  Most of my storage is in here, a lot of crafting supplies I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with… the colorful rainbow craft cart is totally empty (except for my planner and ticket stub book sitting on top of it).  Off to the right-ish you can see my bookish pin board as well. 🙂

The keyboard is also here!

To remove all immediate misconceptions – I don’t play piano, keyboard, or much of anything.  I can play a little, and I spent years on various woodwinds… but I’m not musical.  I took a class in high school to learn piano, and struggled through it.  I can read the music and play, but I have a difficult time coordinating my hands and my head, so the tempo is off… and I have small hands, so the chords were always a struggle.

This particular keyboard has a story – my grandfather was an organist, and my mother grew up listening to him play the organ and the keyboard.  When he passed away, she received both.  We never really had a place for the organ when I was little, and the dampness of the basement destroyed the instrument.  My mother was shattered.  The keyboard, however, was always set up in our home.  I think I got the most use out of it, and this spring as my parents are going through all their belongings in preparation to move to South Carolina, my mother took a deep, difficult breath, and offered it to me.

I appreciate this more than I can say, because even though I’ve been angling to adopt this item for years, it’s so hard for her to part with things from her childhood… especially when there’s so little of it left.

I don’t play well… but sometimes it’s nice to play at all.  Playing music requires 3000% of my focus, so when I’m feeling really anxious, I find it calming to play.  I play the keyboard instead of losing my temper and I wonder sometimes if my grandfather did the same.

Okay, all the sappiness!  Moving on!

Remember how I said the Pop problem gets worse?  Well here it is!

There is a reason for all this chaos, I swear.  I actually hate having all these lined up here.  My library is actually a loft, and we have two cats.  One is sleek and graceful.  The other is clumsy as all get out.  Day two of living here, she decided she needed to have a gallivant about the ledge, and almost fell.  Scared the living daylight out of me, so now these are all set up because if they don’t see an easy place to put their feet, the cats don’t climb there.  It’s actually the same reason why there are so many on top of the bookcases.  The smol cat has already jumped up and fallen behind the corner one.

She’s so much trouble, but she’s so darned cute, I can’t help but love her.

In this space, I keep all my office supplies, my candles, and my random doodads.  The top of this shelf is actually driving me mental and I can’t wait to spend some time decluttering it… but it’s a low priority chore.  I keep my records and my record player here, as well as my grandmother’s old typewriter.  I love this typewriter, even though it’s generally useless to me.  It’s in perfect working condition and I have ribbon for it.  Some days, when I’m feeling particularly 1940s, I’ll type a poem on it for fun.

Mostly, though?  This space is candles.  All sorts of candles!  Here are some of the candlemakers you can find on my shelves:

These are just off the top of my head, but I know that between book boxes and randomly coming across things, there are definitely more.  I need to stop buying candles, guys.  I have more than I know what to do with.  I burn them, of course… but there is a lot of them….

I eventually intend to do a post about bookish candlemakers, but not now. 🙂

Finally, my desk.  One of my favorite thing here is actually juuuust out of shot, a bright purple chair.  It’s little things like this that bring me SO MUCH joy, guys.  Bright, happy, small things in every day spaces.

My desk is actually just a small table from IKEA, but it’s all I need.  I use this sometimes when I’m working on the blog, but mostly I reserve this space for when I work from home.  Those pin hoops behind the desk are by The Vintage Fox Shoppe, and if you’re into pinhoops, I totally recommend them.  These pin hoops are mostly Disney fantasy pins that I wanted to get off the bookish pin board… I’ll do a pin tour someday to show them off.  Some of these I’ve had for ages and got second-hand on eBay and have searched and searched but haven’t found a hint of their original makers, mores the pity.

It probably looks like this is just a normal table BUT there’s actually a computer there.  I work off a Mac Mini when I’m at my desk.  It’s so small and adorable, in the upper right corner there with the tins on it.  Honestly, I’m on a laptop most the time – either my own, or my work one.  Also, that keyboard lights up and I’ve had it since I worked at Staples a decade ago and I don’t know what I’m going to do when it breaks because I love the feel of it and they don’t make them quite like that anymore. *dies*

I also keep all those bookish tote bags from book boxes on a hanger beside my desk.  I never realized how often I’d use them… but I use them all the time!

Whelp, that’s my bookish space tour.  If you take away anything from this experience, it is most likely that I am a hoarder.  I tend to amass the things that make me happy – books, pins, collectible toys referencing things from my childhood….  It’s good stuff.  I’m working on it. XD


Have you done a library/office/reading niche tour?  I LOVE these posts when other people do them!  If you have done one, PLEASE link in the comments so I can see your space!

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8 responses to “Welcome to My Bookish Space

    • Amber

      The dusting is… not super fun. I have to confess I don’t do it as often as I really should. And I pay for it later because I have a dust allergy. XD

  1. I have major library envy looking at all your shelves and that space! It looks amazing!
    When I finally move out of my parents house, I want to convert a room into a library to house all my books and have wall space to show off Disney ornaments/pins. Like you, I’ve collected them on and off for a few years although I’ve not bought any for a while.

    • Amber

      Thank you so much! <3 I'm so proud of it. I moved out of my parents' house a while ago... this has been at least 7 years coming. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I hope you get your very own library/Disney display room sooner as opposed to later!!!

  2. Hi Amber,

    I’m so glad you loved our Adventure Print so much to put it on your wall in your Bookish Space! I hope you get even 5% of the joy from it as you do from books. Thanks for sharing! <3

    All the best,
    Joey at infinite&darling

    • Amber

      Hi Joey!

      So rare to see small biz people popping in on blogs – you’re so sweet! I love the design. It has such a beautiful letterpress feel to it, and it’s one of my favorite quotes. Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful product!