My 10 Most Recent Acquisitions! (Because Clearly I Can’t Stop)

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Christmas and the general winter months tend to add a lot of books to my bookshelf.

I don’t do it on purpose.  I just have zero chill.  I end up spoiling myself for Christmas, plus there’s my annual SantaThing haul which is always an unexpected surprise.  I have a running list of “to buy” titles based on audiobooks I’ve read and want to own in hardcopy… that certainly contributes.  I also jump on the Audible bandwagon every January, when the monthly subscription is less than $10, and I hold until the end of the trial period.

So, needless to say, new books roll in during January.

To make a perfect 10, I’ve got to start you in the middle of a Barnes & Noble haul (these are super rare – maybe once or twice a year).

2 books found

My favorite thing about bookstore hauls is the sheer joy of cover-shopping.  I got to do this all the time when I was younger and there was a Borders in the town I grew up in.  Because of that, I read loads of books I really enjoyed… and that I’ve never seen anyone talk about.  You’ve got to admit, hype drives this blogosphere.  Hype, and ARCs.  Sometimes it’s nice to find something new and undiscussed.

One change I’ve made in my bookstore shopping in the last decade is that I pull up the book on Goodreads before buying.  Both Queen of the Conquered and Suicide Notes get decent reviews… looking forward to giving both a try!

My next set comes from my annual SantaThing haul!  Last year, I did a SantaThing unboxing post.  This year, my box came well after the holidays (eh, shipping, what can you do?) so it felt a little late for that.  Instead – voila! – here it is!

This year’s haul was interesting… the last couple years have been filled with authors I know and books I’ve heard of and last year, the gifted picked things on my wishlist which was awesome, because I got to add a handful of books I really wanted to read to my library.  This year, For a Muse of Fire and These Rebel Waves were on my TBR, but the others? … The first one I pulled out was actually Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell… which is the first DNF I can remember having.  It was over ten years ago, and I remember it being dry and the mass market paperback being impossible to read.  I’ll try it again, because now I have a copy, but… … not feeling hopeful.  Bad luck.

Also, yes, I am an ungrateful jerk. 🙂 The Testing was a bit of a win at least – I hadn’t heard of it before but it looks like it came from the generation of a gazillion The Hunger Games-esque dystopias, and I am okay with that.

Third set is this month’s YA Book of the Month club picks!  This month was difficult – I almost got all three, but forced myself to stick to two.

2 books found

Both these look like really interesting reads, and I’m looking forward to them.  I’ve had pretty good luck with my YA Book of the Month subscription – if it’s something you’re interested in, you can use my referral link and I get a free book.  Yay, who doesn’t love free books?  This is my current only book subscription – it keeps me in new books, but without all the merchandise I no longer have space for.

Finally, a Daily Deal I picked up on Audible!

1 book found

I read Be Frank With Me last year, and I liked it enough that I would listen to it again.  One of the things I really like about my brief Audible subscriptions every year is access to the daily deals.  I’ve gotten some good books this way, including Six of Crows and The Name of the Wind.


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic was “The Ten Most Recent Additions to My Bookshelf”.  While I tend to cover this every month in my wrap up (check for the “book haul” section! 🙂 ) this was a fun little way to focus on ten different books and the whys and wherefores of them, rather than just my usual “look at my new books” approach!


What was your last bookish purchase? Was it a book?  Bookmark?  Some other bookish merchandise?  Tell me all about your newest treasures in the comments!

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2 responses to “My 10 Most Recent Acquisitions! (Because Clearly I Can’t Stop)

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE finding new unheard-of books at the bookstore. You’re right, it’s so nice to find something on your own without a bunch of hype surrounding it. And I search for stuff on Goodreads with my phone too! I just awkwardly stand there in the middle of the isle while I read book reviews about it ? It seems like you got some good stuff though! I’m super curious about Queen of the Conquered and Woven in the Moonlight. Hopefully they’re good!!

    Loretta @ Laughing Listener recently posted: 2019 Overview: A Year of Slumps & Romance
    • Amber

      Oh man, I’m glad I’m not the only awkward Goodreads-research lingerer. XD I need to know if this is a trash book or not! XD

      I’m looking forward to Queen of the Conquered! The lady at the check out got SUPER excited when she saw I was buying it, so I take that as a good sign!