12 Books That Helped Me Get Through 2020

12 Books That Kept Me Reading Even When 2020 Was Too Much

Posted January 22, 2021 by Amber in Bookish Things / 2 Comments


I have never faced a reading slump quite like the year 2020.

Everyone has their reasons for not meeting personal goals and reading challenges last year.  Early on, there was this expectation that being stuck-at-home was going to mean loads of reading, but somehow, that didn’t pan out.  I’ll tell you what I did a lot of in 2020, and that is video games.  Over 400 hours logged on Animal Crossing and I got Pokemon Sword at the end of the year so that started usurping a bunch of my time as well.

Reading, though?  Reading started to feel like a chore.  Especially reading hardcopy and ebooks – the books that required something from me more than passive listening.  If you’ve even spent a cozy afternoon reading and rereading the same page over and over and feeling like the mere act of getting to the end of the chapter is a monumental feat… well… you know what I mean.

It wasn’t all bad.  Despite the weight of the world, my own stretched attention, and the lack of desire to do anything… there were still some books that kept me coming back for more.  Books that, despite how I felt, drew me in enough to motivate me to return to them.

I have different reasons each of these books drew me in.  For some, it was the humor (Solutions and Other ProblemsHighfireMy Contrary Mary).  For others, it was the deep and desperate need to know what was going on and what was coming next (Glory O’Brien’s History of the FutureLair of Dreams).  For more the rest, it was because of the adventure or the world building or the characters.  The general immersiveness of the book.

These are books that wrapped me up in them so tightly that they helped me escape the pandemic, the election, studying for my exams, depression, and overall exhaustion for a little while.  If you ask me, that’s a kind of magic all its own.  So if you’re looking for something funny, interesting, quirky, or immersive… I recommend all twelve of these highly.


Were there any particular books that really helped you through last year?  Whether they were motivational, or simply a form of escape?  I’d love to hear about the novels that helped you through the year in the comments. <3

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2 responses to “12 Books That Kept Me Reading Even When 2020 Was Too Much

  1. I had a huge reading slump in 2020 too. I usually read around 50 books in a year and I read a lot less but the books that I did read were books that I really enjoyed. I spent a lot of time playing Animal Crossing too, and I watched so many movies that I lost count of how many ?

    • Amber

      I feel like for so much of 2020, the actual act of picking up a book was simply ~too much~. And if the book didn’t end up being great, it totally killed my motivation. I’m so glad to hear that most of the ones you picked up were ones you enjoyed!