Strange Planet by Nathan W. Pyle

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Strange Planet

Strange Planet

by Nathan W. Pyle

Publisher: Morrow Gifts on November 19, 2019
Genre: Comics, Humor
Target Age Group: Adult, Middle Grade, New Adult, Young Adult
Rating: ★★★★★

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Straight from the mind of New York Times bestselling author Nathan W. Pyle comes an adorable and profound universe in pink, blue, green, and purple. Based on the phenomenally popular Instagram of the same name, Strange Planet covers a full life cycle of the planet’s inhabitants, including milestones such as:

The Emergence Day
Being Gains a Sibling
The Being Family Attains a Beast
The Formal Education of a Being
Celebration of Special Days
Being Begins a Vocation
The Beings at Home
Health Status of a Being
The Hobbies of a Being
The Extended Family of the Being
The Being Reflects on Life While Watching the Planet Rotate

With dozens of never-before-seen illustrations in addition to old favorites, this book offers a sweet and hilarious look at a distant world not all that unlike our own.


What a fun book?  I’ve been following Strange Planet (@nathanpylestrangeplanet) on Instagram for a little while, introduced by a friend who kept reposting them to her stories.  I’m grateful for that, because I look forward to logging in and reading the new comics daily.  It’s the little things in life, right?  The things that make you smile.

Ultimately, this little coffee table-esque collection is more of the same as he posts on his Instagram.  And that isn’t a complaint because I love it.  I’d say I’ve seen about half of the comics in this book, but there were new ones as well.  Of course, it was a light, easy read that was good for a chuckle while getting me off my phone.

Also?  It’s just really good to support these artists if you appreciate the comics they provide for free.  That’s usually why I buy comics – these artists work hard.  Not to mention the fact that I knew what I was getting and I knew I liked it, so it’ll be a lovely thing to pull out when I need to chuckle.  Comics are wonderful for that.

For those unfamiliar with Strange Planet, basically there are these blue aliens who exist like us, but their language is different.  For example, a vase is called a “death cylinder”.  You really need to have the right sense of humor for Strange Planet and enjoy the wordplay, otherwise this is not going to be a very enjoyable read.  To reference my husband (who is tired of me sending him panels), disentangling the language can take away from the enjoyment.  But it depends on your sense of humor.  Like anything.

The color theme of this strip is consistent, giving it a themed feel.  Shades of pink and blue and standard, with a little white and black.  Rarely, there will be purple and red, but that’s it.  In this way, the strip is easily recognizable and easy to read.  Sometimes there’s another color, but it’s rare.

Please enjoy this example of a comic included in Strange Planet.  It is one I relate to and it made me chuckle.  Also I had to scroll really far to find one I knew was in the book.  Pyle posts new comics daily, but also posts an old comic as the second slide, so most of the in-book ones are slide two.  This one wasn’t, huzzah!


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o p a q u e

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So, yeah, that’s an example of the humor and style.  It’s also a rare appearance of green in the comic, which almost never happens.

I really do recommend Strange Planet – both the little coffee table book, and the Instagram page.  Pyle has a great, fun comic and it will bring a little joy to your day.

Ratings Breakdown

Characters: ★★★★★
Writing: ★★★★★
Art: ★★★★★
Personal Enjoyment: ★★★★★


Strange Planet Stays on my Shelf

I knew I was going to keep this book.  That’s really the way I should go into purchasing books?  Rather than buying and not being sure.

Comics are something I buy to support the artist, and because I know I will go back and enjoy at least a percentage of the work in the books, enough that they’ll be something I will revisit when I feel like bingeing on an artist’s work, and laughing.  Or at least grinning.  Comic strips are a source of joy for me, and they’re collected to provide just that.

So, yup.  This once certainly stays.


Do you follow any comic artists on Instagram?  I’m only following five at the moment – Strange Planet, Catana Comics, What’s Up Beanie, The Touring Test, and Cat and Comics.  I recommend all of them!  What ones do you recommend?  Let me know in the comments!

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