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Blogging Déjà Vu – Haven’t I Seen This Post Before? On Overused Topics in the Community

Posted September 1, 2021 by Amber in Blogging / 2 Comments


I have no less than three posts on The Literary Phoenix talking about reviews.  Want to know about logging reviews? Then you want this post.  Why I think book blogs should have reviews?  This post.  Want to hear about my observations on how reviews perform on my blog? I got you over here.  Basically, I’ve exhausted my opinions on book reviews.  And I’m not the only one.

If you follow a few different book blogs, chances are you’ve seen a few common threads when it comes to posts.  Opinions on reviews are a big one.  You’ve probably also seen a few posts about half-star readings and why Goodreads needs them (psst LibraryThing has half stars and The StoryGraph has half and quarter stars).  We tend to follow the same themes in our discussion posts.  So what does that mean?

On one hand, it can seem like the book community is a little stale.  I feel that way sometimes myself.  It’s one of the reasons why I very rarely participate in memes and tags anymore – there’s only so much content I can put out in a week, and there’s so much advertising and so many TBR posts that the blogosphere certainly doesn’t need another from me.  But the discussion posts, I think, are a little different.

Sure, there are common themes among different book bloggers.  There are certain topics we see duplicated over and over.

But that doesn’t invalidate any new post on the topic.  These are popular topics because they are hot topics – they are things we care about.  We all have so much to say on these topics that the comments section of one post can’t contain them.  Sometimes, a single post of our own can’t contained all our nuanced thoughts.

And you know what?  I love it.

Sure, it’s exciting when there’s something fresh and new.  But I love that this community is a safe enough place that folks can come out and share their feelings on controversial topics or common grievances and feel safe doing it.  I love that we all are so passionate about these things that not only are there individual conversations, but there is a web across the community tying us together.

So keep writing your posts on reviews, stats, star ratings, logging books, TBR piles and more!  It’s commonalities like these that can bring us together.


Have you written any posts about common community topics?  Do you like to read them to see what different bloggers think?  Tell me all about it in the comments!  Or… if you need more space… 🙂 write a post and link back!  I’d love to read your thoughts.

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2 responses to “Blogging Déjà Vu – Haven’t I Seen This Post Before? On Overused Topics in the Community

    • Amber

      Great answer! I agree, in general. I’ll click through on the different topics if different bloggers are bringing them up to see where folks stand. I do try to not bring up topics too often on my blog, but sometimes I will write one and not realize I wrote something like it two years ago (oops!). You’ll have to keep me accountable if you catch me doing something like that. 😉