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Back in May, I decided to treat myself to MLC Co.’s Candle Crate because I’d seen a shining review on NovelKnight’s instagram and wanted to check it out for myself.  For those of you who saw that post, you already know that I was really impressed by the little subscription box.  The candles smelled amazing, the pin was fantastic, and the price was very reasonable for everything included.  Altogether, it was a good mixture of items and easy to recommend.

Starting in June, MLC Co. added a book to their box.  Here’s what I really like about this:

  • They’re including sequels.
  • They let you know the book beforehand.
  • They’re including fewer items to keep the price the same.

When the first book box was announced in mid-May, I was all in.  It was a book I wanted anyway, one I hadn’t already pre-ordered and one I knew wasn’t going to feature in either OwlCrate or Illumicrate.

Small spiel!

  1. I am not a rep for MLC Co.
  2. I bought this box with my own monies.
  3. I get no perks for sharing this unboxing with you. YAY.

For June, MLC Co’s flagship candle-crate-with-a-book featured DEV1AT3 by Jay Kristoff, and promised a dystopian theme to the items.  So let’s see how they did!


Remembering that MLC Co. is still primarily a candle company, the first item out of the box was one of the two exclusive 8oz. candles this month.  This one is “Daughter of the Plague”.  It smells delightfully of rich amber and spice, a spicy candle more than a sweet one, and the wax is a lovely soft pink color.  This one is inspired by The Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada… and I don’t think I’ve personally run into any other merch for that book, so good for them!

This month’s sorting candle was a little less complicated than the Aurora Rising candle last month, instead using only three different options.  This one is inspired by The Hunger Games (believe it or not, unofficial merch for THG is hard to come by – it gets shut down FAST) and has three options: Are you a winning tribute, a dead tribute, or a spectator.  I haven’t burned this one yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m a dead tribute, haha.

As an aside, even if you’re not interested in the full crate, MLC Co.‘s candles smell amazing.  I easily recommend this company. 🙂


When I first pulled this room spray out, I was super bummed because I couldn’t get it to spray and I resigned myself to a broken spray bottle. BUT. I am nothing if not persistent, and once it did spray, this stuff smells amazing.  Room and body sprays get me, because they feel very reminiscent of my childhood.  This one smells like sweet citrus and nothing like the brown sugar body spray I thought was super cool when I was twelve, thank goodness.  Also, inspired by Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles (which I haven’t read… still).

If I have to pick an item I didn’t care for, it’s the milk bath / foot soak.  And honestly?  There’s nothing wrong with this item other than the fact that I’ll probably never use it.  I actually really like the cypress, candyfloss, dried tobacco aroma (though it’s strong – don’t stick your nose in the container, pro tip).  I really like batch bombs because they fully dissolve – milk baths and bath salts with dried herbs in them just don’t appeal to me as much.  But I’m keeping it because I’ll probably use it SOMEDAY.  Maybe at a hotel when I’m being luxurious.  This one is inspired by The Best Boys by Mary Weber… which I haven’t heard anything about.  I like that though – I feel like that’s an opportunity to find something new!  Has anyone read this one?


This enamel pin is adorable and I love it.  You may remember last time, I really liked the enamel pin as well (even though it was Twilight… sigh) so I’m here for MLC Co.’s pins.  This one is inspired by LIFEL1K3, the first book in the series, and it has amazing punk rock vibes somehow, and I’m digging it.

As mentioned earlier, this month’s book was DEV1AT3.  I really enjoyed LIFEL1K3, so I’m looking forward to digging into this one, and I think it was a great fit with the rest of the books featured in this box.  Unlike some other book boxes, you’re not going to find signed bookplates or special edition covers here.  Just the book, plain and simple.  Which is just fine. 🙂

As this is a sequel and the description contains spoilers for LIFEL1K3, I’m not going to post the description here, but you can check it out on Goodreads at your own risk!

Personally, I think MLC Co. did a really good job with this, their first book box.  There are fewer swag items, but all the ones they kept were well done, useful items.  I particularly appreciate the lack of paper products here – I’d much rather the book than a postcard or bookmarks any day.  And I love the bath and body items?  So A+ on creating a simple, affordable, quality box!

For those who want to check out future Candle Crates, July’s box was a princess-inspired one featuring Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim!  I skipped this one as a.) I preordered this months ago; and b.) lots of other boxes are also doing this one BUT it’s a really good book and I whole heartedly recommend MLC Co.’s Candle Crate!  I’m keeping an eye out for the August box – this is a crate that I’m monitoring to see if I’ll like the book… but if I do, I’m here for it!


Have you ever tried a sorting candle?  MLC Co’s Aurora Rising candle in their May box was my first, and I was sorted as “The Face” of the group (Blue).  It was fun!  Tell me your favorite surprise candle in the comments!

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