Try the Grey Stuff – It’s Delicious! (Disney Dining VI)

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I can’t believe this series has gotten to six posts. And it’s nowhere near done! There’s so many places to eat in Disney – so much table dining, and we’ve barely touched quick service… and snacks! There’s so much to talk about, so much to try. I love it, though. Disney is my favorite place to eat because with a couple exceptions, the food is going to be amazing. And it’s never strictly bad. There’s such a variety of places to eat, so many cuisines….

Dining at Disney is probably my favorite part of a Disney trip. Sure, the atmosphere is great and the rides are super fun. But I always come back talking about the food.

This is the last post of my Orlando 2021 trip so next Friday, we’ll take a break. For a week. Then it’s MORE Disney posts because we went for ten days with our friends who are going to give us a completely different perspective of the parks. And there are new restaurants, so this series will continue!

Today, we’re going to talk about four different eateries.

First, we’ll talk abut Docking Bay 7. This quick service restaurant is grab-and-go in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. It was our first mobile order experience at Disney, too!

Next, we’ll hop over to Magic Kingdom for our other three stops. This is quite a variety. We’ll start inside the park icon itself at Cinderella’s Table for breakfast, then stop in at Aloha Isle for a Dole Whip (my first!), then end our trip at Liberty Tree Tavern. Nobody was more surprised than me to find that Liberty Tree Tavern was the restaurant I found myself waxing poetical about post-trip! We’ve got a lot of tasty food today, so let’s dive in!

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo


Docking Bay 7 was a quick and easy experience. Disney’s mobile order is simple – we placed our order at 9am (yes, 9am) to pick up at 5:30. The dishes are easy enough to customized without the Walt Disney World app – it’s one of the few things in the WDW app that’s not particularly frustrating.

Things aren’t going according to plan? No problem! We found ourselves in line for Rise of the Resistance around 5:30pm, so since we anticipated that change of plan, we were able to go into the app and reschedule our dinner for 7:45pm. Easy peasy, no fuss. I kind of love mobile order and I hope they don’t get rid of it once all is said and done. Since Caribbean Beach has a mobile-order-only restaurant, I think it’s here to stay.

Since it’s quick service, it’s a “seat yourself” situation. We had our dinner late enough at night that it was no problem to find seating. Disney has made sure that there are a lot of tables in the area near Ronto Roasters and Docking Bay 7. It may be more difficult to find a seat in the afternoon or when Hollywood Studios is at all capacity, but we didn’t have any trouble.

Worth mentioning: when Matt went to go pick up our food, the person at the front said that our food had just been picked up and there was some confusion. He ultimately was able to get our food which we had not just picked up, but that could be something in the world of mobile ordering that gets a little complicated? Disney took care of us, but I really hope there was a mistake and people aren’t just chilling waiting for mobile order names to be called and taking the food? That would be terrible.


The dish options at Docking Bay 7 vary between cuisines and there’s a lot of different options. For my meal, I had to try one of the well-loved Ronto Wraps. While the main location to try one of these would be Ronto Roasters, they are available at Docking Bay 7 after 3pm. These aren’t going to appeal to everyone, but for me, the Ronto Wrap was everythingI had been promised. A tasty sausage topped with slaw and peppercorn sauce, wrapped in pita bread so thick and fluffy it was practically naan… I can see why folks call this a staple in Galaxy’s Edge. The roasted vegetables chips were good too! They reminded me a little of plantain chips, but more airy.

Matt ordered the Smoked Kaadu Pork Ribs and we replaced his sides with the house-made macaroni and cheese. His meal earned a thumbs up from him with a particular note on the tasty barbecue sauce.

While I love table service restaurants, Docking Bay 7 gave me confidence in quick service locations and I hope to try more of these on our next trip. These means were not quite as heavy as the fare you find in table service restaurants, which makes them absolutely perfect for a long day at Disney – you don’t want to have anything too rich or heavy in your stomach and deeply regret it later. They were also a nice, lighter dinner after all the food we had at 50s Prime Time Restaurant earlier in the day. All in all, I recommend Docking Bay 7. It’s not the best food you can get in the park, but it’s pretty darn tasty quick service.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Cinderella’s Royal Table


I don’t think I need to convince anyone about the grandeur of the experience at Cinderella’s Royal Table. This is a restaurant that I would not typically book. It’s a character dining experience, and it’s all about the princesses. Normally this location hosts Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, and Ariel. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, Belle or Jasmine will also appear. When we went, only one princess comes out to say hello and it’s very distanced – after all, you can’t have Cinderella’s Royal Table without Cinderella! Because of this downgrade in excitement for safety reasons, the prices at Cinderella’s Royal Table were a little lower than pre-pandemic… which is why we decided to splurge.

And we splurged because at Walt Disney World, eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table is the only way you can properly go inside the iconic castle.

The entryway is the most themed here, coupled with the swirling tower staircase. The restaurant itself is nice looking, but no nicer than the inside of any other Disney restaurant with similar theming (Be Our Guest and the like). We were hoping for a window table so we could watch folks outside and feel superior looking down from the castle windows. We ended up sort of in the middle, closer to where Cinderella comes out. Which was fine!

The service was really good here. For the price point, we expected really good quality food and service. Our server called us “Sir Matthew” and “Lady Amber” which I thought was a fun touch. We also got Wishing Stars, which … I didn’t even know existed before they were given to us! They are cute, unique souvenirs. Altogether, excellent experience eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table. For us, having the characters at a distance was preferred, especially since we’re adults and they’re face-characters… it can be awkward otherwise.


I probably should have had high expectations for my food because of the price point, but I was expecting something pretty basic at Cinderella’s Royal Table. I ordered Caramel Apple-Stuffed French Toast and expected the same thing I get when I order at that sort of thing at any-old-roadside-diner: two pieces of french toast with that canned apple pie filling stuff in the middle.

Silly, silly me. This is Disney!

Behold! A sweet concoction of expertly made french toast with fresh apples gentle sliced into the middle and coated with a light, crunchy cinnamon oat topping and drizzled with caramel syrup. As a nice touch, it is dusted with powdered sugar and topped with three juicy red raspberries. It was beautiful and absolutely delicious. And, strangely, more filling than I expected. Although I would have liked more than two pieces of bacon.

Matthew’s meal was a little less resplendent. He ordered Beef Tenderloin and Egg. This isn’t just a thin slice of meat and a couple fried eggs – this is a thick chunk of steak with a potato and cheese frittata smothered in hollandaise sauce, served with an abundance of potato home fries that have been seared with tomatoes, peppers, and onions. In his case, it was just an “okay” breakfast, because the steak was cooked well-done instead of medium-rare as he prefers. The frittata was tasty though!

While both these meals and the bread basket served at the start of the meal were both tasty and fancier than expected, the quantity of food we got didn’t really suit the price… especially when you compare them to places like Tusker House at Animal Kingdom with its delicious all-you-can-eat family style breakfast. Our meals were better than anticipated, but they’re still not worth the hefty $42/pp price tag. Let’s be real. You’re paying this price for the pleasure of seeing Cinderella and eating inside Cinderella’s Castle. If you’re a huge Disney fan – like myself – you’ve got to try this place once so you can say you ate in the castle. You just gotta. We chose a time where it would both be most comfortable and least expensive for us. We are glad we went, but barring a good reason, I don’t think we’ll be going back. There are loads of tastier places to eat breakfast at Disney for less.

I still recommend it! You just want to know what you’re getting into, why you want to go, and see if the price tag is worth the experience. If you have children and they’re back to having all the princesses, it would be a very cool place to eat.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Liberty Tree Tavern


Liberty Tree Tavern is an underrated gem of a restaurant at Magic Kingdom. I remember it from my childhood trips in the late 90s, back when it was a character dining location and you could meet Minnie, Goofy, Chip, Dale, and Pluto in colonial attire. My specific memory of the place is a fuzzy recollection of a picture of my family with Minnie sitting around our table, and that I liked the food. Did I remember what the food was? Of course not. But I was nine and if a nine-year-old approved of the food to a point where she remembers it at thirty-two, it’s probably a decent restaurant.

In the intervening years, Liberty Tree Tavern has changed a lot. For starters, this venue is no longer a character dining location. I double checked an archived article from and while the main fare of this meal is the same, the dessert is different! I do faintly remember the noted apple crisp. Probably because, even as an adult, apple crisp is one of my favorite desserts. I’ll talk about the new dessert in a minute though.

This restaurant is still busy! It was a bit noisy, and there were so many people waiting that we sat on the porch outside and watched a squirrel for a while. I guess I can’t call the restaurant underrated when there were so many people there, but it’s not talked about much and it should be. The individual who seated us was a visible member of the LGBTQIAP+ community and while I have not right to assume labels, the one that came to my mind was “genderfluid”. I’m probably completely wrong, but I was so so happy to see it. They were very nice and friendly in our brief interaction and seeing a cast member visibly out especially in a restaurant with Puritan-attire and theming was so cool. It made my day.

For me, the interior of Liberty Tree Tavern is nothing special because it reminds me so much of small town restaurants at home. It’s got a definite New England feel to it. The wait service was incredibly quick here too – our drinks were always full, the table cleared frequently, and seconds arrived fairly quickly. No complaints!


I took so many pictures of the food here. I was enamored. I’m a pretty simple girl – I love the cozy, warm comfort foods I grew up with. They will always be among my favorite meals. The food you get at Liberty Tree Tavern is typical of what you would eat at a traditional New England Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, pot roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, rolls, salad, macaroni and cheese, and cranberry sauce. The only thing missing for me was glazed carrots. It’s all well cooked and delicious and you can ask for more of whatever you want. We got more turkey and potatoes because we’re fiends.

A bit of an untraditional note from me: I want to talk briefly about the salad? The salad here is really good. I had to train myself in adulthood to be a salad person and I still don’t love dressings because the lettuce/cabbage/spinach gets slimy. Liberty Tree Tavern uses some kind of magical Disney dressing of secrecy and delight, because not only did I love it, but Matt did too, and he likes dressings even less than me.

The meal and salad and stuff was good, but what I’m really here to talk about is the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake. I am completely and unabashedly in love with this dessert. It is the best dessert. And my loves, it is all-you-can-eat. So you can go to Liberty Tree Tavern and just gorge the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake. Bad breakup? Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake. Annoyed by long lines? Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake. Didn’t see your favorite character? Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake. I’m pretty sure it is the magical cure to everything.

EVERYTHING. I live my life now for Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake.

There are no pictures because I was overwhelmed by awe. We ate it too fast. Twice. Oops.

I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Liberty Tree Tavern if you’re in Magic Kingdom. There are a lot of tasty places to eat here, so it’s tricky to pick Magic Kingdom restaurants. If you need something low key with tasty food and did I mention OOEY GOOEY TOFFEE CAKE this is where you want to go. Or The Diamond Horseshoe, when they’re serving the same menu – they do that sometimes.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Aloha Isle


Our last food stop at Magic Kingdom and indeed on this Disney trip as a whole is a little place called Aloha Isle. If you’re a Walt Disney World person… you already know where I’m going with this.

It took me six trips to Disney World before I stopped at Aloha Isle. As I mentioned earlier at Docking Bay 7… I usually don’t think about the the counter service and quick service locations at Disney. I definitely don’t think about snacks. Who has time for snacks? Since Genie+ is an outrage and a nightmare and there is no longer a fast pass service for folks staying at Disney hotels, all my time is spent waiting in lines. I definitely don’t have time for snacks. Although, as I’m writing this, I feel like “snacks while waiting in lines” is a missed opportunity I need consider….

Aloha Isle is cute stand located in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom. It sits just across from The Magic Carpets of Aladdin and beside the Enchanted Tiki Room. When I got there, Aloha Isle was surrounded by quite the crowd. I almost didn’t order here… and then I remembered… Disney is doing mobile order. Rather than immersing myself in the crowd and placing an order, I stepped to the side, placed a mobile order, and less than two minutes later, my order was called! It was magic.

If this story doesn’t inspire you to try mobile ordering at Disney, there’s nothing I can do to convince you.


Aloha Isle is probably the most famous snack location in all of Disney World because this, my loves, is where you get Dole Whip. There are a few different options, a few different ways it is served, and a few different flavors, but if you’re looking for the famous Disney Dole Whip, this is the place to get it. Up until my last visit, I had never tried Dole Whip. Now that I have… okay, I get the obsession.

I figured since it was my first time having Dole Whip, I should keep it pretty simple, so no cakes or floats for me. I just wanted that pineapple soft-serve in a cup, nothing special. For now. But I couldn’t go too simple because even though I’m a huge fan of pineapple, I am also a huge fan of raspberry. I decided to order the Raspberry Swirl Cup. Wow – yum! I’m glad I chose the swirl because the Dole Whip is very sweet and the tanginess of the raspberry soft serve offset that sweetness perfectly. This is the most refreshing snack I think I’ve ever had, and the size! Huge! I sat on a wall near the exit of the Enchanted Tiki Room just enjoying my Dole Whip and watching Adventureland unfold around me and it was lovely and relaxing.

Is Dole Whip worth the hype? If you like pineapple, absolutely! 10/10 would recommend. I saw a float with a cute cake pop – I think I will try that next time.

Rating: 10 out of 10.
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This is the type of post I like to write! Every single restaurant/food offering I shared today was an enjoyable dining experience and a nice memory. I don’t always get to write reviews – food, book, or otherwise – where basically everything I’m saying is something nice, so this was a treat.

I hope this post didn’t make you too hungry! It really made me hungry to write it, so that means it’s a perfect time to wrap up and find some noms for myself. Unfortunately, not Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake. I could probably make it, but… that’s a special Disney thing.

We’ll take a break next week from anything Disney. When we come back, we’re going to talk about the 50th anniversary, Festival of the Arts, what’s it like going to Disney with friends… and of course, more food!

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