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The Disney Book Tag

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This one is a bit of an oldie, but as a Disney fan, it was definitely a tag I needed to feature on my blog.  Before I go too deeply into that, though, I do want to send out a lot of love to the folks who were furloughed and eventually laid off by Disney.  So many people give their loves to the parks and company and making magic happen, and it’s heartbreaking any time something like this happens.  While I understand the business need of downsizing when profits dip (side-eyeing the overpaid execs here, though), that doesn’t make it any easier.

*deep breath*

Okay, with that out of the way…

I stole this tag from Blogs of a Bookaholic, where Becky completed this tag on her blog back in 2015.  I haven’t been able to track it back and further, since it’s an older tag and it looks like the blog that tagged her was shut down.  If you are the creator of this tag, of if you know who is, let me  know, I’d love to give them a shout out!

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The Little Mermaid

A character that is out of their element, a “Fish out of  Water”.

Nobody is more a “fish out of water” than Liz Lighty in You Should See Me In a Crown.  The book addresses this so well, making a point that people like Liz shouldn’t feel out of their element in things like pageants.  Liz found strength in her allies very much like Ariel does in The Little Mermaid.  Where Ariel’s looking for freedom and true love, Liz is looking to cement a place in for herself in a reputable college and to protect her brother and grandparents.

If you haven’t read You Should See Me In a Crown, I absolutely recommend it.  It’s a fabulous book, well-deserving of all the hype it received earlier this year.


A Character Who Goes Through a Major Transformation


In her journey through The Star-Touched Queen, Maya has to deal with not only her personal transformation, but also the transformation of her world as she understood it.  I think that every fantasy story is eligible for this question, because fantasies are so transformative, but I really enjoyed Maya’s journey and that she claimed herself and her world and her future.

Snow White

A Book With An Eclectic Cast of Characters

While I’m not entirely sure why Snow White of all things qualified for “eclectic cast of characters”, The Diviners has an incredible found family who all come from different walks of life, have different experiences, and different wants and needs.  And I loved every single one of them.

Sleeping Beauty

A Book That Put You To Sleep


Okay, while Girls Made of Snow and Glass is not my favorite book, it didn’t quite put me to sleep.  Ironically, also a retelling, but not of Sleeping Beauty (rather, Snow White).  I know a lot of people really really liked this book, but I felt that after the initial chapters it became very predictable and really slow.

I only kept reading Girls Made of Snow and Glass because of how much people loved it.  I just… didn’t.  I do seem to be an anomaly, however, so if it’s on your TBR don’t disregard it on my account.

The Lion King

A Book With A Character That Had Something Traumatic Happen In Their Childhood

Okay, first of all, there is no comparison between The Lion King and Allegedly.  What happened in The Lion King was terrible and traumatized a lot of children growing up, but it doesn’t hold a candle to what happens in Allegedly and I’m not going to pretend for a moment that it is.

I won’t go into detail about the trauma in Allegedly but rest assured… there’s a lot of it.

Beauty and the Beast

A Beast of a Book (a Big Book) That You Were Intimidated By, But Found the Story Too Beautiful

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson 

I think there are a lot of books I run into that are TOMES… some of which I don’t even realize until I see the physical copy (thanks, audiobooks!).  The most recent one that I’ve tackled is The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson.  I didn’t realize until my hold came in that this was a 45 hour audiobooks.  It’s definitely one of the longest books I’ve ever ingested if we’re going by audiobook length.

And, knowing that, I’m not sure I ever would have read it if it was just the paperback… audiobook versions certainly help me tackle these tomes.


A Character Who Gets Their Wish Granted, For Better Or For Worse

Any character that goes looking for a different world can expect a bit of trouble.  There’s a lot of books that deal with that type of storyline, but one of the most exemplary is The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert.  As soon as Alice goes looking for answers… things start to get a bit sketchy.  In the best sort of way for the reader.  I can’t say too much about the consequences of this journey without unleashing some major spoilers about the book… but lets just say… Alice gets her answers.


A Character Who Pretends To Be Something Or Someone They Are Not


There are two Libba Bray books featured in this tag, and I’m not even sorry.

In order to meet certain expectations, all the girls in Beauty Queens behave a certain way… after all, they all want to win the pageant, right?  But then they’re all faced with a survival situation a little more urgent than a pageant, true colors start to seep through.  This is a book where it’s not just one character pretending to be something they are not… but nearly every character in the book is being ingenuine.

Toy Story

A Book With Characters You Wish Would Come To Life

I’m just introverted enough that if characters-from-books were real, I still wouldn’t talk to them, but if we’re talking worlds… I thought Gomorrah in Daughter of the Burning City was really interesting!  Obviously, after reading the book a couple times, I know exactly how… uh… grisly the truth behind the carnival is.  But at the surface, in the first chapter, I’d go check out the travelling city if it was nearby.

Disney Descendants

Your Favorite Villain Or Morally Ambiguous Character


This is probably spoilers, but since Rebecca has fallen into the “classics” category, and you haven’t picked it up yet, oh well?

Lets just say… I was surprised by the ending of this book.

There’s a lot of moral ambiguity going on.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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For a change, I’m not going to tag anyone specific.  If you’re a fan of classic Disney animation, I would love to see you take a swing at this tag!  If so, definitely link back so I can see all your answers!

In the meanwhile, I hope you all have an amazing day and week!  Happy reading!


Do you enjoy Disney movies and TV shows?  If so, which ones do you like?  Which ones do you dislike?  Let me know ion the comments!

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