Following Up on 2019 Goals and My Plans for 2020 & My Blog

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‘Tis the season to hold myself accountable for the blogging goals I made at the beginning of the year last year!  I am terrible at following through on resolutions – whether personal or blog – so I’m pretty sure I epically failed this one yet again (yay!) but you know?  Here goes nothing!

Before I make more empty promises to myself, let’s take a look at last year’s goals and whether or not I succeeded.

Don’t participate in NaNoWriMo.

I succeeded here!  Honestly, it was a really close call as well!  I very nearly went in for NaNoWriMo this November, but I’m honestly glad I didn’t.  November would have been the worst time this year to be writing a novel – I was packing and we went on vacation plus prepping the house… it would have been bad timing and I’m glad I held out.  I make no promises for next year.

Blog hop more. x

I am just perpetually bad at this.  It’s not that I’m not interested in the rest of the community, it’s just one of those things that falls off my desk, metaphorically speaking.  I work too much, and writing these blog posts and a little reading before bed is all I’ve been able to manage for a while now.  I can do NaNoWriMo if I don’t read and write blog posts but that’s the closest I get to changing things up.

I want to be better at this.  I’m not sure how to manage my time better while still getting 5-6 hours of sleep at night.  Forget things like watching television or taking up any new hobbies or learning languages.  Yikes.

Finish formatting old posts. 

Okay, so, I did do this.  Technically.  But then I changed my blog layout again because I am a sucker for punishment.  Still, I’m giving myself the “complete” checkmark because I did go through and reformat all my SEO and featured images before I changed it up over the summer.

Book buying ban. x

Hahaha this did not happen.  Preorders were one thing, and then book boxes contributed a lot as well.  When we moved back to MA, we were close to a thrift store that, at the time, had a bunch of used books that I was interested in so I think I collected about thirty books from that alone.

Now that we’ve moved again, we’re not near any thrift stores.  Or, sadly, any indie bookstores.  So I don’t think this will be as much of a problem going into 2020.  Which honestly makes me a little sad.

Read the books I own. 

Yes and no.  I think I’ve done just about as good this year as I have any other year.  I did cut down on ARCs this year and read a few more books in my personal library rather than just buying and reading new books, so maybe a bit better?  Yeah, you know what, I’m going to say this one was relatively successful.

Tidy up some of my blog pages. x

This is definitely something that did not happen, and it’s something I wish did.  I believe that at the very least, I need to fix up my Great Bookcase Crusade post.  There were some recent updates to my backend system plugin, so I have to fix it up.  So at least that page.


Okay, so it looks like last year, I met exactly 50% of my goals.  I did a lot better with my goals in 2018, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement in my blogging game. Instead of dwelling on the past, I’d like to turn to the future and make some plans and goals for 2020.

Allow myself to post less.

This is something I’ve struggled with for the last couple years.  I finally gave myself permission not to post 7 days a week, but December 2019 may be the first time in 3 years I’ve given myself permission to not post every single weekday.  In order to maintain better quality content for this blog, I think it’s essential for me to allow myself to have a few good posts instead of a lot of blah posts.  Which brings me to…

More discussion posts.

Even though they take a bit more work, I really prefer reading and writing discussion posts.  There was a push for these in the community a couple years ago, and I feel like that has dwindled a little?  Well, I want to bring them back to my little corner here.  I know Top Tens and other memes are easier to post, but I just don’t enjoy them as much?  Reading or writing.  I will still participate sometimes, but I have so many ideas just sitting in my drafts.

Fix my formatting and featured images.

This seems to be here every year, and if I’d just stop changing my layout and what not, I could finally take this off the list.  This year is a 2-for-1 – with Book Database being updated, I’ve got to go through and edit everything that got messed up when it came out of beta as well as fixing all the featured images.  That means going through post-by-post and it’s going to take an age, but it’s also a good mundane thing to do when I’m feeling blah and have some time to kill but want to be productive.

Edit one manuscript all the way through.

I have two manuscripts I want to edit – Fate and A Star Danced.  I’ll take either one of these, but I want to really sit down, chapter by chapter, and make something of them.  Writing is easy for me – editing is hard.  I need to do the hard part.  Fate is good, but needs another solid edit and some help from a friend.  Adversely, A Star Danced is a hot mess and needs a lot of work.

More posts about writing.

I still love writing and my writing process, even though I haven’t been able to do as much as I would like over the last five years.  The Literary Phoenix started as a writing blog, not a book blog.  While I don’t completely want to go back to my roots with that – I’m not published and I feel like I don’t have the right to talk as if I know what I’m doing – but I do want to talk a little more about writing and connect with that part of the community.

Personal Goal:  Write every day.

Once upon a time,  have a writing feature called 15 Minute Ficlets.  This was something that I did for years, at least once a week if not daily.  Starting on January 1st, I’m personally going to try and do this again, but for myself.  So I won’t clutter up the blog with stuff, but I am hoping to do that for myself.  I know that 15 minutes isn’t really anything quality, but it’s better than writing nothing, right?

Personal Goal:  Pass the SIE Exam

Well, this is NOT book or writing related at ALL.  I started studying for a financial exam back in 2018 near the end of the year, then tossed it to the side because honestly?  It was so challenging for me to understand and it wasn’t something I was interested in.  I do, however, work at a financial institution and the SIE and another qualifying exam has become less of a suggestion and more of a necessity.  I plan to start on it in the spring, like it or not.  Anyone good at explaining economics and finance to someone like me?


What are some of your 2020 goals?  Do you have any similar ones to me?  Tell me all your hopes and dreams for the new year and new decade in the comments!

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6 responses to “Following Up on 2019 Goals and My Plans for 2020 & My Blog

  1. I think 50% is still a great achievement rate! You made some changes that you might not have done without setting those goals. One of my goals is to post more in 2020, but for me that means posting three times a week instead of twice 😛 Good luck with your 2020 goals 🙂

    • Amber

      Oh you are so supportive and sweet, thank you so much. 🙂 Posting takes so much time and thought, doesn’t it? I admit I’m guilty of having put out subpar posts in order to meet my goals. I’m also one of those bloggers who posts *all* her reviews instead of just select ones. Increased posting is difficult, but very attainable! I hope you are able to achieve your goal as well, but make sure you don’t burn out. 😉

  2. Ahh you did pretty great with your goals, 50% is awesome already! I wish you all the best for your goals this year and hope you can give yourself some slack and rest and post less – I admire you so much for posting SO much, honestly I don’t know how you do it ahah. And I’ll look forward to discussions and writing posts! 🙂

    • Amber

      <3 Thanks Marie. Most of my posts are really just reviews, which I'm writing anyway for Goodreads, so that really helps fill my calendar. :) I do want to have been discussion items though because I feel like those have been lacking. I've already got some scheduled so I hope I'll see you back! ;)