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I’ve been watching Ink and Wonder Designs for the last two years because I love their gorgeous designs.  Ink and Wonder uses so many beautiful colors and the art has so much pop.  Unfortunately, Australia is a long way from the Eastern coast of the United States, and it hasn’t always been feasible for me to order one of their boxes, because of the shipping.  With the Wonder Crate rebranding a bit, the price came down and… I wanted to try it.

May’s box was Mythical Menagerie, featuring all our favorite mythical creatures from across books and pop culture.  For those interested, Ink and Wonder’s Wonder Crate costs AU$39.99 ($27.99 USD) and comes out irregularly – no more frequently than every other month.  This is because all items are unique to the box and designed in house… it takes time.  This is not a book box, and all items inside the box have been designed but Ink and Wonder.

Each box includes:

  • An enamel pin
  • 3-4 stationary items
  • 3 woodmarks
  • 1-2 featured items

Ink and Wonder uses no animal products and keeps to ethically sourced material.  I really appreciate this – as a book person, I am aware of how many dead trees live in my library and I like to try to shop responsibly?

I’m not an Ink and Wonder rep – this unboxing is purely informational and I love sharing these smaller company unboxings, especially when I really like them!  A lot of small business unboxings tend to live on Instagram, and while that’s fantastic… search engines generally don’t pick that up.  So if you like what you see here, give Ink and Wonder a peek!


The first item in the box is technically the spoiler card on beautiful, thick glossy paper.  But like most spoiler cards, this item has a double use and it is suggested to cut off the edge with the branding et voila!  You have a small art print.  This particular item features a peryton, a mythical creature which was believed to have lived on the lost island of Atlantis.

Item number two is a blooming mandrake enamel pin.  It’s adorable, and of course it glows in the dark!  How much fun is that?  I’ve scrolled through Ink and Wonder’s enamel pins a few times and they’re all very pretty like this – with the flowers on the terra-cotta pot, etc.  I really like this pin, so this item is a win.


This third item is a keychain with mermaid with a quote on the back.  The item itself is a light plastic-esque material. We’re all familiar with mermaids, but this item isn’t just a random mermaid, which I appreciate, because everything is based on story or mythology.  This particular mermaid is from Peter Pan.  I think this is the least interesting item in the box, personally, but it’s still a good quality item.  I just have soooo many keychains.

The origin of item #4, an iron-on patch, is not difficult to figure out.  Advanced Care of Magical Creatures is required text for the Care of Magical Creatures class at Hogwarts.  An aside – the Potterverse is teeming with magical creatures and I appreciate the restraint of this box to not use that fandom repeatedly.  I don’t have anything to put the patches on, but I have a few saved because I really like them… and someday, I’ll figure out what to do with them.


Ink and Wonder is famous for its woodmarks – they’ve been included in so many book boxes.  The first one I received is a Mother of Dragons one from OwlCrate (I think).  These woodmarks are thin but sturdy, and the artwork is lovely.  The first woodmark features Abraxos from the Throne of Glass series.  There’s a lot of dragons in literature, so there were a lot of options for this kind creature.  This woodmark is printed on aspen.

This second one has an explicit warning, but it’s my favorite woodmark in the box.  Woodmark #2 is from The Runaways and it also printed on aspen.  It does feature a dinosaur which technically existed, but I’m in agreement with the spoiler card – we’re counting it.


The last woodmark in the box is from The Two Towers.  This Ent woodmark features the beloved Treebeard.  As you can see, there’s more of a yellowish tint to the wood – this one is printed on maple.  There’s no quote on this one, but knowing the ents, it would take a very long time to say, anyway.  Of the three woodmarks, this one is my least favorite.  I just don’t love the illustration?  Personal taste.

This box also includes a little notebook.  While it’s not specifically themed, there’s a fwooper on there and I’m pretty sure that the intended feel for the field notes & observations notebook was full Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  It’s a softcover notebook, pretty small… but notebooks are always useful.  This one is a bit nicer than the softcover notebooks in some other boxes.


Left with so many magical creatures and needing to pull the box together, the second to last item is a vinyl sticker sheet.  I was a little worried when I initially pulled this out, but yeah, they’re vinyl.  The quality is really good and it’s the type of thing that I’d put on my MacBook Air hard case if I thought it was going to last longer than a few month months. 🙂  Included are all sorts of characters from film and fiction – from Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat to the Oliphant from Lord of the Rings.  Generally, just a lot of fun animals and creatures.

The very last item is a silk scarf.  For the life of me, I don’ know what I’m going to do with this (I never know what to do with silk scarves) but dang this is glorious.  All these are the alebrijes from Disney’s Coco.  The illustrations are stunningly beautiful and I am ten different levels of in love with the scarf.  Like I said – no clue what I’m gonna do with it, but I love it.

Generally speaking, if you like bright and colorful things and you are looking for a merch-only box, I can easily recommend Wonder Crate.  All these items are high-quality and the illustration is gorgeous as well.  Coming in at less than $30 USD before shipping, this is less expensive than NerdyPost and I personally like the art style better.

I also really appreciate the variety of fandoms used for this box.  I’m so accustomed to book boxes and other boxes that lean on very popular fandoms – it was refreshing to see mythology used, as well as items from The Runaways and Tolkien.  I also liked the pull from both books and film.

I’m pretty comfortable recommending Wonder Crate to anyone who is interested in it.  While the items are run-of-the-mill, there’s not too many art prints and the items are creative and beautiful.  If you’d like to take a look at the latest Wonder Crate or the rest of Ink and Wonder’s items, you can find everything on their website.


Do you have any of Ink and Wonder’s woodmarks?  I think I’ve got five or six now – I really like the quality and the art style.  Even if you’re not into the whole box, I recommend the woodmarks!

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6 responses to “Mythical Menagerie // Ink & Wonder’s May 2019 WONDER CRATE

    • Amber

      You need ALL the patches! AT LEAST Dumbledore’s Army and S.P.E.W. for that robe! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Are you making it for fun, Halloween, or another special occasion?

        • Amber

          OOooh that’s super fun! Is that something the bars are hosting, or something you and your friends are doing? I want to live somewhere cool enough to sponsor a Harry Potter bar crawl! 😛