March 2021 Wrap Up

Spring is Just Around the Corner… The March Wrap Up!

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Happy April, my friends!  So comes the end of March.  The end of March and thus the transition of seasons comes with so many holidays and celebrations, though most of them are still best spent distanced this year, so I hope everyone was safe and careful.  It’s a bit belated, but…

To all my Christian friends and followers, a belated very happy Easter!

To the Jewish community, belated chag sameach!  I hope you all had a wonderful Passover.

To the Indian community – a belated happy Holi!  May the colors of happiness, prosperity, and love rain down upon each and every one of you this year!

As I’ve been thinking about all the holidays at the end of March, it makes me wonder a bit why our year starts in January instead of April.  Spring is the season of new beginnings!  In January, we’re still in the middle of winter and the cycle has not quite finished.  If I had to guess, I’d say January is the start because it’s the closest alignment with the winter solstice, so the days star getting longer and the nights shorter.  Still, from the natural cycle, wouldn’t April make more sense?  Maybe I’m biased by the turn of seasons here in New England.

Anyway, y’all came here to talk about books, right?  Lets do that!

All the things I’ve been reading

March was a pretty light reading month this year.  It was also a pretty light reading month in 2020, but last year I got to blame the pandemic (yay!) whereas this year… ah, nope.  Just me.  Just March is a lousy month in general and I only want to play video games and disappear into the void.  You know how it is.

12 books found


A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani


Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling


Namesake by Adrienne Young


Oddity by Eli Brown


One of the Good Ones by Maritza Moulite and Maika Moulite


Stamped by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi


Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon by Mary Fan


The Kid by Sapphire
This is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar


Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare



Things were a little different in my reading for March! I read challenging books the most, with adventurous coming in second.  Once again, I favored medium-paced books that were between 300-499 pages, and even though I read more fiction, I also read two non-fiction books in March!  My most read genre in January was young adult, with fantasy in second and a three-way tie between raceLGBTQIAP+, and romance coming third with two books each.  My average rating was 3.98 stars, which I think is my highest so far.

I think my favorite hardcopy book – and favorite overall book – this month was One of the Good Ones.  I really appreciated the multi-layered storytelling and the variety in characters and educational bits and general… realness of it.  If you haven’t read One of the Good Ones, I can’t recommend it highly enough.  For audiobooks, even though I rated Stamped the highest (and it was fantastic), the one I enjoyed the most was Stronger That a Bronze Dragon.  Enjoyment of that one would be very much to taste, but I liked it despite its problems and I’m glad it found its way on to my TBR!

Readathons & Reading Challenges

I had a feeling I would stumble in March.  Two months hitting my goal?  No way that was going to last!  I only read three hardcopy books in the month of March.  The one I got stuck on – and am still reading as I write this – is Invisible No More by Andrea J. Ritchie.  And don’t get me wrong!  It’s good. It’s actually really good, better than I was expecting.  But it’s heavy and devastating and infuriating.  And it’s non-fiction, which I love to listen to but takes me longer to read in hardcopy.  I’ll get there, though.

3 books found


One of the Good Ones by Maritza Moulite and Maika Moulite


Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare


Of these books, I am keeping two and donating one.  96 Words For Love had an interesting premise, but there were some things I didn’t enjoy.  This book had the potential to be meaningful and unique and instead decided to be another contemporary love story… and not even a good one.  Disappointing.

Psych Reading Challenge

After the first two months overflowing with reads, we’re slowing down.  Which is fine!  The year is only 25% over, and there are a grand total of four books left.  That’s it!  Just four.  And they’re all hardcopy, so… this may be the Psych Reading Challenge update mood for the rest of the challenge… one book at a time

? #3. Twelfth Night – My Name is Shawn Spencer, and This is my Associate, Jazz Hands.

Total Pineapples: ???????????

The hardcopy book I’m reading right now – Invisible No More – is part of this challenge as well, so I know I’m going to have at least one pineapple in April!  I actually found the book because of this challenge and I don’t think I would have every stumbled across it otherwise, so I’m grateful.

Magic and Mischief on the Blog

Nothing fancy going on behind the scenes this month!

A couple of new authors were added to the Problematic authors page in Code Yellow.  Code Yellow is for authors who have written a book or books that are commonly called out for having problematic elements.  New to the list is Soman Chanani and William Shakespeare.  And before you ask why Shakespeare isn’t a Code Red, check out my write up on him on the Code Yellow page.

Otherwise, here’s the scoop of some posts you may have missed out on earlier in March!

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From Page to Screen: Inkheart

Adventures in the real world!

March was a tricky month.

There were a lot of low lows in March.  I don’t even have an excuse for it, honestly.  Work concerns building coupled with anxiety about waiting for the vaccine and waiting for answers to questions I know won’t be answered any time soon.  The way I write this makes it sound cryptic, but it’s really not.  It’s the same sort of uncertainty and fear and disappointment we’ve all been dealing with for a year.  I still maintain I’m one of the lucky ones.  Even if some days rip me to (emotional) shreds.

In March I took some important steps in my life that I’m not ready to open up about.  In March, I googled “cruise” every single day so I could figure out what is happening to our booked-rescheduled-booked-rescheduled-booked-rescheduled-booked vacation in July.  March is often a low month for me – the greyest days, the drag of the season… it was a long month.

I don’t have anything good to share, honestly.

I’m sorry.  I hope April is different.

What’s Coming Next?

April is going to be a very quiet month.

I’ve got a post coming on Wednesday.  You’ll see.  Tune back in on Wednesday.

Otherwise,I truly wish all of you the very best month.  May April bring joy and peace and hope to all of you.  I’ll talk to you soon.


What did everyone do this month?  Did you get a lot of reading done?  Did you start on a new WIP?  Did you go on any grand (or small!) adventures?  I want to hear all about your experiences – let me know in the comments!

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