10 Ways to Efficiently Procrastinate on Your Current WIP

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With another round of Camp NaNoWriMo tucked under my belt, I find myself reviewing one of the aspects of writing I feel like I’ve really mastered: procrastination.  Normal NaNoWriMo is bad enough, but these days when the world is just a little heavier than usual, productivity is particularly difficult.

So, if you’re like me and know you should be working on your WIP, but at the same time… you just don’t have the heart, here are a few alternative activities you may wish to try!

Be warned:  almost none of these will help you make any progress on your project.  Proceed with caution!

#1.  Develop your resources more (character, world, research).

I mean, this one is potentially actually useful, right?  What if, as you’re writing, you need to know the origin story of a religion pertinent to one of the neighboring lands?  This will totally help with writing… later.

#2.  Read the news.

The real world always plays into novels somehow, because writers are the product of their own times and cultures.  Therefore, it is important to keep up on current events.  And if you find yourself emotionally and creatively exhausted by the woes of the world, don’t worry, we’ve got a suggestion for that too!

#3.  Take a nap.

Lets be real.  Writing is an exhausting hobby!  You may not be the one climbing cliff faces to reach the tomb of a martyr and steal his relic, but sometimes, it feels like you may as well be doing all that legwork yourself.  A quick shut eye is probably a good idea.

#4.  Play with your pets.

While writing is important, taking Clifford for a walk is important too!  And that fresh air will be good for you!  You always feel more creatively inclined when you’re playing fetch.

#5.  Play Animal Crossing


Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do.  Those bugs need catching because Flick is precious and also there’s important flower breeding to do.  Just because you’re a writer doesn’t mean you should avoid talking to Peanut today.

#6.  Make brownies.

It is a universally known truth that brownies make everything a little better, so when that romance scene is getting cheesy beyond control and you literally can’t think of anything else your characters can do to be cute and flirty without going too far, it’s probably time to whip up some delicious, ooey gooey chocolate brownies.

#7.  Plan your next vacation

I have mentioned that writing is exhausting work, right?  You probably deserve a break when you reach your word goal.  And the sun is shining outside and you’d probably be even MORE productive on a beach with a margarita, right? 10/10 you should plan a trip to the Bahamas.

#8.  Catch up on Westworld.

Is this just a me thing?  I’m criminally behind on this show and I put it off because the episodes are so long, but also, I’m glue to every single one.  Hey, if it’s not Westworld, there’s good writing to be appreciated in television – it’s probably best if you go binge your favorite show.

#9.  Video chat friends and family.

This one is important because it’s a writerly stereotype to isolate themselves to work on their creative process.  You don’t want to be a trope, right?  Encouragement to keep excelling at your craft is important to move forward, and anyway, how long has it been since your mom last asked to read your manuscript?

#10.  Write a blog post about procrastinating on your WIP.

Other writers may be struggling with this right now.  It’s important to share your expertise.  Writing conversation in the greater community helps us all grow!


Are you the type of person who cleans house to procrastinate on writing?  I tend to come and work on my blog, haha, but I know a lot of people who start cleaning when they don’t want to do anything else!  Tell me about your biggest procrastination distraction in the comments!

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4 responses to “10 Ways to Efficiently Procrastinate on Your Current WIP

  1. This is a huge mood wow.
    I wrote a lot for camp nano, but since then have been . . . procrastinating. I think I’ve opened my document mayyyybe three times all May, which is . . . not what I was intending to do. I have been baking a lot though so?priortities?

    • Amber

      I had so much fun writing this post because *yes* such a mood! Anyway, since you’ve opened the document, you’ve done better than me! Baking, however, is a noble pursuit and I understand the detour. ?

  2. While I don’t watch Westworld or play Animal Crossing, I do watch other things and play other games. But there’s one thing you forgot to include – read all the posts on every single blog you’re subscribed to! That’s a real good way to not work on your WIP. (Guilty!)

    Davida Chazan recently posted: Billie Walker Begins.
    • Amber

      What an excellent addition to the list! You’re right – blog hopping is dreadfully important! How else would you meet other writers who are also procrastinating? ?