Journey to Middle Earth: An August 2019 Flick the Wick Unboxing!

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Good morning everyone and welcome to my second Flick the Wick unboxing!  As you may remember, I purchased their June box and was completely overwhelmed by how much I loved it.  Smaller boxes can be pretty hit-or-miss, so I never know what I’m getting into… but I feel safe saying that if you like candles, Flick the Wick is a great bet!

So, the monthly box itself is not a subscription box.  These are one-off boxes without auto-renewing that you can go into monthly and say, “hey, I like that theme!” and buy it.  Prices range between $35 and $45 for the monthly box – this particular one was $35+shipping.  Please note this is a candle box and there are no books inside.

And for the month of August… we’re going to Middle Earth!


The big candle in this box is a 4oz. jar called “The Realms of Middle Earth”.  It is a bright green candle (think neon green but tempered down a bit) and smells of fig, woods, rhubarb, and vanilla.  It has a sweet and earthy smell and is really pleasant!

Next out of the box is a small canister of tea!  This blend is black loose leaf tea with calendula flowers, strawberry and lemon flavoring.  Again this smells very pleasant. I like black teas and fruity teas, so this is up my alley.


This month’s pin, featuring Flick the Wick’s other business, Dreamy & Co., shows us three of the most important areas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy – the Shire, Gondor, and Mordor.  I really like this teardrop design.  The three also represent the three books together and it’s just an A+ pin and I love it.

One of the less exciting items (for me) this month is the Fellowship-themed pillowcase.  I don’t ever use these beautifully designed pillowcases, though I’m starting to feel more and more strongly that I should?  I do have a dedicated bookish space…. The design, created by Evie Seo, is absolutely stunning.  I’m holding on to this one with dreams of bookish cozy space.


The next three items are all 2oz. candle tins that came together in a little plastic box, like a gift set.  Super cute.

The first is the Mount Doom candle.  This is a hot and wholesome smelling candle, including notes of pepper, fire, tonka, vanilla and citrus.  You’d think these would be a sort of weird combination, but I promise you, it works!  This candle smells great.

I”ll be honest, the Thranduil: Elven King candle threw me at first, because while I’m pretty well-versed in The Lord of the Rings, I actually don’t know all that much about The Hobbit!  After a small, guilt-ridden Google Search, I know know who he is *facepalm*.  Again, this candle contains notes of citrus (citrus seems to be the candle aroma theme in this box, which works for me!), as well as bergamot, cassis, and muck.


The third and final 2oz. candle is the Misty Mountains candle.  This is my favorite out of the small candles.  It has a really earthy, nice smell that reminds me of spring in the country, and honestly just makes my heart happy.  We’ve got mountain air, citrus (again! 😉 ), rain mist, and salt.  The salt smell really brings out the others – I’m a fan.

Now that we’ve gone through all the candles… to the other swag!

In my last Flick the Wick box, the keychain was the only item I didn’t like.  This time, I think it’s adorable.  This little Gandalf keychain just… brings me joy?  Believe me, I don’t need any more keychains.  But I’m going to find a practical use for this guy, because he’s small and adorable.


The box includes two coasters.  This first coaster, designed by Dreamy & Co., I really like.  I’m a typography girl, this is adorable.  I often feel this way about Dreamy & Co.’s designs, though, which has drawn me to that shop in the past.  So +10pts. quote coaster.

The second coaster I don’t like as much, and it’s very much an objective thing.  Artwork in these boxes are solidly hot-or-miss for me depending on the design.  This piece, created by Kristin Askland, just didn’t do it for me.  I like the scene, but the art style just isn’t my cup of tea.  So bummer on this coaster, but we move on.


The next piece out of the box is a double-sided print.  Like the coasters, this is half a portrait print and half a quote print.  Aaaand like the coasters, I like one side better than the other.  The group portrait design on the front of the card, again, doesn’t do it for me.  I better appreciate the art style here (drawn by Kelsey King), but my problem with this one is just the style of image… I never care much for the group portraits and I felt the same about the Weasley family portrait from NerdyPost’s Weasley box.  C’est la vie! *shrugs*

The backside of this print is beautifully designed by Dreamy & Co., but the quote doesn’t really resonate for me.  Which is fine!

Rather, the print I really like is the back of the spoiler card!  This happens once in a blue moon – usually spoiler card designs are a bit more “meh” but there is so much to love in this sunshiny Gandalf print.  First, the quote is excellent.  Second, the art style works for me.  Third, it’s so happy!  So this print actually went right up on my happy wall and it make me smile.


That’s everything, my loves!

So when I received this box in the mail, I was bummed because it was so much smaller than my previous box order with Flick the Wick.  I’m so happy to say that my worries were abated and I really enjoyed this box as a whole  Even when the item’s style didn’t work for me, I loved the artwork, and the only item I didn’t somehow love was the double-sided print… and prints are such small potatoes anyway.

I’m confident in saying that this is a box I would order again as the themes suit me.  I know for October, they’re doing a faerie-themed box, so if that’s your cup of tea, I highly recommend it.  Also, as an aside about Flick the Wick in generalof all the bookish candle companies, Flick the Wick is my favorite.  Her candles are gorgeous and burn beautiful, with really pleasing smells.  Honestly, I’m a fan of this company and happy to support her. 🙂


Which item was your favorite today?  I liked all the candles, but I think my favorite item is that last print of Gandalf with all the yellow!  Tell me your favorite in the comments. <3

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2 responses to “Journey to Middle Earth: An August 2019 Flick the Wick Unboxing!

    • Amber

      Isn’t he the cutest? English breakfast would have been a clever choice! 🙂 Also a tasty one. I have noticed there’s a tendency to send green or herbal teas in there boxes… or maybe it’s just a coincidence!