Not Much Reading, or Writing, Oops! – The October Wrap Up

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This will be short and sweet loves as I’m frantically writing this about twelve hours before it goes live.  Busy, busy lately!


Another small book-buying month!  These are all pre-orders and book box items. 🙂

And, guys?  The Girl the Sea Gave Back was a hard-won battle.  I’ve been having more and more issues with Book Depository… to the point where I don’t think I’m going to buy from them anymore once all my pre-orders come through.  They were fine for a while, but this year I’ve had 2 books that were sent and then lost by USPS apparently, for which they sort of shrugged their shoulders and said “oh well”.

With this one, they sent me the USPS tracking # and for a month it said “label created, package not yet received” thing. USPS jargon for “they never shipped it”.  So I had to go back and forth they were consistently “sorry, check with USPS” and I had to keep saying “USPS said they never received it, this is a problem on YOUR end”.  FINALLY they sent me another one, apologizing that USPS messed up the order.  And I’m just like… … ?  Guys.  Accept that this appears to be your fault.  Have a little grace.

Whatever.  Retail shops be retail shops.  This is why indie bookstores are the best.



I’ve had very little motivation to read this month.  It’s not so much a slump because when I am reading I’m enjoying the books.  It’s just… blah.  I haven’t been able to visually focus, I guess? I think we all fall into this place sometimes, and it’s okay.  I think it’ll be light reading through the end of the year.

A note on The Ambassador’s Mission – I actually DNF’d it!  The system I use to catalog my books averages out reviews, so I had given it 4 stars in a past life (dramatic difference).  It’s not a bad book, it’s just not the style I’m into anymore.

10 books found












The Fifth Season / ★★★★★ Far and away the best book this month.  I’d been wanting to read N.K. Jemisin for a while now, having heard nothing by AMAZING things about her writing.  It did not disappoint.  Very sophisticated, and a lot of twists and pivots I wasn’t expecting!  Not your typical dystopia.

The Kiss of Deception / ★★★★ While I can’t fully defend some of the choices made in this book, I genuinely enjoyed it.  For a princess in a YA fantasy book, Lia felt unexpectedly real and dimensional to me… which lent this book a lot of points.  It’s not a masterpiece, but I really liked listening to it.


Favorite Post: The Cookie Book Tag

Everyone loves delicious cookies, so I’m not surprised to see so many clicks on this one!  If you’re looking for a fun new book tag, I definitely recommend giving this one a go.  And come tell me about your favorite cookies!

Also popular: Did I Pass the 30 Before 30 Test? and Let’s Talk About the Magic That Is My TBR Jar!.

Favorite Review:  Eragon by Christopher Paolini

It’s always fun to re-read books and with the success of The Hunger Games, I was really excited to pull Eragon from my TBR Jar and give it another read. Unfortunately, every read of this book pushes me a little further away.  Cool story, poor writing.  Come tell me what you think!

Also popular:  War Girls and Vortex.

Remember that house we were looking for last month?

Well – we bought one!

We closed on this little two-story cape last Thursday and it was all such a whirlwind – so quick from start to finish!  It’s in a country area and my heart is so happy because I am a country girl at heart and I have lived in apartments in cities (even small cities) for too long.  My work friend teases me because the cities I’ve lived in are minimum-citiness (he’s the city mouse to my country mouse) but I am so happy and can’t be bothered. 🙂

So looks like we are moving again.  I’m doing some major purging of my collectibles and such because I am so tired of packing things.  We’ve got a little bit of renovating to do before we move in, but who doesn’t?  It’s mostly ready, just little things here and there, and we have to build a closet situation because there’s none in the master bedroom, lol.

Still, it is all very exciting and we hope to be in just before Christmas.


Whelp.  Next month, I’m going to Rhode Island Comic Con and I am going on a cruise to the Bahamas so lots of fun and relaxation coming!  I’m hoping to get some reading done at sea.  I’m so excited for this vacation – could not have come at a better time!

I pulled my TBR for the rest of the year so I could pack up my books.  After I finish Midnight Thief I have a couple of light reads – Just Ella, a book from my Scholastic Book Fair days; and 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth which is just a comic book by The Oatmeal. 🙂 After that it’s all big heavy books!

Blog wise, there’s a few days ready to go and I have my very last OwlCrate unboxing… at least for a while. 🙂  This and that! 🙂  I think it’s going to be a bit slower for the next 2-3 months because my weekends are slammed (in a good way) so I apologize for the lull for the rest of the year?

You guys are the best!


What was the highlight of your October?  For me, honestly, it’s just the weather.  Though, I had a fun Paint Night with some friends, and that was great!  Tell me about your October memories in the comments!

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