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Liebster Award The Fifth!

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Good morning everyone!

Laura @ The Corner of Laura was kind enough to tag me in the Liebster Award a couple months ago, and rather than sitting on it like I usually do with these things ?, I thought it may be fun to share!  I’ve been tagged in the Liebster Award before (four times, actually) but it’s been a few years and what I really like about this award is that it’s constantly changing and flowing.  Each tag comes with new questions, and most the time, those are about the blogger and not just books.  So it’s a good glimpse into the person behind the blog! ?

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Would you rather have seven dogs, seven cats or seven birds as pets?

If there was no such thing as allergies, I would absolutely want seven cats.  I’d also need a much bigger house.  And more fleece blankets

What is your least favourite season and why?

Summer.  Winter can be a huge bummer too, but the heat of summer gets me down far more than the gloom of winter.  I’m not a beach person and only barely social, plus bright sunlight gives me migraines.  My favorite thing about summer is that it’s berry season – I love me some fresh local strawberries and blueberries.  I’m all set with the rest of it.

What have you discovered this year (e.g. great TV show, hidden talent, etc)?

I feel like somewhere over the last few months, I’ve discovered how to be happy without feelings that I was insufficient with the people around me?  … That sounds weird. … Basically, I no longer feel “broken” because I only want to have a few dear, cherished friends instead of trying to take care of and befriend everyone.  I still make sure to be kind, but I’m letting myself not carry the burdens of people who would rather give their burdens to their friends than address them themselves.

Is there anything from 2020 that you’re going to miss? Anything at all?

Having a socially acceptable reason for feeling like shit or not wanting to leave the house.  Most people don’t understand depression or social anxiety and it’s always been a dance of making myself do things because it is expected and feeling awful, or being that flaky friend who breaks plans last minute.

There are some times I legit do want to leave the house and be with certain people, though, so please don’t think I’m an angry hermit.  But being able to say “Not going to this gathering – COVID!” has been such a relief because people are like “Yeah, ok, makes sense.”

What song describes your life right now?

One of the more philosophical talks I’ve had during COVID is the different ways people connect with music.  I … just … don’t.  It’s about the lyrics for me, which is why I don’t jam with a lot of music my husband listens to… he’s about beats and rhythms and the electric feeling music gives him.

None of which really answers the question.

This is an old song, but I can usually describe how I feel by one Matt Nathanson song or another. Just at the moment, I’m feeling this one:

Feeling a lot of angst as I’m writing this post, can ya tell?

If you could turn yourself into an animal for an hour every day, which would it be?

Cat.  Cat naps in the sunshine sound so lovely.

If you walk away with anything from this brief interview, at least you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am a cat person.

Which fictional character would you love to move in with?

… No one?

This question sorta gets me like the “Who’s your fictional crush?” one.  Less creepy though.  Probably.  I guess I just don’t think of book characters like that.  There are rare instances where I’m like, “Dang, this character is cool.  If they were real, I’d want to be friends with them” but it’s so rare.  There’s too deep a disconnect between fiction and life for me, I guess.

Which book would you love to experience for the first time all over again?

Tess of the Road.  It made me cry and feel so many things in a way no other book ever has.  I know I say this all the time, and I’m pretty sure my answer to this question hasn’t changed at all in the last tree years.  It remains that I connected to Tess in a way I never really have with another book.  It’s not a book for everyone, but it’s very much a book for me.

I am waiting with deep impatience for Tess of the Sea.

Which show from your childhood would you love to see a reboot of?

If you’d asked me a year ago, I’d’ve said Animaniacs.  It was multi-generational, socially relevant, and super clever.  I watched it as a kid and then again as an adult and it was like a whole different show and it was fabulous.

But then they rebooted it!? And it was decent, but not quite as good.  There’s so much political content now that’s ripe for picking, but the two year delay definitely hampers things.  Plus the loss of secondary sketches – there needs to be more recurring bits.

Otherwise, we were a no-TV family when I was a kid, so there’s a pretty limited collection of shows I watched.  I think every. single. one. has been rebooted.

Would you rather be given your weight in gold or your weight in books?


Think of all the books it could buy.

If you could live anywhere in the world (fictional places included), where would you live?

Even when the whole world and all the fictional worlds are opened up to me… there is something that draws me to London.  I loved that city, and I traditionally do not love cities.  When we got back from our transatlantic, my husband and I actually looked into the possibilities of moving to London… but you know, immigration is complicated and difficult and it would be really fiscally foolish.


Which stories would you like to see continued?  Sometimes, it’s so hard to say goodbye!  Let me know in the comments!

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