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Good morning loves!

Today I’m bringing you a bookish tag I stole from Swetlana over at The Caffeinated Bookworm Lifethis one is about reading styles and … well … what I’m currently reading!  Fortunately, since I’m pre-writing this tag, these answers aren’t based on the book I’m reading right now, so these answer should be the same when the post drops – yay!

Swetlana totally did the work here and was able to uncover the original creator of the tag: Charly on Charly Reynhorse‘s BookTube channel waaaaaay back in 2015.  Charly isn’t an active booktuber anymore, but this is a great tag nonetheless.


How Many Books Do You Usually Read At Once?

I usually have three books running at any given time:  an audiobook, a hardback, and one of my eARCs.  I’m actually working to bringing this down to two because I’m trying to cut back on ARCs, but yeah… usually three!

So right now (10/2), I’m reading:

The Ambassador’s Mission in hardback… more specifically, this is a mass market paperback.  I hate mass market paperbacks, they’re so awkward!  My memory on this one is that it’s definitely a paperback-ish fantasy… but I don’t remember anything else.  This is a TBR Jar read for my Great Bookcase Crusade – we’ll see if it makes the cut!

For audiobook, my read is Vortex, the second book in a YA time travel romance trilogy.  To be honest, the first book was better, but I really enjoy this one as well… it’s just a bit indulgent and delightful.

Hopefully by the time this post drops, I’ll be done reading Ruthless Gods but this is my eARC of the moment!  I feel pretty lucky to get this one, as a lot of people really enjoyed Wicked Saints and highly anticipated the sequel.  So far, it’s a bit scattered for my tastes, but well… I’m only 7% in as of the time of writing.

How Do You Decide When To Switch Between Multiple Reads?

I have to be honest – I don’t allow myself to do this.  I know if I leave a book, I’ll never come back to it.  If I’m having trouble getting through a particular book in a particular format, I’ll switch to one of my other running reads.  I don’t like leaving a book I intend to finish… either I go to 100%, or the book gets DNF’d.

Do You Ever Switch Bookmarks Partway Through A Book?

Absolutely never!  I grab my bookmarks at random when I need one, but if I’m reading a hardcover book with a dust jacket, I just use the inside sleeves as bookmarks.  Also, I didn’t realise this was a bookish taboo until a couple years ago?  I just thought everyone did that… now I know a lot of people don’t even leave the dust jackets on their books while they’re reading them.

Where Do You Keep the Book(s) You’re Currently Reading?

Haha, well, the audiobook stays in Libby and the ebooks stay in the Kindle app…

Seriously, though, I usually carry my hardcopy books with me.  Right now, I don’t have The Ambassador’s Mission with me because I have Ruthless Gods that needs to be read… but if I wasn’t reading an ebook, I’d have my hardcopy in my laptop bag or purse back and forth to work every day.  When the book is at home, it lives either on the side table by my side of the couch, or on my bedside table.  Nearby and convenient for my reading needs!

What Time Of Day Do You Read The Most?

It depends on the day of the week.

During the work week, I only really have time to read at night.  I try to make sure I hit 20 minutes each night, no matter how tired I am.  During the weekends, though, I’m usually reading specifically to get through a book, and it’s really peaceful in my house early in the morning, so that’s when I tuck in.

How Long Do You Typically Read In One Session?

20 minutes at a go.

I mean, if a book is really drawing me in I go longer, but I have a difficult time sitting still for that long.  Twenty minutes is a good window to read, then take a break and do some chores or whatever, and then come back to my read.  This is what I do for readathons to try and prevent myself from burning out!

Do You Read Hardbacks With the Dust Jacket Off?

Oh hey, I talked about this earlier!

Nope, I keep it on.  I get that this probably damages the dist jacket a bit, but in my opinion, books are made to be loved.  You do you, I’ll do me.

What Position Do You Mainly Use To Read?

Very traditional – I curl up in an oversize chair, tuck my feet under me, and make myself small and comfortable.  I like the feels of cozy reading – comfy chair, fleece blanket, and ideally a cat on my lap.  I have a hard time reading lying down, but I wish I could do that more easily!

Do You Take Your Current Read With You Everywhere You Go?

Generally, yes!  I will always have a few books of some sort with me, partially because they’re on my phone and my phone goes where I go.  But I do bring my hardcopy with me when I can and when I don’t have any ARCs to read.

How Often Do You Update Your Goodreads Reading Progress?

I try to remember to do it at the end of every session, but I do forget sometimes.  I also check in while I’m reading if something I really like happens, or something I really dislike.  I use the Goodreads status updates as little annotative opportunities, because I read them again when I’m writing my review… and when I re-read a book as well.


How do you all read?  Do you change it up all the time, keeping your reading habits fluid?  Or are you like me, a creature of habit, where you do the same things all the time and follow your routines?

I’m tagging the following five bloggers for this tag, but if tags aren’t your thing, no pressure!  Also, if anyone else is interested in the tag, please feel free to steal it!

+ Genesis @ Whispering Chapters
+ Sarah @ Written Word Worlds
+ Kay @ Hammock of Books
+ Nadia @ Our Worlds of Words
+ Mari @ Musings of a (Book) Girl

These book bloggers are all really incredible, so I really recommend you check out their blogs if you haven’t already. 🙂


What position do you read in?  That was a question I don’t feel like I really think about most the time and I had to go through and follow my process in my head!  Anyone else like to find cozy corners to read in?  Tell me all about it in the comments!

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