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A couple years ago, Sarah over at Written Word Worlds created her version of the Meme Book Tag, and because memes are super fun, I want to revisit this older tag!  As I mentioned a couple months ago with The Burrito Book Tag, I thought it would be fun to time travel a little and go back and find some of these older book tags I missed, and do them!

I know that memes change over time, and some of these may be older, but I’m going with the original memes Sarah used.  If you want to snag the tag and change up some of the memes, Sarah addressed this in her original post as well… and she said go for it!  I’m actually very poorly versed in memes, especially non-GIF ones, lol, so I’m sticking with the originals.

Hopefully this is a fun tag for you guys, and definitely steal it – who knows, maybe we can revitalize this in the community!

A Novel You Got Confused By

Hmm.  I actually don’t know that I’ve found a book confusing, per se.  I’m sure there have been academic textbooks with confusing content, but I … I guess I don’t get confused much in novels.  Multiple POVs don’t throw me off, and neither do time jumps, which are common culprits.  If they do, they just usually throw me in the beginning while I’m acclimating to the writer’s style, but I go back and reset my expectations and I get it.

I mean, there are always those books where you read the summary and are like, “I’m confused as to why someone thought THAT would be a good idea for a book” …  but … I guess I just pass those by.

A Book You Will Always Name Drop

Haha, when I was a kid, this was Gone With the Wind because it’s such a big book and I was snobby “look at me I’m 14 and I’ve read THIS MONSTER”.  More lately, though, I name drop books I love, so I’m not sure if you guys have heard of Tess of the Road?  … It’s a pretty good book.  Just saying.

A Book You Bought When It Was Popular But You Will Never Read

Hmmmmmm The Language of Thorns.

Okay, okay.  I will never off-load a book without trying it.  But I definitely would not have bought this book without all the hype, and I’m not really anxious to read it.  I’m not as enamored of the Grishaverse as many others in the community, and I’m not huge of short stories either… so…. this was definitely a “hype pick” for me.

Which is funny, actually, because I don’t remember reading much about it after publication.  But everyone was all excited before publication and I got swept up.  I try not to be that person anymore.

A Book You Want to Cheat on Your TBR to Read Right Now

Oh yeah, any given day this could be any book.  But I just finished Alanna which is one of my childhood favorites and I’m dying to pick up the second book in the series (In the Hand of the Goddess) because it’s my favorite in that series.

Not gonna do it though.

The TBR Jar reigns supreme.

I deserve medals for my self-control.

A Book You’re Surprised No One Else Likes

I actually remember going out and offering my surprise on Twitter (and maybe also the blog?  It’s been a while) after reading How to Build a Girl for the first time, because there was no chatter and what I could find, chatter-wise, was very negative.  What I learned is that Caitlin Moran sucks at intersectional feminism.

Of course, my lack of knowledge in this stream is related to the fact I read How to Build a Girl a while before I read How to Be a Woman and that I have only recently started vetting my authors.  Despite her mishaps in her memoir and her own personal exclusion of non-white experience in her feminism, the novel How to Build a Girl is still a highly entertaining piece of fiction and I recommend it.

A Book You Keep Re-Reading, Despite Your Growing TBR

I’ve come back to a few in the last couple years, but the one I’ve been particularly enamored of lately is The Game of Love and Death.  I re-read that one last year, and I’ve been thinking about it again this year because outside of it being an excellent book, I really enjoyed the conversations about Black oppression in Flora’s POV, as well as interracial love and what it meant to be gay during the Great Depression.

It’s just this really good underappreciated book, guys.

An Underrated Book You’ll Never Stop Shouting at People to Read

Um, hi, see the above?

Why haven’t you guys read The Game of Love and Death?

Or like… any of A.R. Capetta’s works outside of Once and Future or The Brilliant Death?  Her contemporaries are so good.  Echo After Echo is a favorite.

And you know that else is super underrated?  Anything by Rae Carson!  Her world building is magificent and her protagonists interesting.  I absolutely fell in love with Walk on Earth a Stranger earlier this year and unabashedly recommend it.

Spill the Tea!  Name a Book You’re Surprised is Popular

… … A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Guys, I tried earlier this year and I just couldn’t be bothered.  It’s so trashy and the male characters are a bit creepy to be honest and I know I’ve only run into one other person who didn’t unabashedly love this book and the rest of the series but honest to goodness I do not understand.

A Book You Were Recommended but Ended Up Hating

Let’s just keep piling on Sarah J. Maas.  Why not.

Throne of Glass.

I’m still utterly convinced I missed something compelling because a friend was all about this and recommended it to me like five times and I just…. it was … underwhelming?  The main character wasn’t terrible but the love triangle and the storytelling and the plot and world building and just… ahhh.

Nope.  No thanks?

I mean, I’ll probably try reading it again because I’m a glutton for punishment and I really feel like I read a different book than her so maybe I am wrong?  I just…. blech.


Do you every find yourself wanting to review books in memes?  What meme would you assign your latest read?  Let me know in the comments!

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3 responses to “What Do You Meme? – The MEME Book Tag!

  1. Heheh omg I love this tag (still very much do like all thoses *older* memes too!) maybe I should snag it and do it .. someday ahah ?

    I know exactly which book confused the heck out of me— the night circus. Possibly a mix of my anxiety-damaged brain at the time and multiple POV, but at some point I had no idea what was even going on anymore xd which is sad, as the premise did looked pretty cool.. and such a nice cover. Later found all the love the blogosphere had for that one!

    • Amber

      Oh, you should definitely snag it! This one was fun! 🙂

      Confusion with The Night Circus is totally fair – it’s a long book with several POVs and spans over a long period of time. Any of those elements is apt to confuse a person if it’s not their favorite. I’d say skip The Starless Sea if you didn’t enjoy The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern’s writing style stays the same, so I don’t know that you’d enjoy that one, either. 🙂