Gillywick Goods “Spring Reads” Unboxing // SPOILERS!

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Last year, I ordered a few different holiday crates from Gillywick Goods, starting with their Honeydukes crate last October.  I really liked those crates and I figured while I was supporting less celebrated crates like MLC Co. and Nerdy Post, I wanted to order another of Hailey’s boxes so I could share it with you.

Like MLC Co., Gillywick Goods is primarily a candle maker.  She does a few different kinds of boxes – all candle-centric, but different themes.  The ones I’ve gotten in the past have had specific themes – the Honeydukes box was a Harry Potter Halloween box, and then I got the Christmas classics and Ravenclaw Common Room boxes over the holidays.  All three of them I really liked!  I was also aware that she’s done spring and fall boxes, so when the spring box came around, I really wanted to share it.

So lets take a look!


So, this particular box came without any bells and whistles in the packaging.  The Honeydukes box did have decorative packaging and while printing on the box doesn’t really matter to me, it is sorta fun to have.

Item number one is a little packet of wildflower seeds.  Now, keep in mind that the this box is “spring reads”, so the wildflower seeds make sense!  I don’t have a green thumb, so I won’t be using these.  I gave them to my husband because I thought he may use them?  He does better with plants than I do.

The second item is a pastel green pencil with “Spring Reading” printed on one of the sides.  While I’m not a big pencil user, this is a useful item at least!


Next out of the box is a hummingbird feeder.  Again, this item really wasn’t a win for me, but my husband has been saying for years that he’d like a hummingbird feeder, so I gave this to him as well and he was quite pleased.  I imagine he’ll hang it up with the bird feeder, and the cats can happily watch all our feathered visitors.

The next item out of the box is this item called a “tea bloom”.  I had no idea what was going on with this, so I went ahead and googled it.  My searching led to the Teabloom website, where I learned tea blooms are flowering teas, intended to be brewed in a clear tea pot.  On the downside, I don’t have a clear teapot (I use hot water from my Keurig for tea).  But I do think this is a cool thing.


Hailey included a quaint floral teacup in this box!  I’m definitely starting get some high tea vibes from this box  This teacup has an adorable design.  Now, I’m going to be honest – mine has a chip in it, which you’ll see in the last image.  This has happened to me before when I ordered an Anne of Green Gables campfire mug from Gillywick Goods.  I know from this previous experience that Hailey is really good about sending out a replacement, no hassle.  In this particular case, I chose not to request a replacement as I won’t be drinking out of the tea cup – too small for me – and I think that little chip gives in a bit of character.  But I do know from working with her in the past that her customer service is awesome.

Look, another tea bloom!  Again, I just don’t have a clear teapot and I don’t intend to buy one… but I am appreciating how nifty these things are.  Hailey could have included plain old tea, but she went the extra mile and included this really beautiful, interesting tea that really matched the fancy springtime theme.


Finally, we are to the candles!

I really like the Gillywick Goods candles.  She uses a lot of aromas in them and they mix really well, but they aren’t really strong when you burn them.  When I do my candle company comparison someday, I go into her candles a little more, but suffice it to say I really like them?

The first candle is Poetry & Petals.  This candle is 2oz., in a black tin, and smells like outside and citrus and sweetness.  It smells really nice, and springtime.

The second candle is my favorite in the box – it’s called The Secret Garden.  This is another 2oz candle in a little black tin.  This one is all apples and cherry blossoms and it’s it’s such a lovely aroma.  Also, this is a “spring reads” box and what I’ve experienced, there are most likely more references… but The Secret Garden is the only book reference I’m getting here.


Actually, you know what?  I think this Hightower candle is probably from something as well? And I’m just not sure what it is?  If you guys know this one, holler about it in the comments, yeah?  This one had a bit of of a more robust aroma, less flowery, but still earthy.  Also very nice!

The featured 4oz. candle this time was Breath of Spring.  This candle had a really nice, subtle flowery smell.  It’s also decorated!  I know that once you start burning them, the decor doesn’t matter, but these are great for Instagram shots, and besides, it’s pretty?


Packed in at the bottom was this little complimentary saucer that goes with the earlier teacup!  This is mint green instead of dark violet, but still super pretty, and again, so good for Instagram?  I’m thinking tea and cookies?  I like the colors on the saucer better than the teacup, and hey, this one is all in one piece, no chips or cracks.

That’s it for this box!

So, the Gillywick Goods Spring Reads box cost $35.  I bought this one with my own money and all my opinions are my own, no sponsorship at all.  I’d say overall this is a really well put together box?  The springtime, flowers, and high tea theme wasn’t really my cup of tea (ha ha) but I think Hailey did a really good job with it!  As far as value goes I can tell you a 4oz. candle on her shop is $9, so lets say a 2oz. is half that… the candles are worth $22.50 alone.  As for the rest of the stuff, it’s probably worth the remaining $12.50 if you’re into it, but if the side items aren’t for you, this may not be worth it.

I will say that Hailey does a really good job with themes and I love her candles.  I will say that I liked her speciality boxes a little better, but if you’re into spring or fall vibes, this may be a good choice for you!


Have you tried Gillywick Goods?  Hailey has almost 100 candles and a handful of enamel pins in her shop, but I don’t think she’s ever been featured in a book box, so if you haven’t tried her candles yet, definitely check her out!

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