In Which I Do Not Read Books: Off-the-Grid Readathon V Review

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Hey guys!

Last weekend, I participated in the fifth Off-The-Grid Readathon!  If y’all’ve been around the block a while, you know that I’ve been participating in this one every time it comes up, usually with a lot of success (back in January, I got through six books!).  For me, this is a super fun one because there’s no goals and no requirements – really, the point of it is just to get off social media for a minute and read.

And I am the worst when it comes to picking up my phone in the middle of a chapter, because I’m bored or I’ve just remembered I should text someone or I randomly want to see if a certain style of shoe is back in fashion (it never is – I miss my half-calf boots!).  I am the queen of distraction.

So I use this readathon as a group effort sort of thing to feel like I am Accomplishing Something while doing what, honestly, I should be doing anyway… putting my phone out of arm’s reach and finishing a book.

Usually, this goes really well for me.

This weekend, it did not.

Usually, I’m really good about these readathon weekends, but this one honestly snuck up on me.  I’ve been reading two audiobooks, but since I’m in no rush to get through them, I only listened to a little of I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter and even less of The Graveyard Book.  My goal for this readathon was soooo basic – I just wanted to finish Ruthless Gods.  And I didn’t even manage that.

But, on the flip side, I did feel guilty enough about not making that basic goal, and thus got up early Monday morning and finished it before work.  So that’s something!

I’m not sure what exactly is causing my slump right now, but I’ve had such a hard time picking up books.  I have Midnight Thief at my bedside table, but have mostly been flopping in bed and just falling asleep with The Graveyard Book on a 15 minute timer.  I was hoping that it was just my ARCs weighing me down – I think to some extent, it is?  I thought a readathon may be able to kickstart my reading again, but since that didn’t work, it’s likely going to be a return to favorites.



Have y’all ever had an unproductive readathon?  I’m usually so motivated, so I’m really bummed out about failing this one.  Share your motivational stories in the comments!

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2 responses to “In Which I Do Not Read Books: Off-the-Grid Readathon V Review

    • Amber

      It’s totally okay! I had a feeling this one would end up being a bust. 🙂 It did drive me with guilt to finishing Ruthless Gods the next day, so it encouraged me to get *something* done, lol. I’ll take it.