A Dance of Sunny Days and Being Between Books – A Weekend Chat!

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Good morning everyone!  Well, almost afternoon, I guess.

It’s been a really long time since I did one of these – usually I spend my weekend mornings scrambling to pre-write posts for future weeks so I can stay ahead of the game… it covers for me on those days when the world is a lot and I have no creative energy.  But, I don’t know… it’s a beautiful day today and I’ve been thinking about doing a weekend check in post for a while, so why not?

I’m actually typing this outside, sitting my back deck.  It’s a blessing, this house we bought last fall.  I appreciated it then, but nothing like how much I appreciate it now.  I’m grateful for our little home in the country more than most anything in 2020 because I am so darned lucky to be able to sit back here with the blue sky above me and the trees surrounding us and feel safe in my home.  I know this is a privilege, and I am grateful for it.  Every.  Single.  Day.

Forested Backyard on a Sunny Day With Blue Skies

The view from where I’m sitting.  Seriously, every time we get a perfect day I come out here and either sit in one of our deck chairs (like I am now) or lie in the hammock and think about how grateful I am for the path that led me here.

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Instead of writing a weekly wrap up right now, what I really should be doing on my blog is typing up a review for The Shadow Hour.  Powered through that audiobook the last few days.  Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I put myself through books that annoy me?  I think some small part of me feels like I need to have a variety of reviews – that 4 & 5 star ratings and a whole lot of DNFs aren’t enough.  I knew this one would be wheeling in at about 2 stars early on in the book, so … I dunno.  I’m a sucker for misery, I guess.

I did finish A Song Below Water last week and that was fantastic.  The book got a lot of buzz back in June, but I didn’t rush to read it because I figured… Black books are just as relevant and necessary in September as they are in June, right?  I am grateful for the June hype because that one wsn’t really on my radar beforehand, and I’m glad I read it.  It was very creative and despite magical elements, extremely relevant to the modern climate.  Review coming soon on that so stay tuned.

I’m actually in this weird spot right now where I’m between most my books!  I’m slowly reading an ARC for Amelia Unabridged, but otherwise, I haven’t started my next hardcopy book or audiobook.  I have them queued up, just haven’t started them yet.

  Geekerella by Ashley Poston 

I think I’ve got a good stack of books for the coming week.  I’ve heard great things about Geekarella … like… a lot of great things.  And I am enjoyed Amelia Unabridged so far.  That one doesn’t come out for about another six months, but what I’ve read is endearing and interesting and I think it has potential to capture hearts.  The thing with YA contemporary is… it tends to fade away?  I see people talking really excitedly about them sometimes.  Like Red, White, and Royal Blue did really well, and of course The Hate U Give.  But mostly YA contemporary fades away.  It makes me sad, because there are a lot of really lovely YA contemporary books out there  I wish it was more of an offering when I was in high school.

This coming from someone who barely read YA contemporary until two years ago!  How the world has changed. 🙂

It’s sort of an exciting feeling, though, being between books.  You never know what is out there to discover.

I didn’t have much for today to be honest – I just wanted to say “hi” in a more organic way for a change.  Right now, I’m pre-writing posts for mid to late October, so by the time those posts drop I’ll be another me and the world will be a little different.  It’s nice to talk in the present sometime.

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying your latest reads!


How is your weekend so far?  Do you have any particular plans?  Any good books that you’re reading just at the moment.  I’d love to chat about them. <3

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2 responses to “A Dance of Sunny Days and Being Between Books – A Weekend Chat!

    • Amber

      I think if I chose more organically it would stress me out, but I have a TBR jar for hardback books and a list for audiobooks, so that takes the anxiety out! I recommend TBR jars, if you’re ever feeling the whimsy. They really force me to mix up my reading. 😀 Looking forward to Geekarella – I could use something lighter in my reading as of late. 😀