Another 5 Truly Lovely Book Bloggers You Should Follow!

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Hi loves!

It’s be a little while since I did a blogger showcase, so I thought I’d share some more of my favorite book bloggers.  These folx have great content and are lovely human beings and I recommend their blogs highly!

For an extra chocolate drizzle of fun and excitement, none of these book bloggers focus on a lot of mainstream titles, although they pepper them in from time to time.  If you want to broaden your reading horizons and have conversations about classics or the community, blogging as a hobby, and/or writing… I recommend these blogs!

Thoughts Stained With Ink

The Blog:  Thoughts Stained With Ink is run by Nicole.  She reads a lot of epic fantasy (and has great recs if that’s your jam, I love it!) as well as talks about her writing process and isn’t hesitant to use her platform for the greater good, which is amazing and I have so much love and respect for that.  I’ve come to Nicole’s blog in the last year, but it’s quickly risen to one of my favorites because of her thoughtful discussions and passion.

Some recent posts to check out:

Arub Unwritten

The Blog:  I’ve always really appreciated Arub’s blog because she comes from a place of, I feel, quiet thoughtfulness.  A lot of bloggers come into the scene with trumpeting fanfare and rainbow confetti, but Arub Unwritten is carefully crafted and very intellectually done.  Even her reviews evoke conversation and deep conscious thought, which I find to be an under-appreciated trait in our community.  She focuses mostly on reading on her blog, but there are also threads about film and occasionally, the theatre.

Some recent posts to check out:

Novels and Waffles

The Blog:  I actually discovered Kat first through her graphic design work, and delved into Novels and Waffles afterward.  I still recommend her services (see: almost all the graphics on my blog) but as a blogger, Kat brings something special to the table in her conversations about blogging, design, and general online presence maintenance.  She also runs the Bibliosmile Project, which is a sunshiny, positive series in this salty world of book bloggers.

Some recent posts to check out:

Curiouser and Curiouser

The Blog: Amy’s blog, Curiouser and Curiouser, focuses heavily on classic novels and she has a wonderful weekly feature called Shakespeare Saturdays.  As a general fan of the Bard’s work, I look forward to her weekly musings, particularly as she’s made quite the study, and I always learn things from her.  You won’t find much conversation about sensational modern works, but in it’s own way, that’s a lovely thing in itself.

Some recent posts to check out:

Nut Free Nerd

The Blog:  I’ve actually featured Holly before, as one of my favorite bookstagrammers, and that still holds true.  She has a very original handle on her platform, keeping things very organic.  She reads a wide variety of books on Nut Free Nerd, leaning heavily into classics, but she has such an excellent smorgasbord.  She’s recently changed her review style to a letter format, which is so creative and makes them very interesting to read.

Some recent posts to check out:


Do you follow any of these blogs?  If so, would you account any of them among your favorites?  Let me know if you love or follow them in the comments, and drop some of your own favorites as well!

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6 responses to “Another 5 Truly Lovely Book Bloggers You Should Follow!

    • Amber

      You’re welcome Kat! I love both your blog and your bookstagram and you definitely deserve to be on lots of favorites lists. 🙂 <3

  1. Ohmygosh, Amber, you are SUCH a gem, thank you so much! I am just now seeing this for some reason (I dunno how I missed this post), but thank you SO much for highlighting my blog! Yours is one I recently discovered in the past year, too, but I absolutely adore your posts and I am just so grateful for this. Thank you so much! <3 <3

    (Also, sorry to be that person, but I actually go by Nicole, not Nikki. :))

    • Amber

      Oh my gosh, thank you for pointing that out! I will fix that immediately. It’s definitely instinctual because of other Nicoles I know who go by nicknames – I’m so sorry! 💕

      • Thank you so much for fixing that! And I totally understand–a lot of Nicole’s go by nicknames and there was absolutely no harm by it at all. I just appreciate you updating it, as that means the world (and, I’m still blown away that you highlighted my blog to begin with). <3