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Welcome, loves, to the first book tag this year!  Tags are something I enjoy on the blog, and I absolutely intend to keep them up, especially because it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers, and add a bit of a fun list-style post to the daily roundup.

January’s tag is one I stole from Purely Olivia, and one she posted about this time last year.  This tag combines Taylor Swift and books, which is a fun combo, and Olivia created it herself!  I very rarely talk about music on this blog (except for tags like The Song Request Book Tag and the OMG This SONG! Tag)… but I have actually been listening to Taylor Swift since 2006, when her song “Tim McGraw” had just dropped.

Yes, yes, I know.  I’m ancient.

These days,  obviously, Taylor’s doing a bit better for herself and has made quite the name for herself, having a HUGE follower base.  She’s come a long way from those beginnings.

This isn’t a post about Taylor Swift, though.  It’s about Taylor Swift and books.  So lets get to it!


You’re Not Sorry

A book that unapologetically broke your heart

The Game of Love and Death stubbornly insists on letting me bleed my heart all over the page with every.  Single. Page.

If you guys like YA historical fiction / magical realism and you want a book where you are going to fall in love with EVERY character and get to watch them ALL in pain and you are helpless to rescue them… Martha Brockenbrough has you covered in this one.



Back to December

A book you still think about even after you finished

Many, many books have this kind of a grip on my heart.

I’ve even got unscheduled drafts about books where I felt like a review was not enough to cover the book and I wanted to expand further.  And that’s not even counting all the books that I just loved to pieces and they stayed with me.

For today, though, I’m going with Rebecca.  I just really, REALLY wasn’t expecting that plot twist and I didn’t expect to up-and-down LOVE the book as much as I did.  Every once in a while, it pops in my head and I’m just like, OKAY BUT THAT BOOK WAS UNEXPECTED AND GOOD. … I’d say that qualifies!


If This Was a Movie

A book you really want to become a movie

These days, I have bigger aspirations for most books, because I think that many of them are so complicated, it would be better if they were television series as opposed to movies.  Movies are so limited in scope nowadays.

That said, I think Beauty Queens could make a really funny movie.  I’m seeing Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick… basically all the girls from Pitch Perfect.  It would probably not make a whole lot of money, but I think it would be hilarious.




A book with the most beautiful cover

This is a trap.  So many different kinds of books have beautiful covers.  Here are a handful of really pretty covers (in my opinion)


Shake It Off

A book that gets hate but you still love

I don’t think people hate the book so much as they just don’t like the author, since Caitlin Moran has some controversial views about feminism, but I really, really, really enjoyed How to Build a Girl and I’m not sorry about it.


Did you know they made a movie?  It stars Beanie Feldstein and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year.  I really want to see this movie.  It was picked up by IFC Films after the festival for US Distribution rights.  I read it’s supposed to be released in 2020… we’ll see.  I’ll be looking for it.


Never Grow Up

A book that gives you childhood nostalgia

My absolute favorite book as a kid, and one that inspirited me to love some many things that I love today – history, fantasy, time travel, writing, magic, adventure – is Alexander Lloyd’s Time Cat.  I pop this book in conversation here and there, and sometimes, I’ll even reread it (it’s a quick read, only an hour or two) because it was so important to me as a child.  So much nostalgia.

Everyone has that one book they loved to pieces as a kid and is still precious to them, right?  I bet for most people, it’s Harry Potter of Twilight or something by Cassandra Clare.  Nope, I go straight for the time-traveling cat.


Sparks Fly

A book you instantly clicked with

Probably Starworld.

This is a criminally under-appreciated book in the blogosphere (seriously, I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere).  It’s about two unlikely friends who end up building a fantasy world in text messages as they deal with complicated family problems and the scary crazy world of discovering who they are and how they feel about the world.  It’s just a really, really good book and I liked it immediately and it kills me a little that more people haven’t read it, because you guys are missing out on a really good, diverse contemporary.



A classic that will never get old

There are a lot of really good classics out there.  Also a lot of really bad ones!  For me, this has to go to Alice in Wonderland because I am such a big fan of Alice.  I think there’s so much to play with in that world of uncertain in-betweens and things not really being the way they seem.  Alice is also a great protagonist – curious and sweet, she’s endearing.  I find something new every time I read the book, and it’s a children’s book.  I’m not it’s audience, and every time, it’s still good.

I’d also argue that The Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic.


End Game

A book with a romance you love

Oh, oh, oh!

These questions usually take me an age to answer, but I just read a book where I loved the romance and the couple so this one goes to The Fountains of Silence.  I loved Daniel and Ana as a couple (personality-wise – do NOT hit me with any white savior crap because she made her own way before the endgame and he is in no way “rescuing” her).

This book was really good in general.  There was some hype about it last last year, and it really is that good.  I recommend it.


I Know You Were Trouble

A book you couldn’t help but become obsessed with

I was totally unexpectedly trapped by The Poppy War.

What a GOOD book.

I feel like I was obsessed with it before a lot of other people because it sort of sauntered casually into the room and then people started reading it and we were all like WHAT IS THIS MAGIC WHY AREN’T MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT IT?

And for a while, they were!  Now they sort of aren’t again.



Bad Blood

A book where you loved the first one but hated the sequel

Easy!  Tempest and Vortex by Julie Cross.  These are both time travel books and I really liked the first one.  Tempest had a soundly created time travel system with good stakes, good consequences, and a bunch of characters that you cared about and were invested in, even if you didn’t love them.  Then enter Vortex.  The second book in the trilogy was a hot mess and Cross broke all her own rules and the characters got ridiculous and honestly sometimes it was like… wait these are by the same author?  WHAT HAPPENED?!  SO. Disappointed.  I’m hoping book 3 is better, but I’m not holding my breath.


I won’t tag anybody here, because I know there are pretty strict divides regarding how people feel about Taylor Swift?  I do NOT want to accidentally tag someone who hates her and ruin their day. :). That said!  If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, feel free to steal this tag, and please head over to Olivia’s blog to show her some love for creating such a fun, creative tag!


What is your favorite Taylor Swift song?  I honestly loved her entire Speak Now album.  I like different songs on all her albums… and of course there are songs that I can’t stand by her as well, but love her or hate her, you have to admit she’s influential!  Tell me how much you love (or dislike) Taylor Swift in the comments!

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6 responses to “The Wonderstruck Book Tag // Taylor Swift + Books= YES!

  1. Iris @ Hoard of Books

    For a long time I was that annoying tween who hated Taylor Swift because she was popular, but then I realized that was sorta stupid, and then when Lover came out I was curious so I listened to it and got sort of obsessed. Then my friend made me listen to her entire discography and I got even more obsessed. My favourites are mostly off of Lover and Reputation, but I looove some songs off of Speak Now and Red as well. Her earlier stuff is fine, but I sorta find it all blends together for me, so I don’t listen to it much.

    • Amber

      That’s a fair point on her earlier stuff – I find a lot of country blends. I always find it interesting to listen through her music chronologically and she her evolution from country to pop! Lover is a great album though!! One of my favourites.

  2. Aaaah I’ve loved Taylor Swift since I was like 8/9? It was back in 2009 when We’re Never Getting Back Together dropped and was massively overplayed causing many people to erm…not like her just because of that one song. At least that’s what I took away from it, but I fell in love with her music for the country style, the lyrics and I still love her now. I can’t for the life of me remember if I’ve already done this tag though, if I haven’t you can bet I’m gonna do it hehe

    Clo @ Cuppa Clo recently posted: Bullet Journal 101: Is A BuJo Right For You?
    • Amber

      Yesyesyes you MUST! I haven’t seen it anywhere on the blogosphere except the creator’s blog! We’re Never Getting Back Together was my ANTHEM when I got out of a terrible relationship in ‘11, and I still sing I Knew You Were Trouble at my cat (who is the definition of trouble). Her songs are super relatable. ?

  3. Thank you so much for participating in my tag!! I’m sorry I’m commenting on this so late, but this was a really lovely post and I loved reading it.❤️✨I haven’t read a lot of the books you talked about, but I hopefully found some new recommendations and I definitely agree that Alice in Wonderland is a classic of all classics. :))

    • Amber

      No worries – most tag owners don’t comment, so I think it’s really cool you did! It was a fun tag, too! Something different. 🙂