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For the longest time, it felt like there were SO MANY Avengers movies coming out.  One every few months.  I like the various avenger films, some more than others, but even I was starting to burn out.  I think we’ve had about six months between the last Avengers film and Black Widow, and honestly… thank you, I needed that breather.

I stole this tag from Hammock of Books, who posted it last fall.  Thanks for sharing, Kay, this one looked super fun and I couldn’t resist!  I believe the original was Super Space Chick on BookTube, but this one got tricky to follow backward, as there was a lot of broken links, so if I’ve mis-attributed it, let me know!

I should note that because of the age of this tag, this is the OG Avengers – no Vision, no Scarlet Witch.  Black Panther.  Spiderman.  Ant-Man.  Falcon, Iron Patriot, Captain Marvel, Guardians… oy, there are a lot of Avengers now….

Iron Man

A Book That Made You Laugh Out Loud

Just One Damned Thing After Another // Time travel, dinosaurs, and a snarky lady protagonist?  Honestly this unchecked so many boxes for me anyway, but it was super funny and I found myself chuckling a lot as I listened to the audiobook.  That was not always a good thing, as I listened to the audiobook on a cruise ship, occasionally in public areas.  Got a few weird looks, but totally worth it.

Captain America

A Book That Sends A Positive Message

Scars Like Wings // I don’t think I can name a single book that addresses injury and disfigurement, let alone one that addresses it with such reverence and has such a good story.  You will cry, but also by the end, it’s a heartwarming story. And not in that Hallmark way where you  are warm and fuzzy, but it feels fake?  Just an overall great book here.


A Book With A Character’s Strength You Admire

Katniss from The Hunger Games // Really, would it be a book tag on this blog without me mentioning The Hunger Games?  Even though this book is over a decade old, it still resonates, and I really love Katniss.  Over the years I’ve heard her repeatedly referred to an an unlikable character, but honestly, I don’t see it.  She may not be endearing, but she is impressive.

Black Widow

A Book With A Kick Ass Female Protagonist

Kady from Illuminae // Kick ass female protagonists are a dime a dozen, and I’ve done a whole post addressing some of my favorites, as well as a whole dedicated book tag.  That said, they are still wonderful fun to read, and while I’m a million years behind everyone else, I was so impressed with Kady’s growth through Illuminae and the way she handled everything.


A Book That Made You Incredibly Angry

The Switch // I haven’t gotten full-out miffed at a book in a while – part of that is because I put down books when I know they’re going to get me to that place.  But a couple years ago, I was still requesting ARCs in droves, and The Switch was one that came across my shelf.  There are a few ARCs I forced myself through, filled with rage, but I really hated The Switch.


An Underrated Book You Think More People Should Pay Attention To

A Match Made in Mehendi // While I’ll often give this slot to A.R. Capetta’s Echo After Echo (and I still think that is underrated!!), A Match Made in Mehendi went completely under the radar.  Not that people didn’t like it… more like… nobody read it.  I got this for free at BookCon last year, and even I wrote it off at the time, but I’m so glad I read it?  I enjoyed this book incredibly and it’s a diverse romantic contemporary and was just… such a nice read?  Worth your time, especially if you need something light and enjoyable.

*Bonus* ~ Loki

A Book With A Twist Or Surprise That Tricked You

Rebecca // I went into Rebecca with absolutely no expectations and not even entirely sure what it was about… but knowing that a lot of other people enjoyed it?  And then the ENDING I did not expect at all and retrospectively, I thought maybe I should have caught on?  But it floored me and I devoured it, and Rebecca ended up one of my favorite books last year both because of the atmosphere and the twists.

In the interest of not tagging people who don’t like the Avengers and other superhero movies, I’m going to skip tagging people on this one, but if you decide to steal the tag, I would love to see your answers!


Which Avenger is your favorite?  I like a few different ones for various reasons, but my OG favorite is Captain America.  Which, as I’ve come to understand, is a rare and unpopular opinion.  What about you?  Tell me your favorite Avenger in the comments!

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