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Hi everyone!

Back in November, I did a quick review on Gillywick Goods, a bookish candlemaker I’d ordered from a few times.  With a couple years of book boxes under my belt, I’ve run into quite a lot of the bookish merch makers, and I feel like we don’t spend a lot of time talking about them?  So that’s what these features are for.  These reviews are absolutely not sponsored – all products I own have been purchased by myself and the review is based on my own opinions.

Basically, guys?  There are a lot of bookish merch makers out there, and you never know what you’re going to get… and I want you to be prepared.  And I want to share the good ones.

Fortunately, today we’re talking about one of my favorites, so this is going to be a joyful review.

Flick the Wick is one half of book merch company Dreamy and Co., so this company actually offers the full range of products.  For the purposes of today’s review, I just want to focus on the Flick the Wick half of the business.  While I have ordered merchandise from Dreamy and Co. and loved it, I really just want to talk about the candles

I’ve received Flick the Wick candles here and there in book boxes, but I think I was most convinced when I ordered their Sorcerer’s Spells box.  This box is hands down one of my favorite book boxes ever, and and it doesn’t even include a book.  The quality of of that box was absolutely fantastic and the candles are lovely.  So to get that out of the way, if you’ve ever been thinking about a Flick the Wick box, I’ve now received two and they were both great.  In fact, this The Realms of Middle Earth candle above is from the Middle Earth box.  Also, it smells amazing.

Which brings me to the next topic of conversation!

Candle scents are really arbitrary to the individual, but I am happy to say that Flick the Wick has really good aromas.  They aren’t strong enough to fill your whole house, but they do add a pleasant note to the general space.  With a softer smell than some others, these scents are also less headache-inducing if you’re sensitive to smells, which is really lovely.

Flick the Wick mixes multiple notes in their candles, but they all blend very nicely.  For example, their Patronus Charm candle has a lovely, fresh honeydew melon aroma that I personally love.  Fruity candles are my favorite, and while they offer plenty of those, there’s also headier smells, musky smells, and soft vanillas.  No matter what you’re looking for, Flick the Wick likely has an aroma you’ll enjoy.

My personal favorite period, is the Bibliophile candle. I’ll be sad when and if Flick the Wick retires this one.

The difficulty with small companies, unfortunately, is the lifetime and variety of their products.  Companies with a lot of different products usually trade them out frequently for new aromas or designs.  As such, products like the Patronus Charm candle is no longer available in the shop (though that doesn’t mean it’ll never come back), and others like The Realms of Middle Earth are box-specific and may or may not ever be sold for individual purchase.

The visuals of the candles speak for themselves – they’re beautifully designed, in theme with the general brand aesthetic, and good color matches for the wax.  The jars are well weighted and the caps don’t feel flimsy or cheap.  They come in 4oz. and 8oz. sizes, though there are some smaller ones available in the boxes.

The quality of the candle construction is also very good.  With small candle companies, this is where things can go wrong.  Bulk orders can get sloppy, wicks can end up too short or off-center, etc.  I have not experienced that in any of Flick the Wick‘s candles.  All wicks are centered and long enough that they burn cleanly.  While doesn’t bother me in particular, I also haven’t come across any frosting (the white blotches in wax).  All these candles burn smoothly and cleanly.

The only thing left to say is that Flick the Wick uses 100% soy wax, and they are USA based.  If you are looking to support a small business and enjoy bookish candles, these one smell amazing and burn nicely.  They have my stamp of approval.


Have you tried Flick the Wick?  I have a few from book boxes, but I’ve ordered from them three different times myself, and I just love their candles.  I’d love to hear about your experience, though!  Let me know in the comments!

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