How Writing Children Help My Accountability

How Writing Friends Help My Accountability (& Why Everyone Should Have One!)

Posted December 8, 2021 by Amber in Writing / 6 Comments


I have so many writing ideas, but most of them live in my head.

Every writer has their challenges. Some folks write slowly, others have no ideas, and others have so many shiny ideas that they are forever getting distracted with the next thing. Others struggle with follow through – finishing and revising. Still others get stuck between writing and selling the novel. There are so many other possibilities as well. Left to our own devices, some of us will seize the prize, I’m sure… but if you read the acknowledgements at the end of the next novel you read… you’ll see that generally speaking, writing a book takes a village.

I couldn’t agree with this more.

The first manuscript I finished was not Fate, which I love to pieces… it’s a story I call Strange – an X-Men meets YA boarding school meets soft horror, I guess? Strange was my first ever NaNoWriMo novel… and up until I joined NaNoWriMo, I had little to no support for my writing outside of actually writing classes for my minor. My parents were vaguely terrified I would try to turn it into a career and of my small circle of friends, only a couple were interested in writing and anyway… it was college, friend circles were shifting.

It was one of my professors who pushed me to finish the novel.

Every time I came into class, he asked if I’d finished yet. And I’ll be honest, it felt more like “you can’t write a book in a month” than “you can do it”, but regardless of the motive, having something interested in my work made a difference. I finished the novel, and went on to finish several other first drafts as well.

These days, I have friends who ask with genuine interest. Even when I’m not writing, they help keep my love for stories alive. Having a beta reader who is also a friend is one of the best experiences I’ve had. I love talking about my book with her… and I love talking about her book as well! It’s an easy way to pass an afternoon and the conversation keeps building as ideas bubble and grow between us. Every time I finish speaking with her, I’m electric with the need to write, plot, something. It’s a beautiful thing.

I really hope everyone who writes has an experience like this. It’s motivating, but there’s also the sweet wildflower honey feeling of comfort and support. If you are a writer and you haven’t found a tribe – and your writing tribe can be many people, or just one! – look for writing groups in your area. Look for writing groups online! Look for blogs. A lot of book bloggers are also writers! Look for folks who share your passion and inspire you – you won’t regret it.

send me your thoughts

Who supports your writing?

Do you prefer in-person or online writing groups?

Share with me in the comments!

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6 responses to “How Writing Friends Help My Accountability (& Why Everyone Should Have One!)

    • Amber

      Hi Robin! This is a really great question! … I’m honestly probably the WORST person to ask about Discord groups because I never ever use them. I don’t even think about them to be honest. I was fortunate enough to meet my writing partner at work. I’d recommend keeping an eye out on Twitter and asking around over there?

  1. I feel that I had a decent amount of writing friends in college but I’ve sadly grown away from them since graduating and haven’t reached out much myself. I love to write and am in a discord chat that has a writing channel but I never participate in it. I get too nervous that they will not like my writing and I hope that someday soon I can find someone that can me my confidante with writing and we can both share our ideas and suggestions and I won’t feel that fear anymore.

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    • Amber

      <3 I hope you find someone, too! It took me a really long time to find my person. I had one in high school but we drifted apart (also I'm an extremely harsh editor and I don't think she loved that, which is fair). These days I try to be a kinder editor and remind folks that my observations aren't law - an editors suggestions are suggestions but at a writing partner stage are totally optional! I'm sending you all sorts of courage and confidence in your writing. Go conquer the stars with your beautiful words!